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  1. You have never met my hubby. When on a cruise and on the elevator, if someone gets on and you can smell the perfume or cologne, he will start sneezing. If you are around when this starts, you would think he is sick. He can't stop until we are away from the elevator and person. I guess it is more of the smell that starts the sneezing. It can be quite embarrassing.
  2. Thank you for responding. Thought that was our option, just wasn't quite sure.
  3. We have a cruise booked on the Grandeur the last of Oct. I would like to do a L&S to next year, but the Grandeur is being replaced with the Enchantment. They have the same cruise, but it is a 12 night and ours now is an 11 night. We prefer to cruise out of Baltimore, so looking at other ports is out of the question. So what alternatives do we have?? NRD. Any ideas would be helpful. Our final payment is not due until the end of July.
  4. Thank you for responding. I just found your post about moving your deposit. If I had read that first, it would have answered my questions. Thanks again.
  5. So now we can cancel our cruise and book new one anytime next year and use monies paid from cancelled cruise to pay deposit and fare, but will charged a $100 pp penalty for cancelling and rebooking. Just want to make sure I get this straight. This has nothing to do with Lift and Switch.??
  6. Someone on our roll call posted he was allowed to L&S the 11 night cruise ( Grandeur) to a 12 night (Enchantment). The Grandeur is leaving next year and he shifted to the Enchantment only they had 12 nights and no 11 nights. We are thinking of doing this, but instead of emailing our TA, we will wait to talk on phone. This was done thru their TA.
  7. He should have known better. I think the Mayo clinic should have spoke up and told him to put one on. If it is a posted rule in any establishment, then everyone that enters should wear one, no matter who they are. IMO
  8. After staying home bound for these past months, this is what we would probably all need.
  9. So how are we going to eat and drink??
  10. A lot of us are not going to be able to cruise if this letter does not go away. Your physician cannot predict your future. We have a b2b booked for this Nov. and several for next year.
  11. I really hope you are right. We are in our middle + 70's and are pretty healthy. That said, we feel any doctor would not want to sign the note as written. I know that our physician cannot predict the future and will not sign. We have several b2b's already booked and I would hate to have to cancel or even think about taking a FCC that I would never be able to use. Going to try and be positive, Hoping for a safe and healthy cruising future .
  12. At the time, we only had a b2b in Jan & Feb. Only the Feb. cruise had glitch. Used it. Enjoyed it.
  13. Irritated isn't the word I would use right now. We have a yearly doctors appointment coming up in 2 months and we shall see what he says. Doubtful he will sign, not because we aren't healthy, but you cannot predict what the future holds. I am going to ask him if he would write his own note saying as of that visit we are physically able and healthy to take a cruise but he cannot predict how sick anyone will be if they get the virus. Maybe I will call RC and ask if that would be sufficient. lol
  14. Thank you. I know it is listed on Royal's site was just wondering if it was a carnival issue also.
  15. At one time, we would have taken the 125% FCC, but at our age I think we would be better with full refund. Yes, cruising will happen, but will everyone be able to go??
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