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  1. Thanks for the daily Rich. A good choice of what to celebrate today, if I have time it will be all three. The earth needs cleaning up in a lot of ways. Love the saying, pass on the cocktail and the dinner selection. Sharing some fall colours and sculptures in Southern Ontario. Have a great day everyone.
  2. Good evening. I had to log in to CC, it would take my name or password and I had to ask for a reset. I am not sure what is going on but it was a bit frustrating. It was a good day in spite of it all. Thanks to everyone who posted pictures, recipes, lists, maps etc. I will definitely put the drink of the day on my list. Good night!
  3. Good morning all. I have made so many friends while cruising and I owe that to CC. I would have made more had the pandemic not interrupted our lives. On the bright side, I have got to know a lot of you on this thread and hopefully at some point in the not too distant future we get to meet in person on the high seas. We hare having leftovers for dinner, pork tenderloin, not pulled. I like the quote and will take a pass on the drink. Lots of work still to be done in the garden but today is a stay indoors kind of a day, there is always tomorrow! Have a wonderful day everyone, and again my thanks for this friendly thread and to those who make it a place to come back to everyday.
  4. Good morning all. I don’t think we will see the sun for most of the week unfortunately. Today’s quote is oh so true. We could definitely celebrate meatloaf day as DH makes an awesome one, but it’s pork tenderloin on the menu today. I will take a pass on the drink of the day. Thanks to all who make this thread interesting. After I posted here I went to take a look at the other HAL threads and in doing so I noticed how many cruisers took a look at the daily for yesterday - amazing, over 1000. “We” have a lot of followers!
  5. Good morning all. Very interesting celebrations today, one of which I will definitely be celebrating - Macaroni and cheese with butternut squash and honey garlic sausage. Will definitely add today’s meal suggestion to the list. Love the quote about the phone - so true. I wonder how many of us have dropped the phone in the bath water? Martini's are not my thing, but I know they are very popular. Thanks Rich for coming up with the most interesting things to post every day. The quotes get me thinking as do the meal suggestions. Next, a thank you to Roy for keeping up the lists. Other then the 3 pots of mums we have and one hibiscus plant that we are waiting to see the final bloom from, the garden is closed for this year. It has been an extra joy this year as we cocooned ourselves against the virus. Over the winter I will immerse myself in seed catalogues and online nursery websites and hopefully by next spring I will have chosen some newbies for the garden. My best to all, enjoy your day.
  6. Good afternoon all. I was here earlier reading the posts and forgot to post. We have always had a cat or two, but once we retired and started travelling we decided, no more feline friends. We get our rubs in when we visit our DD. Here are Vader and Chai Latte i will save the menu suggestion for another day. Thanks as always for Rich and Roy’s lists and to others who continue posting to make the thread one of the best on CC.
  7. Good morning all on wet and dull day in Southern Ontario. As others have said, some serious celebrating today. I think we will pass on the black bean soup, but I will put the drink of the day on my “to drink on the next cruise list“. (A year from now 🤞). Thanks to all the contributors on this thread, a happy place during these uncertain times. My best to all.
  8. Late to the thread today. Love the saying, pass on the drink and the menu. The Thanksgiving Turkey is history, what we did not eat, the raccoons came by overnight, undid the green bin lid and had a feast. DH was out early this morning cleaning up after the beasties. Denise, so sorry to hear about your furry friend Paisley.
  9. Good morning all, have a great day celebrating all kinds of things and people. Very little turkey left from our dinner yesterday so it will go into the soup that I am going to make today. I will look up a recipe for the chicken dish as I haven't heard if it before and I just know I would like a Planter's Punch drink. Both of Roy's lists are getting longer, my thoughts are with those on the care list and a cheer for those celebrating. Have a great day everyone, stay safe.
  10. Good morning everyone. Even though Thanksgiving is tomorrow, we will enjoy our turkey dinner today and have enough leftovers for a few days. Today's drink is one that I do enjoy, if it was a Bloody Caesar it would be even better. The best ones I have ever had are at the Lido bar, order one and you won't need lunch! Thanks everyone for your contributions to this thread. Have a great day and to my fellow Canadians - Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Good morning all and thanks to Rich for doing double duty today. Our DD had a paper route and more often then not DH and I got involved. I certainly appreciate that our paper is on our doorstep each morning around 4. It could be we have turkey chilli later in the week but not made in the slow cooker. I think I will take a pass on the drink, I am not that adventurous. Have a great day everyone, we are getting teased today - over 80 degrees and then around 60 tomorrow.
  12. Good afternoon all and thanks for Rich's updates and Roy's lists that they keep every day. I have not been on the thread for a couple of days and know that I missed you all. We had our pizza last night, today's dinner is take out, supporting our local restaurants who are taking huge hits from the Pandemic. More Restrictions being imposed in our Province today as the numbers are way above where they should be. Fire prevention is indeed important and worthy of celebrating every day. We Canadians will be celebrating our Thanksgiving this weekend, we have so very many things to be thankful for. My best to all. 🍁🍁🍁
  13. Good morning all. Even on busy days I have to take time to log on to CC and head straight to this thread. I firmly believe that this place has kept our morale up throughout the dark days of Covid and the resulting cruise cancellations that we have all had. I am so optimistic for a year from know when we will be able to once again print our boarding docs and sail away from the port of Rome on the Zuiderdam. 🤞🤞🤞. It's meat pie for us tonight, no wine or drink of the day. We are sharing our Thanksgiving dinner with our neighbours this coming Sunday - they will come and take their dinner over our fence, so we will celebrate Come and Take it Day then. In exchange for dinner our neighbour is sewing us a few masks. Thanks to everyone for your contributions to this “place”. Stay safe and healthy and if flu shots are available in your “hood”, please take advantage of them and get one. 💉
  14. Good morning all, a wonderful list to celebrate today. Thanks to those who contribute. The menu suggestion sounds delicious, I will put it on my list for future consideration, but the drink of the day win't quite make it. I have heard of Angostura bitters before, I wonder if it is the same as Whiskey Barrel? Have a great day everyone, we're off to get our flu shots. Hopefully soon we will be able to get another shot to protect us from the virus.
  15. Good morning all. I like the menu suggestion, not for today though. I will pass on the drink suggestion, but thanks to those who research the ingredients for us every day. It seems the older we get the more nodding - whether the program is boring or not. Have a great Sunday everyone, take care, stay safe and healthy.
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