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  1. With the crew starting to be called back they could run the month of November on the Navigator with crew only. If all goes well and protocols adhered to December is a possibility for reduced passengers. In the mean time call enough staff back for the Mariner. They could run December with crew only. Again if all goes well run with passengers in January with reduced capacity. And so on down the line. Basically bring in one ship per month. They have mentioned in the past that is could take a couple of years to get fully operational. This is all new for the crew and there will be a lot of training involved.
  2. November 6 is a scheduled 7 night chartered "Nude cruise"
  3. It's a 7 night chartered "Nude Cruise" (It seriously is)
  4. This kind of makes sense now. I have a couple of Mariner sailings in November. The pricing has been usually within $20 - $40. Up a little and down a little. Today I checked pricing they've nearly doubled in price. There are lots of cabin availability in every category. So it seems if you want to be one of the first to sail you'll certainly pay the price.
  5. I've got to stop reading these posts late at night. Now that was funny. 😁 😊
  6. I was able to use it on 7 cruises. I missed out on one.
  7. Final payments on November cruises are due this week. The cancellations should happen sometime next week.
  8. Sorry I didn't read the last part right. I was referring to the first part. Take the money then cancel.
  9. Sorry I didn't read the last part right. I was referring to the first part. Take the money then cancel.
  10. Around the middle of August. Final payments will be all made by then.
  11. I've been on the Mariner 40 times and I'll keep going back.
  12. Well imagine that. 3 of my cruises will be cancelled BEFORE final payment. At least they won't he holding more of my money.
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