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  1. Thanks for the update about your mom. Glad she is doing better. I am glad you wrote such a detailed review of what happens when you have to be taken off a ship for medical reasons.. Good to know you were taken care of.
  2. I have seen a large number of adults at a table scream and yell at one another. They could be heard practically over the entire dining room. It's not always children.
  3. Glad you got a photo. I agree with you. Been on her many times and have seen the roof open.
  4. I have started taking my own straws. When I used one of their paper straws, it was ok at first, but then the drink did not taste right. So I will continue to bring my box of plastic straws. Seriously thinking of getting one of the metal ones, but would probably forget to take it out of glass when finished. Now I do remember, decades ago, when in school, we drank milk with paper straws. We never seemed to have a problem back then. lol
  5. Deck 4, mid ship, is our favorite deck. Never have problem. Have stayed on deck 7 one time, no problem with noise at all.
  6. Love retirement. We usually have 3 or 4 cruises booked during the year. Enjoy your retirement.
  7. You were able to change your cabin to one you wanted in the first place, so it seems like you should be happy, not disgusted. Do not go into your cruise feeling this way. Things in life do not always go the way we want, but yours has worked out. Enjoy your cruise and sit on your balcony and have few glasses of wine.
  8. Several years ago I came across some at the Dollar Tree. Big plastic clothes pins. Work very well. You get six in a pack for $1.
  9. Thanks. I just copied both of yours also.
  10. We will be on the Feb. 8, 2020 also. We were on the Feb 14 this year and they said it was a little over 200. Reason being, kids sail free and Presidents week. Kids had off a couple days during the week. They were never a problem, I guess they kept the crew busy at the teen and kids club. The longer cruises during the winter months never seem to have many kids. Like you, we were on the Feb. 2 with you and hardly any kids.
  11. I like these also, but apparently missed them. I have made them at the windjammer. with spaghetti meat sauce. lol
  12. We cruise on the Grandeur every year. In my honest opinion, I do not think the ship is a good fit for kids or teens. Again, this is just my opinion, others might disagree.
  13. Thank you. I am within one year (Feb. 8, 2020) so I will just keep trying. Although I could not register, I was able to find out that we have 14 signed up so far. Thanks again.
  14. I tried to sign up for my M&M, all I get is.."Only purchased reservations can register for Meet & Mingle party." Royal has all my future cruises listed including the one they say I need to purchase.. I had no problem registering for the other cruises. Never had this happen before. Anyone know what I can do??? Thanks.
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