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  1. Wendy The Wanderer

    Paying in US Dollars

    I can't imagine why not. Why not ask your TA to find out?
  2. Wendy The Wanderer

    Will the Scarlet Lady be competition to Regent?

    Ooh, just what we've been waiting for! "Massive" numbers of pax (whatever they are called), and a tattoo parlor! Can't wait! I wonder who they think their demographic is?
  3. Wendy The Wanderer

    2019 World Cruise blogs?

    Don't see anyone here talking about the 2019 WC yet.
  4. Wendy The Wanderer

    Upcoming Cruise ... freaking out a little ...

    Glad people have figured out for you that it's the Intercontinental you're staying at. Very nice resort, many people love it. As others have said, taking the ferry over to Moorea is a piece of cake, just make sure you get back before dark (ferries only run in daylight hours.) Albert's rents cars and does excursions, so if you just want to do some snorkeling, or ATV'ing, or 4x4 tripping, you can book an excursion (there are many operators there--go to Tripadvisor and see.) If you'd rather rent a car, Avis is apparently near the ferry dock, Albert's will pick you up there and take you to the rental office--on return they'll drive you back to the ferry. If you drive, try for lunch at Snack Mahana or on the beach at the hotel Les Tipaniers (latter place you could also have a swim). Make sure to drive up to the Belvedere for fabulous views, and stop at the Agricultural Research station on the way. Just driving around the island and stopping is fun. I've bought pearls on Moorea and Bora Bora--the latter has lots of shops in all price ranges. Prices for beautiful, but less than perfect, pearls has come down over the years since I bought my first pearls in 2000.
  5. Wendy The Wanderer

    Step into luxury?

    Poss, I've never done a Regent Choice that was hundreds of dollars extra, at least I don't remember any. Perhaps the all-day ones that include a meal? I've been studying possible excursions for our world cruise two years from now, and I'm seeing quite a few very active ones--some might be Choice or Small Group, so might have an upcharge but it will be in general a reasonable charge. These sound great for you lucky guys in your 50's! That being said, have a look at Seabourn. They might suit you very nicely. We did our first last fall and loved it--very similar to Regent without the excursions included or the business air (which latter is a wonderful addition often.)
  6. Wendy The Wanderer

    Suite walls on Explorer and Mariner

    Don't need a world cruise thread right now, at least I don't. Plenty of discussion on the World Cruise board about this type of thing. Just interested in the usability of these things on Mariner, specifically.
  7. Wendy The Wanderer

    New to Paul Gauguin

    As well as the gallon of sunscreen, a hat of two! If you're really sensitive to the sun, a loose cover-up with long sleeves works to protect your skin. The sun is very powerful. There might be mosquitoes, depending on what activities you're doing--not a problem onboard ship or on the beach. And not packing much is good advice, but don't forget those water shoes. I have usually taken a sturdy pair of sandals, flip flops for around the ship and the beach, water shoes, and a nice dressier pair of sandals or shoes for evening. Some would say add a pair of sneakers, especially if you're going to be hiking through the jungle.
  8. Wendy The Wanderer

    First World Cruise booked ...

    Lana, what a great attitude! Enjoy the Marquesas, they're magnificent! We very much are in the mode of "let's get this done while we can", with our own physical limitations closing in. We have done quite a lot of travel this century, and had decided to slow down, but then we looked at the 2021 Mariner cruise and said, "what the hell!". Our financial advisor is still reeling from the shock. Carpe diem, folks!
  9. Wendy The Wanderer

    Miami post cruise - couple hrs free

    Right enough, sorry! I was thinking of doing it independently. Of course, Regent will charge an arm and a leg, probably.
  10. Wendy The Wanderer

    Miami post cruise - couple hrs free

    The issue with doing something like the HoHo bus is what to do with your luggage, right? That's the big stickler. Otherwise I'd say, get yourself down to South Beach and see that part of town, and if the weather's nice, spend a little time on the beach. Perhaps you could rent a car for a few hours; I believe there are rental car shuttles at the port.
  11. Wendy The Wanderer

    Viking Sun World Cruise 2019

    I think this was discussed somewhere but can't find it. Are the full WC'ers treated differently on the ship than people just doing segments? Heard somewhere that they have their own CD, and onboard special events? And name tags? Just wondering in what ways the full cruisers are differentiated from the segmenters.
  12. Wendy The Wanderer

    Another NEW Ship

    I don't like the name Splendor either; it's not in keeping with the other names at all. But didn't Regent hold a contest for the name? Can't remember exactly, but apparently they didn't think about this. There are plenty of good nautical and exploratory names that would fit better.
  13. Wendy The Wanderer

    Suite walls on Explorer and Mariner

    I love that too, I will have to look at things like this--convenient that it hangs from a single hook! In answer to Hambagahle's question, I've heard that the storage space on the Voyager and Mariner has been impaired since the latest refurb. And for us and for ArtsyCraftsy, we're talking about a World Cruise. So that pile of paper on the coffee table and drawer full of cords and chargers doesn't really cut it for being organized, for that length of time.
  14. Wendy The Wanderer

    First World Cruise booked ...

    I'm with Go-Bucks here, as I've said previously. And she didn't even mention drinks--budget cruise lines charge for most of them, even non-alcoholic ones like soft drinks and bottled water. Something to consider. My problem with Oceania's RTW cruise is that it's too long. But there is the advantage of having Inside cabins. Regent is all outside, mostly balconies. But let's face it, you'll have plenty of time to do your laundry on your sea days. Really, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time. Just make sure you've thought out the costs accurately. For me, excursions would be the biggy--not cheap at all, although you can do private at reasonable cost in some parts of the world, and perhaps you can find other passengers to share the costs. Private is always better, if affordable.
  15. Wendy The Wanderer

    Heading to Miami to meet our old friend Voyager

    Bill, congrats on having such a good time that you didn't waste it on the internet!