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  1. I can't tell you which dining room on the Horizon but I can tell you that when you check in for YTD on the Hub App, you have to tell it for how many (linked to their name). That will automatically define the table size you get... if you register for 2 people, you'll get a 2 top. If you want to sit with others, I'm pretty sure the only way to do that is to go to the hostess' desk at the restaurant itself. But if you're looking for a table for two, easy peasy!
  2. OK. (not sure I get your point but it appears you were disagreeing with my quote, so I'll happily let it stand!)
  3. Well, as I posted, the reason I use a cup to fill my mug is because it's too tall to fit. However, my bottle itself has a straw in the lid which is unscrewed before filling, so technically nothing that could touch the spigot has ever touched my mouth. Regardless, I have to use a cup so it's irrelevant.
  4. Well, don't discount what Chengkp75 says- he's indeed an expert on many things onboard the cruiseship... it just appears, from her description, that Homosassa out-experts him in the area of onboard food inspections!
  5. It's the same, from the same place, by the same people...
  6. Yes you could bring them onboard with you, with no issues.
  7. You are correct. Paradise doesn't have the Dive In Theater ondeck… I sailed on Paradise and never saw a mention of movies being available in the theater- doesn't mean it doesn't happen, just not seen it myself!
  8. I don't have a choice! My Tervis Tumbler is too tall to fit underneath the spigot anyway so I always grab a cup, fill it and pour into my mug. I had someone on my last cruise scold me for dirtying a clean cup for nothing ( ! ! ) and I explained to her that it was better to waste a cup than have the mug that I drink out of coming into contact with anything on the machine, therefore spreading germs. She said I was being paranoid! Whatever!
  9. I've boarded with food before that was left over from our day before, spent in port- things like half a sub sandwich from HEB, an opened bag of potato chips, candy... I bring it in my carry on and have never been challenged, so I think you'd be okay with bringing your olive salad onboard with you.
  10. I'm NOWHERE near that milestone so I can't advise you. I would just suggest that if a diamond doesn't weigh in here and give you the 4-1-1, call Carnival and ask them.
  11. Those events would only be coordinated through individual groups, like roll call groups or FB pages... Carnival doesn't host anything related to door decorating.
  12. On our 8-day cruise in June, my bar bill was $8.95. Total. I paid for one drink, got one free as a Gold cardholder. I think that if I had Cheers, I'd probably drink more, but even with the specialty coffees (I had several of those!) and other non-alcoholic drinks, I don't think I'd come anywhere near breaking even. Having said that, this is specific to my hubby & me. If you're on the fence and think you might break even, I'd suggest you try it, keep track as the OP did, and determine at the end if it is worth it for future cruises.
  13. Yes that's exactly what I use. Like I said, Guest Services was able to easily add 3-4 more holes in a row to the existing one, and it made the hole wide enough to fit the plastic snap through. The retractable clip makes opening the door a LOT easier for my 6'4" hubby- he doesn't have to crouch down to open the door!
  14. @EmmasNana I haven't seen the wine packages in advance, like Sean_B says, but I do know they offer the wine packages onboard... often I see them in the hallway between the elevators and the pool on the Lido deck the day we embark... if not, you could easily ask at Guest Services where you can request it.... If all else fails, I know someone at our table ordered the wine package from the wine steward in the MDR at dinner the first night.
  15. Sean_B that is true- they have a small round hole in the corner of your card. If you have a ring on your lanyard it works fine. But I have the retractable clip with a half inch wide plastic piece that snaps, so I just went to Guest Services and asked them to put a couple more holes in the card- voila! Worked like a charm...
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