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  1. Most of the time, we always do b2b. Just like longer cruises. We have a 12 night Nov. 13, 2021, and I don't think it will be allowed if cruising is just opening back up. 😢
  2. I call from home way before my cruise so I can get the times I want. I do know that when you get on the ship, you can go to MTD and make your reservations there. They are usually quite busy.
  3. We have cruises booked in early 2022 and they are b2b out of Baltimore. Hopefully it will be allowed.
  4. Thanks, I have tried that, but for some reason it never works. Apparently I am doing something wrong. So rather than get frustrated, I just call.. lol
  5. I ve never been able to do it in my CP, apparently it always cancels the previous made reservation. I just don't know how to do it.☹️ lol. I always call C&A and let them do it for me.
  6. We have a 12 night cruise on the Enchantment out of Baltimore Nov. 13. I do not think it will sail, especially since it is a 12 night. Waiting a couple months before we move it to 2022.
  7. I see CC took out my word associated with a pin stab. Sorry if anyone was offended. That was never my intention or thought.
  8. She was putting the band aid on and I never even felt a little pinch or *****. I even told my hubby jokingly "I wonder if she really gave me the shot". Hope you don't have any side effects. So far so good.
  9. Hubby and I just got back from getting our second shot (Pfizer). Didn't even feel the needle. No side effects the first time. Hopefully, no side effects this time. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
  10. This Thursday, husband and i will get our second shot and will be ready to go. Hoping to cruise this late fall. Time will tell. At our age, we chose to get the vaccine, those that choose different, that is their decision, either way, lets hope cruising from the US starts soon.
  11. New News: We get our second Pfizer shots next Thursday.
  12. That was my first car when I graduated HS. Loved that little car.
  13. After watching video, I do know him as the engineer on Below Deck. You don't see the engineers that much. Thanks, enjoyed his other videos also.
  14. Sadly this is true, but we're prepared.😃
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