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  1. Great! Keeping our eyes on the future and our fingers crossed gives us hope for better days! Hope you can!
  2. Wasn't doubting your indubitable work Rich. Just wondered if the current situation with the virus was behind it or if it was just coincidence.
  3. How often do we see all ships at sea in the western hemisphere for the day? Just seems odd.
  4. I think I would notify HAL that there seems to be some very suspicious activity involved with their toll free excursions number.
  5. Truly hope you and your mom enjoy the cruise. Ship must feel empty at 50% full. Looking forward to reading how things go.
  6. Enjoy! We did the same thing out of Vancouver on the Westerdam.
  7. As Jacqui says, I wouldn't expect this to be the final version as things are changing by the hour it seems. 😒
  8. Westerdam's Asian itineraries through March and April have been cancelled. Have not yet heard of the substitute plans.
  9. We've had Bruce Allen Scudder as our CD on several cruises. We were always pleased with him. Hope the grand pup recovers soon and fully!
  10. Another interesting fact about Rapa Nui is that the airport there was upgraded in 1987 for use as an emergency runway for polar orbiting space shuttles to be launched out of Vandenberg AFB in California by the USAF, which of course never happened due to, among other things, the Challenger accident. It was lengthened and widened for that purpose but also allowed Rapa Nui to start accommodating jumbo and wide-body aircraft.
  11. Sky & Telescope / Insight Eclipse Cruise group: https://www.skyandtelescope.com/astronomy-travel/2020-total-solar-eclipse-and-antarctica/ 27 Nov 2020 - 19 Dec 2020 ms Westerdam
  12. Last December, they only wanted IDs for everyone, but it's good to have your cruise docs and IDs for everyone in the vehicle available. Sometimes they will ask for them.
  13. I won't speak for Kathi as she is obviously quite eloquent and needs no help, but I know how much time and effort a teacher puts into developing lesson plans and tests and labs and the like; my daughter teaches 7th and 8 grade honors science and works long, unpaid hours doing so and would never, ever consider telling any co-worker or student not to share and propagate the knowledge she strives to impart. Being that Kathi is a retired teacher, I feel confident she has done the same. I'd be willing to bet Kathi could easily come up with lots of questions and answers. She's hardly the only cruiser posting samples of trivia game questions. What's the point of trivia if not to learn and share? Nothing is so obvious as your out-of-proportion exaggerations and indignation.
  14. @twodjs, the only thing I see Kathi as doing is extending the enjoyment of playing trivia to readers of her blog and posts. She posts a selection of questions, not the entire set. HAL hardly has an exclusive possession of the game. There are many more important things in life to concern yourselves over than this. No reason for the shaming attitude.
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