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  1. It's just weird that we have no memory of this whatsoever, lol.
  2. Well I'll have to think about this. I guess we've just forgotten the experience. Don't like butlers much, so maybe we just ignored him. Huh, didn't think my memory was quite that bad yet, sorry.
  3. I agree that the fact that the excursion lists are not available until a few days or less before they are bookable is just not up to par, and very frustrating. If Motril doesn't turn up with an Alhambra excursion (I'm betting it will), then you will have time to book private, including booking a Regent car and driver for the day to take you there. If the latter, just be aware of the driver's limitations and ticket booking requirements. When we did this with a driver, he was not licensed to drive into Granada, and just dropped us off at the Alhambra and picked us up later. Which was great, we had a wonderful day with a nice lunch, but would have preferred to be able to go into the city too.
  4. Nope. Not in 2016 on Journey. That's when we met you, I believe. And Phil. Rome to Rome, September 2016.
  5. The ship's chargeable laundry services aren't too expensive, plus they have some kind of deal for laundry during the cruise that you can purchase in advance. I'm sure there are laundromats on Moorea, but is that really how you want to spend your time there?
  6. When did the add butlers to the Club Continent Suites?
  7. Well that depends on the overall cost of the cruise, of course.
  8. Probably if you book direct you will still get an obc. But you won't get a cash rebate, something that many TA's provide. In our case it's about $10k (for two.)
  9. These are general questions regarding the Regent world cruises, not specific to one cruise. Just ignore the thread if you are not interested.
  10. That is so great. When we move from Canada to Florida for 5 months, Canada Post charges us about $150, and can't seem to get it right all the time! BTW, great reminder about the trickle charger--will look into that, although first thought will be to get someone to use the car occasionally, maybe a neighbour.
  11. We did this itinerary about 10 years ago, and loved it! I see no problem with the RSSC website right now. I'm in Canada. But no, I don't think the passport info is hugely time-sensitive. I believe it has to be provided by final payment, or something like that. If you customize your flights, that shouldn't be impacted by the website being down--it's done by phone, between you and either your TA or you Regent rep (sorry, maybe there's a button on the website, if so I have no knowledge of how it works). They work with you to see if they can find flights, and that in no way negates your ability to just choose the default flights they get for you. It's best if you do your own legwork and figure out which flights you would like, and propose them. Then they will come back with an answer, yeah or nay, and then work from there. I'm not sure I understand your questions about excursions during your pre-cruise trip.
  12. Thanks, that makes sense. We can have it shipped back to Toronto then we won't have to schlepp it from Florida in our car. Our condo concierge can deal with it. And yes, I have time!
  13. Here's a new question, two questions really, not for 2020 WC'ers so much, but for others who may have done world cruises or grand voyages where luggage shipment is offered. What would you do in the case where you were doing a post-cruise stay? (2021 WC ends of Barcelona, for instance.) Could the luggage forwarding company hold your luggage for you for a few days, or whatever, if you weren't going to be home straight away? Would they ship it to a location different from that from which you originally shipped your luggage? For example, if we shipped our luggage from Tampa to Miami at the start of the cruise, could we ship it straight back to Toronto at the end of the cruise? (We would be flying back to Miami or Tampa.) This may not be the thread for this. If I don't get answers or speculation, then perhaps I will post separately.
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