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  1. Same here, my April 11 sailing is MIA.......50/50 whether it's website issues or it's been cancelled!
  2. Thanks both, I read that too quickly and stand corrected. Yes, they are certainly trying to get their "ducks in a row" quickly - understandable.
  3. Whoa, did Celebrity just change their Lift & Shift policy for the June 12 - July 31 cancelled sailings?? I did a Lift & Shift on my June 21, 2020 Infinity cruise out of Rome BEFORE it was cancelled, shifting it to the almost identical cruise on June 20, 2021. If I'm reading the chart correctly (top right box), that would now not be allowed and I couldn't book anything later than June 10, 2021?? Any insights?
  4. Similar to the other replies, I just booked and applied my NRD to a June 2021 cruise but I want to point out one subtlety where Celebrity seems to have been more lenient than stated in the policy poffles posted above (see highlight): Non-Refundable Deposit bookings sailing on or before May 4, 2022, are eligible for this program. Prior to the final payment deadline, if you wish to change a Non-Refundable Deposit booking to an alternate ship or sailing, you can do so with no fee assessed; the change fee will be waived. In my case, I did not make final payment back in Marc
  5. If you were happy with your pricing I'd take the "bird in the hand" and jump on the Lift and Shift now. You're gambling that you'll get the same or better with 125% FCC, let alone that much OBC and 4 perks. I just did a Lift and Shift on my June 21, 2020 Med cruise (which I can't believe STILL isn't cancelled!).
  6. We had two cabins booked on Infinity for a Med cruise next month. Like many, we agonized over whether to make final payment in March and decided to "split the difference", letting one cabin go (with $500 NRD) and making final payment on the other. Until Lift and Shift, rebooking the almost identical cruise (also on Infinity) for June 2021 made no sense as the prices were much higher than the 125% FCC would cover and perks not as good. My initial excitement when Lift and Shift was introduced was short lived when I saw our entire cabin category (all oceanviews, not just one cat.) was sold out
  7. I'm booked the next week on the Infinity. I recommend focusing on trying to get your booking transferred to 2021 before the ships full up, if that's what you want. Don't even spend one second thinking about 2020, it's not happening. My cabin class (oceanview) is already sold out for the same cruise in 2021, so I'm looking at another long call tomorrow begging them to confirm a Verandah guarantee tomorrow morning. Good luck.
  8. Took me over three hours to reach my big box TA yesterday and took them nearly 2 hours to reach Celebrity. By that time, my category (oceanview) was sold out on the exact same cruise in 21 (same ship too, Infinity), TA was told the Celebrity agent needed an exception from Revenue, but Revenue had just closed for the weekend and to call back Monday. Sigh. Our cruise next month has not yet been cancelled and I was one of the many on the fence about the FCC, until I saw the high pricing for next summer and then I was convinced I'd take the cash refund....until yesterday! I have some very goo
  9. First Europe cruise sets sail...July 4th. Because America never gives up!
  10. I think it's premature to judge Celebrity's response, although I agree they could have been more proactive. They've added this statement on their website, suggesting they'll make another announcement soon (guessing they'll push back all the TA's??): Response to US Administration Newly Announced Europe Travel Restriction We are reviewing the administration’s directive on European travel restrictions to understand how we will adjust operations to comply with the new requirements. Our primary concern is the safety and welfare of our guests, and are working to minimize the impac
  11. My wife and I are on the Infinity out of Rome on June 21st. We're paying for a second cabin for my parents. If we end up cancelling the entire cruise under the new policy, can we use the FCC from both cabins for a future cruise only for my wife and I? Or does the FCC have to be used for the original passengers? Thanks in advance.
  12. But for those of us with final payment coming up in the next 10 days, this is a problem.....
  13. Yes, I just did exactly that. I just gave them a call and they took care of it. They asked me whether I wanted to use my OBC or pay now (I used OBC). As actuarian said, the new Drinks & More package is a no brainer compared to the Premium if you want the convenience of the mini bar or will use the casino (a double no brainer if you'll do both - the cheap wine and wine tasting are just gravy).
  14. Imagine my surprise when I looked at your blog and saw that you're in the cabin next door to the one we'll be in in a couple of weeks! So a double thanks, for the great preview of the ship and our cabin! Looks great, can't wait. Have fun.
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