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  1. I went on the ship twice (2013 and 2014) and really enjoyed it. However, I just wouldn't give NCL any deposit money right now until we know more about how things turn out. No evidence yet of prices going up or down.
  2. Hello, I went on the Escape twice and really liked it (In particular I liked the music venues). From the balcony I was in- the dividers do not open. For the drink package- I had the regular one as a promo and paid around $120 in gratuities. It paid for itself as on one cruise I purchased 40 beverages. But it depends what you like as the basic package covers ones up to $15.
  3. unfortunately I believe so- they would need time to get the ships up and running.
  4. I finally called yesterday and got my 20,000 points back - took 5 minutes. I can use it for Amazon instead.
  5. People are going to have to go to work after returning from a cruise and won't be able to be away another week, Sometimes I think what if I had been on a February cruise and stuck at sea? That would not have bode well for me personally of professionally. I've gone spans of 3 1/2 or even 14 years between cruises before- If I have to do it again so be it- not happy about it but I'd rather wait and enjoy it. I've marked down 3 weeks on my 2024 calendar that are good for me. Missing concerts and baseball- those I couldn't stand missing for 3 years either but might come
  6. It's really nice there because its a beach you can go to just brining your keycard and not worrying about anything. One of my best days was going there for a few hours and then getting back on the ship for a quick snack at O Shennans before heading to the pool
  7. I did this route September 2018 on the Escape and am hoping to repeat it again in September 2023. My favorite part was Bar Harbor and a long excursion that was a boatride on the river for several hours. Halifax was great too. It rained in Portland so i didn't do as much. To be honest, I didn't like St Johns that much and there was a cruise last year that skipped this port and spent more time in Bar Harbor.
  8. I purchased a FCC once and didn't like the fact I had to call to book. I ended up getting the NCL card which then I had to call to apply the points- they should make some of this stuff easier to do online.
  9. They called me 9PM at night (8:53PM) maybe to see if I wanted to book a cruise and I guess give them my credit card number and some money. However, they should have known that I never return their calls and book online. Why would I want to pay for a product that might result in me losing money? They should have reimbursed the people who cancelled early out of good faith .
  10. At the rate vaccines are coming- they seem slower than the exponential growth of the cases. I believe another estimate of herd immunity was pushed back a little further to the fall. One article stated they even had to get rid of some doses due to not being able to use them . We've had 2 million cases in the first 9 days of this year. No one knows if this is going to accelerate or decline but at this rate it would project to 80 million cases for the year- but at some point people are careful or get it again. Then again, since confirmed cases could be way lower at some point natu
  11. Every time I read something regarding a timeline it seems to get pushed back more and more. For me I wouldn't be surprised if it is a few years before I am on a boat again- I don't see how for example the late fall can be a timeline when there is nothing showing cases will slow. Case growth will exponentially not be negated quickly by vaccines.Over time yes- but not right away
  12. In general you should be able to book on board with no problem, also as someone mentioned you could also see if any other solos want to join you, they can usually accommodate I really enjoyed my time on the Breakaway and hope to return one day to it.
  13. Yes I was thinking of Alvin! I did watch the link right now- they have amazing voices.
  14. If I remember correctly, wasn't Arvin the music director/band leader on the Breakaway around 2014? I needed a piano unlocked on my birthday (after attending a wine tasting lunch) and he was very gracious and friendly and we spoke about music. Was he a cruise director later? I hope you have a return to cruising in your birthday month- my birthday at sea was one of my best.
  15. Also, besides our leaders ignoring their orders. This was minimized in the beginning, we had warning signs as early as late last year and nothing was done. Even in February- when they knew for sure this was coming. It is quite hypocritical as the leaders who didn't assist in the beginning now blame the citizens.
  16. Well said. I don't think there is going to be a "switch" where all of the sudden everything is alright. I saw perhaps one interview with someone on TV who acknowledged PTSD. It genuinely gets minimized in the press. Personally, I am wondering how much damage has been done based on the effects of the prolonged anxiety and depression. The first few months were horrible for me, and while still not good there has been some adapting to it.
  17. I wonder about this as many of the elderly do not use smartphones and would need cards vs. an app. I read ticketmaster wanted to use an app to determine if people were and/or vaccinated or tested negative.
  18. And this is partly what got us into trouble in the first place- no standardization. I looked for NJ on NBC and it says children before adults but I thought children hadn't been approved. Its hard to believe any timeline I read these days.
  19. I agree- I am looking at 2023/2024. (wasn't going 2021 regardless). I got my 2020 refund- why give them free money.
  20. May of this year was going to be my last one for a few years- but not for bad reasoning. I had other plans for 2022. I am actually looking at my 2024 calendar as there are some weeks in there that are good for me- maybe one in 2023. This goes for other things like baseball games, movies and concerts- It is all on hold until who knows when.
  21. I don't know if this works but I used a fanny pack ( I get a lot of slack from my concert friends). I think the only beach I did by myself was Magen's Bay so didn't go in the water. * What I did like about GSC was that it was a tender from the ship and I only needed my key card. Therefore I would say the private beach was better because I could leave my wallet and phone in the room safe.
  22. I really liked the Waterfront on my 2 Escape cruises- it was fantastic. Some of the Seattle things I had been interested in were the computer museum, and isn't there a ferry to a nearby island?
  23. @coastcat @farmersfight hello! I had the bliss booked August 2019- but then made other plans but in your opinion is 3 days before for Seattle good? It's still on my 2023 radar. Also, even if you do book a studio on NCL sometimes the week before you can call an upgrade for the price difference for a balcony- I did it a few times for $100-$250. And you can still use the lounge for the gatherings. - I end up booking based on my work schedule which is on a cycle that I can track a few years in advance. Hence I normally do middle of the month. One time I did my birthday on t
  24. @Formula280SS-thank you for posting. I saw a few Bond funds and ETF's (ones skewing toward high yields) had some of the NCL's in their formulas. Bermuda Bound- if I had to make an estimated prediction it would be after there was a return to profitability as earnings per share are still expected to be negative through next year. There would need to be confidence (and of course a return) in my opinion that things have turned.
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