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  1. Great looking supervisor you have there.... 🐱
  2. Throughout my childhood, I lived in military housing at various AF and Army bases/posts. I do remember wearing poppies and the minute of silence at 11 am observed on base/post. It was a solemn day then. Same thing when I served 9 years in the AF. The VA hospital just a stones throw from where I live will stop all incoming and outgoing traffic and observe a minute of silence at 11 am, just a few minutes from now. I'm leaving now to participate in their observance and do my volunteering. Again, thank you to all vets. BTW, the Dept. of the Interior announced yesterday
  3. To all our men and women in uniform, American, Canadian, British, Australian and New Zealanders, who served, are serving and will serve in the future, God Bless You and Thank You. Your sacrifice is the bedrock our countries were built upon and now stand upon.
  4. The American Legion and Auxiliary used to give poppies away in exchange for donations, as once did the VFW. Sadly, they are hard to find here in the states any longer but a few areas still do. I know our Canadian and British friends still observe Remembrance Day with poppies playing a larger roll than is found here.
  5. As it amends the city's charter, it's as permanent as any such change. Will be interesting to see how the lawsuit progresses. What I wonder is when does it go into effect as the doesn't appear to say.
  6. I got the same message regarding my January 2021 sailing on NS.
  7. I understand what you're saying here and I agree in principle. I will only say that, in the case mentioned here with Princess and HAL, these 2 lines, Seabourn and P&O Australia were placed in an administrative "group" called "Holland America Group" specifically for the purpose of combining some shore side administrative operations and achieving a synergy or "economy of scale" effect. It would seem logical to expect the sort of administrative activity like adding shareholder benefits to OBC on cruises on these 4 lines could easily be done and be the sort of thing this synergy is meant to
  8. Would certainly be nice if they did since that is supposed to be part of the reason for their being placed under the "Holland America Group" umbrella. Seems a fairly simple thing to do.
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