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  1. These cruises were booked before the Covid crisis began. Jan. and Feb. b2b, 2021. I am prepared for those to be canceled. Have a b2b the end of Mar. 2021, also do not believe they will sail. It is what it is. Now, our Nov. 2021 cruise I expect to be on.🍷🍹🍸
  2. On the Grandeur, we managed to get our luggage under the beds all the time. Maybe because our luggage is soft sided??? We have actually put one suitcase in another and slid them under bed.
  3. Don't know about the Enchantment, but when on the Grandeur, (sister ship of Enchantment) they actually took scooter each night and charged it and returned it to the cabin at a specified time in the morning. I think my daughter-n-law arranged this for her mom through guest services.
  4. Well then, my vote was for Nov. 2021, which I think will sail. I have cruises booked Jan. thru March 2021 and I think they will be canceled and therefore, I will take refund since i already have cruises booked in 2022. Don't want anymore FCC right now.
  5. When we have had to move to a different cabin, I also went and met the new cabin attendant. He was actually glad that I introduced myself as it gave him a chance to ask us questions. He asked did we want ice, when our dining time was and how we wanted our beds. He was able to have our beds separated before we arrived. Let me say he was a very good cabin attendant. Also if we have to relocate to a different cabin, I put several hanging items in bags together so they don't accidentally slide off hangers onto the hall floors while being moved. As everyone else has commented, it is usually pretty easy when you move cabins.
  6. We will be over half way to Pinnacle assuming all cruises are a go for 2021.
  7. Got full refund in about 2 weeks. It was for cancelled Nov. cruise. very fast
  8. It would be very, very disappointing if that were to happen, especially if the one I was bumped off was the longer one.😭 When cruising starts back up in the US, I hope they allow b2b's. We always book B2B's, would hate think I would get bumped off one of them. We already have a b2b booked for 2022. Have 2 b2b's (4 cruises total) booked for early 2021, but not at all sure they will be a go.
  9. Taxes and fees also back on credit card.
  10. just checked my CC online,and sure enough, the cruise fare is credited. Now just waiting on taxes and fees now. I
  11. The media jumped all over that story. Then come to find out, the tests were bad. Follow up test were negative. https://nypost.com/2020/09/29/first-cruise-ship-to-sail-post-coronavirus-docks-after-12-crew-test-positive/
  12. Who can blame him. Bella is adorable. Everyone loves her.
  13. 1. Nov. 9, Grandeur just waiting for it to be cancelled. any day now. 2. Nov. 13, 2021 Enchantment We would think it will sail. 3. Feb. 5, 2021 Grandeur. we would be celebrating our 58 anniversary. It won't be devastating , just sad because we do it every year. We also have b2b cruises booked in March, 2021, I am not optimistic about them sailing.
  14. If you know ahead of time what the rules are and you do not like them, you have the choice to stay home.
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