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  1. Greg- I've been following along but not posting... thanks for taking the time to do these reviews! You're keeping some of us sane until we can go on our own vacation!
  2. Not seeing Day 9... anyone else?
  3. Pretty fascinating, Greg! Thanks for sharing!
  4. I can't get any of the Galveston webcams to work 🤨
  5. Yay! A Saint Greg and Mitsugirly review in the same month!!! Get one from Sid_9169 on the books and it will be the trifecta of reviews! thanks for doing this!
  6. So @Saint Greg I haven't posted til now- I was a day late to your review but as is typical, you didn't disappoint! Thanks for doing the review... it was a really different perspective for many of us and I for one appreciate the effort you put into it!
  7. it's been several years, but I had a similar issue once... I called Carnival Cust Service and they did something behind the scenes and magically my VIFP number was accepted and the offers started appearing in my profile.
  8. This must be new but there will be a huge outcry if it turns out to be less than they describe! Hope for your sake it's as they put it out there... maybe it's an incentive to get people to cruise that may not last forever...
  9. Hey @sid_9169 dedicated Tribe member here- guess you got that wrong, didn't ya??? 2 years and Sid's Aye Tee Ell is still going strong!
  10. I feel ya, Sid! I was supposed to embark on Freedom in a coveted aft-wrap cabin yesterday, for our first Thanksgiving cruise...
  11. Thanks Joe! I'm loving living in Florida... gated community, pool & golf course, only 2 reported cases of COVID in 4 months... the only thing I miss about Texas is the grandboy, and he's already made lots of plans to come visit grandma and grandpa! I'm definitely not missing the heat! The funny thing is, I moved to Cruising Central, where you can't swing a cat without hitting a cruise port, but when I rescheduled this one, I ended up sailing out of Galveston again! But by doing this, we can spend Christmas with the family in Austin, leaving the dogs with them to petsit while we
  12. I just rescheduled my Nov 2020 cruise to December, 2021 (it wasn't canceled YET but I wasn't willing to risk DH's health by going too soon)... I booked the original itinerary, but on the Dream instead of the Freedom- no penalty to reschedule and it was about $200 pp cheaper (I did have to give up my aft wrap cabin though- none available when we wanted to cruise). The only thing I lost out was the $25 pp OBC I got when I originally booked... I mentioned to the Carnival rep that the only thing I was risking by moving my cruise now was the $600 OBC if THEY canceled my Nov 2020 cruise.
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