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  1. Ontario is right now aiming at, and achieving for the most part, 100,000 doses per day. If we get the supplies that are planned, this should continue at least through the next few weeks. And there is increasing opinion that holding off on the second dose may be huge overall benefit. So Canada is creeping up that ladder, the ladder of percentage of people with at least one dose.
  2. The problem is simple: some will feel they can go on these cruises without being vaccinated.
  3. I can't help but think it's related to the fact that each time I change pages, or forums, the extreme upper right indicator (white on blue on a PC), changes from "Log Out" to "Log In" and then back to "Log Out". Each and every time. This observation from somebody who was in software QA and testing for 20 years. I ran beta test programs.
  4. Regent Air generally does a good job, but I'd do my own research and see what routes you can find that suit you on what airlines. Then you can decide if it's worth adding a "deviation" so that you can have some control over that route, and then you can fly in a day or two early as well. When I'm doing that, I'm usually looking at paying for my own flights as well, to see if I can come up with something reasonable for a good price. Regent Air can always be the alternative, if there's nothing available.
  5. Ah the Diamond! And a perfect cruise to places nobody gets to see any more (Crimea). But then there was Don Vito's, which did not hit the heights for us, no way. But at least we got to see the original iteration of this dreadful tradition.
  6. It's ironic that you can wear fairly shabby docker-style pants, but blue denim, however well-fitted, sets of alarms. If you stick to nice, stylish jeans in other colors but blue, you'll probably be fine--my husband who lives in jeans, has gotten away with black jeans, and tan jeans.
  7. FengShui, there is no known vibration on Mariner as far as I know. It's the most stable of the three older ships. I must say I would not recommend such a long Regent cruise for honeymooner's in their 20's. But I don't know you, so I could be wrong. There are, no doubt, late night haunts for dancing and music. And maybe you don't need anything else but each other! If you're really not that social, and it is your honeymoon after all, then it might be wonderfully romantic. BUT, and a big but, compare the size of the suites--the Mariner standard balconies are not huge.
  8. Bermuda doesn't particularly interest me, frankly, even if I was allowed to travel there. Southern Caribbean perhaps. Just let me go back to Florida in the fall! I admit that if I could do Alaska this summer, or Quebec this fall, I'd be onboard, but it ain't going to happen.
  9. Yep to all of the above. Since we're east-coasters, we become early risers in FP due to the time change. It's lovely making one's way to La Palette in the early hours, with the deck doors open, a coffee and croissant in hand while reading the Ia Orana (daily passages) or the printed Canadian (country-specific news updates.) Later in the day it's the pool bar, in the evening La Palette again. During sailing events, it's definitely the pool deck, or deck 9 for railside viewing. Oh, and then there's the secret forward viewing deck on 8. That's one argument for a deck 8
  10. It's actually the same in Canada. MOST of the time, harumph! Do you have a TA? If so, they'll do it for you.
  11. This is getting more than annoying, it's getting outrageous. I'm sick and tired of it, but I really don't want to have to use Edge for my browsing. The latest trick is that I get logged out unknowingly while I'm navigating through the forums, then write a lengthy response and find I can't post it because I'm not logged in. And of course, I lose the text I just typed! Grrr!
  12. Hear, hear! I love cruising, but it's not my life, in fact becoming less so by the minute.
  13. Well my favourite wasn't a Regent cruise; it was a Nile cruise with Uniworld. But that had everything to do with the destination, which was truly a trip of a lifetime. But a Regent cruise? Perhaps the Paul Gauguin, 14 day Marquesas trip. Wonderful weather, great cabin, terrific crew, funny anecdotes, amazing scenery. And yes, this was a Regent cruise. Second I think might be our Mariner SA trip, Miami to Lima. Just loved that ship!
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