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  1. I received the same offer without the free stateroom.
  2. Not only luggage. After our TA we flew to London for a few days. One of our mobility scooters did not arrive. Two days later we got it but it was grounded. We learned later the pilot reported the plane was over weight and ordered some luggage removed. On that removable apparently my scooter fell of the fork lift.
  3. Loved all four grandparents. Visiting one who had the zinc bathtub hanging on the fence.brought it in to the kitchen and boiled the water to help fill it. After my bath mom said “did you wash behind your ears?” Grandma said “What! You washed your face in the same water your bottom was in!!!!”
  4. Then had it converted from a treadle to a motor.
  5. When we immigrated from England after the war mon had her old Singer sewing machine shipped with us
  6. Oh oh,😾the leaves on the oak trees are turning.
  7. Thank you for advice on early fixed dinning. My booked cruise is January 2023. So I doubt if it is fully booked for dinner. I booked through HAL for the first time but I will call and see if it can change.
  8. We have always had late fixed dining (8pm) for my next cruise I asked if I could have earlier fixed and was told by the HAL rep there was no earlier fixed dining. If there is please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  9. I miss the cockles and winkles at Blackpool and South End. Eh Graham? Grew up on them as a youngster on vacation.
  10. Rock for a pet. Humm. No litter box to empty. Sound like a plan.
  11. Raised on mutton. Yuck. I guess the war time ration coupons covered it. Not into lamb either.
  12. I take mesh laundry bags for bras. I use them at home. No worries about the hooks. The bras come back in the basket with the bags neatly folded beside them. Works for me.
  13. You may also take to your room. Just ask for it in the dining room.
  14. What!!! I’m booked on 14th Jan. Where did you hear this.
  15. We tendered to Horta on a TA. A taxi had a sign in the window “English Spoken ”. The four of us got in. One of the best tours ever. He took us everywhere the bus tour went plus. When a washroom break was needed, instead of joining the lineup of tourists, our driver took us to his family vineyard. The walls of the stone building were lined with barrels of wine which we had our share of samples and some bottles to take to the ship. Back in the day when there was no limit.
  16. 2 years in a.row I had cabin 8051 next to the Glass elevators. Best location ever.
  17. In my early 80’s. No medical issues. Missing looking forward to checking my packing list. But next cruise will be in 2023. I was on a circle Hawaii that docked in San Diego last March. Did get home to Canada at the deadline. My issue was my great granddaughter was born 2 days before I sailed and she is just getting to know me. We have been following the rules and distancing. My dream is the day I can hug and give her a big great gramma kiss
  18. Loved motorhome trips to our eastern provinces.
  19. I ask no ice. I have a water bottle that holds equal to 2 cans of soda and always tell that to the bartender. Many times they fill it and only deduct for one. If the fountain is empty (of Tonic) they give cans.
  20. Yes. $25.00 for $50.00 Bought this card for years. At one time if you didn’t use it all you got a credit at the end of your cruise. It’s a good buy. Hope it’s still available.
  21. I had the soda card March Hawaii last year
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