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  1. Yes, there were a few rowing machines in the gym, just as you entered to the right as I recall.
  2. IIRC, all C class staterooms were outfitted with new baths during the last dry dock, so yes, it should be shower only. A call to HAL or a search of the boards here should give you a definitive answer.
  3. Yes, apparently being tested for now. No business channels were provided on our cruise in January. Very limited selection of TV.
  4. Great pictures, enjoying your blog. HMC is really the best; we enjoy it and love the water and watching the fish and chickens and everything. Thanks for taking the time to document your trip.
  5. I have a quick question; a member of our roll call for next January's Antarctic cruise says that on a recent cruise she had taken she was told by the FCC that Zaandam offers heavy coats to passengers for use while in cold waters. I've never heard of this but thought to ask y'all since you just recently completed this same cruise. Appreciate any information you may have regarding this. Love your photos and descriptions.
  6. Thanks Ruth, that's the way I recall as well. Thanks Roy and StLouisCruisers.
  7. Kathy, I know you're a little beyond Antarctica now, but something was brought up on our roll call for next year in Antarctica that caught me by surprise and I thought to ask you about it. It's been stated by a member of our roll call that an FCC on some 'dam ship said that HAL offers/gives heavy coats to passengers for use on board. I don't think this was the case in 2010/2011 when we were there on Veendam (we never saw any such thing) and I haven't seen it mentioned by you, Sherita or Roy but thought I'd ask. Did you see anything like this on this cruise? Thanks! Am enjoying your blog....
  8. Interesting, we stopped at Ny Alesund in 2012 on the former Ocean Princess and didn't have to go through any such inspections or boot washing, so this must have changed for Spitsbergen since then.
  9. Here's the new one, pretty much same as the previous year's. 2019 CCL Shareholder Benefit.pdf
  10. I think there is more than a single reason (length of cruise, HD) for when and where door decorations are allowed, although I tend to think it has much to do with management emphasis on other things. One HDs pet peeve may be another one's "No biggie". Length and focus of cruise (location, time of year, passenger mix, theme cruises, etc.) probably also factor in to these decisions too. On my 40 day Zaandam cruise last fall, there were several doors with simple decorations for the entirety of the cruise on deck 3. Last month on NS for 10 days my DWs mother decorated our door by taping paper cut from "When and Wheres" to it to spell out "Happy Birthday D" with a paper heart too. Nothing was said beyond our stewards cheerfully mentioning that they saw my wife's "friend" putting it all up one evening. We removed it all on the afternoon of the last day so the stewards weren't burdened with doing so.
  11. I only peered into the occasionally open doors of insides as I was passing by but from what I saw the size difference was considerable. My inlaws had an inside on deck 8 though and the only place to sit besides the bed was a storage cube/footstool for use at the vanity.
  12. We were in 1091 on the other side of the ship and could not hear BB King's at all, so I doubt you'll have any trouble with that. You'll find my photos of the cabin on HALfacts. You'll be closer to the very quiet mid ship elevators and atrium, just the internet center there so no problems. We found it easy to get to the GDC and Music Walk. Think you'll enjoy.
  13. Cabin photos are up! Enjoy your day, Rich.
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