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  1. Just to be on the safe side, I also place new cabin number on our luggage. I have many large garment bags and will place clothes that are hanging in them. Keeps clothes out of sight and together and not dropping off luggage cart.. It's just me, I feel better about the whole move.
  2. I always thought being Diamond plus, if I purchased onboard, I would get 30% off. That is no longer true?? I guess you can tell we never purchase except for the huge mistake. Thank you RC for that.
  3. Oh yeah, I see now that is says cruising Sat. Did not notice that before. Thanks, will have to learn to read carefully. lol
  4. Doesn't show on Royals site yet. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  5. Last cruise in Feb. on the Grandeur, I saw it listed and there were specials such as mimosas in the casino for $2. Even had Bloody Mary's as a special. As mentioned above, the bars have a sign also.
  6. Don't stress about it. If it doesn't show, just go to GS and show them the certificate that you redeemed. They will take care of it. We have redeemed them over the years and this past year was the only time we had a problem. Happy cruising.
  7. It will show up on your account after about 2 days onboard. At least that is what happens with us. The last time, it took the entire cruise for it to show up, after numerous trips to GS. It was their mistake. OBC is used first, so it went to drinks and gratuities. I find it strange that they just respond with Thank you for redeeming certificate. I actually printed that out to show guest services. You would think they would give you the amount of certificate. So much for their IT department.
  8. I watched and was wondering how the turtle actually got the straw embedded as far it was in. I actually thought that maybe someone had done this to the turtle. Hope not. Yes, I still use plastic straws. They are what I prefer.
  9. OP: Please report back when you return in Sept. and let us know how you made out. Wishing you the best.
  10. That happened to me one year. I checked every week and finally. Don't know why this happened, but eventually I was able to sign up.
  11. On your check list, I noticed you had "Plug the Dog in" . What is this??
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