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  1. He brings his Ship Shape t-shirts almost on every cruise and wears them. We earned our Ship Shape dollars.
  2. We still do, my husband brought his on the Freedom a couple weeks ago.
  3. We were on the Freedom September 27th and there were 1200 passengers. There seems to be more on the weekend cruises.
  4. We were on this same cruise and also got the Royal Up to a Grand Suite. We found out 4 days before the cruise. Everything was wonderful and we are looking forward to our cruise on the Freedom next month.
  5. Thank you, anything is possible with changes now of days. After having cruises canceled I am happy to be on a ship. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. May I ask what changed on your itinerary? We are on the Freedom the end of September, but only going to Coco Cay and Nassau. Thank you.
  7. Since the cruise was few months away I was hoping Royal would come up with a plan. I don’t have to worry now since my December cruise on the Radiance has been canceled.
  8. Yikes! Nothing like waiting until the last moment. I know the Freedom has been going out, but haven’t heard anything regarding the Radiance. One thing good there isn’t any flying involved.
  9. I will be in the same predicament. We get off the Freedom on December 3rd (Friday) and get on the Radiance December 5th (Sunday). At least we have a couple of months to figure this out.
  10. I do not have mobility issues, but I do know they couldn’t guarantee a friend a wheelchair. There is a website Mobility at Sea that rents wheelchairs and scooters. I have seen them around the ship.
  11. Looking forward to following along. We will be on the Freedom September and November.
  12. I was able to do both my husband and I. It was very easy. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to because he doesn’t have a cellphone.
  13. In the app can I also register my husband? He doesn’t have a cellphone. I have always registered us online in the past.
  14. It should be interesting. We are on the Freedom at the end of September out of Miami. Hopefully there will be about 3 months of cruising before we get on the ship. Thank you again for taking time out to answer everyone's questions.
  15. It sounds like the parents should be spoken to. I am going to assume that they signed an agreement regarding masks for their children.
  16. I was just thinking the same thing. It will be very hard to choose.
  17. Thank you for taking the time out of your cruise to give us a daily update. Our last cruise was on the Adventure February 2020, one of our favorite ships. Looking forward to seeing your future posts.
  18. I booked a cruise while we were on the ship. MyVegas said I couldn’t get additional onboard credit because I received onboard credit for booking onboard. Everything was within the timelines. Basically they said no double dipping. This is the first time this happened to me.
  19. We have won a couple of t-shirts over the years, plus a few raffle tickets. In September we turned in the ticket for the raffle and won the raffle. That is definitely a first!
  20. We were on the Empress in September, I really enjoyed the ship. It is smaller, but the crew is fantastic. We stayed in a junior suite, which is about the size of a balcony cabin on the other ships. You may want to look into that, I cannot remember if it had a pullout couch or pullman berths. Whatever you decide have a fabulous cruise.
  21. I have used Park n Go five times so far and will be using them in February for our cruise on the Adventure. We have been very happy with them. You drop your car off, they load the shuttle, we got on and drop us at the port. Probably no more than 15 minutes. They try to get everyone on the shuttle going to the same ship. After the cruise we walk out and never had to wait more than five minutes and they take us to our car. The last time they even helped put the suitcases in our car.
  22. We disembark at terminal G in Miami and there is some walking. Walking to get luggage and then through customs. You can always get a porter to help with luggage. If you need assistance you can check with guest service and see about wheelchair assistance. I believe they will bring you to customs.
  23. If they are waitlisted for early dining and it is before final payment there is probably a chance they will get changed to early dining. If not on boarding day go to the dining room and see if they can be changed to be seated with you. They may not be able to make the change the first night, but maybe for the rest of the cruise. They do their best in trying to keep families together.
  24. I am happy to hear they have "Dine with an Officer" event. We really do enjoy this perk. Glad to see you enjoyed the Empress to book another cruise on her. I was on her in 2005, so it has been a while since I have been on a smaller ship. Safe journeys home.
  25. Thank you, I will check out when we get onboard. I know we will be able to go, our friends our platinum but are in a junior suite.
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