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  1. Retired LEO

    Health Form???

    The forms are gone. Now they just ask if you've had any flu like symptoms.
  2. `I was told on Monday that this is being implemented at all ports.
  3. Retired LEO

    Is Pier up at Coco Cay yet?

    2-3 tenders in continuous operation throughout the day
  4. Retired LEO

    Question re: set sail pass

    That's the casino tier
  5. Currently D+ are allowed in the CL.
  6. What's been removed? Priority going through security has never been a benefit. It was just something that the ports were doing. RCI stepped in and told them end it. Suites and Pinnacles are given priority. That's it.
  7. Retired LEO

    C&A gift choice

    It's no longer available online. You now must call.
  8. I can absolutely confirm that the only priority line at security is Pinnacle/Suites. All others have one line to go through.That's what I observed and confirmed by port personnel. It was a RCI decision 3 weeks ago.
  9. Retired LEO


    Just drop them off. There is no special area.
  10. Last week at Port Canaveral all of the signs at the security lines were gone except for the Pinnacle/Suite line on the right. Everyone else went through the other line.
  11. Retired LEO

    Bringing friends along OBC

    No, that ended some time ago.
  12. It's actually no ones concern.
  13. Retired LEO

    Boarding Allure today

    No problem if you board after 1:00
  14. Retired LEO

    Enchantment Boarding Time

    They've had a boarding time lately on Enchantment at 10:40