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  1. Thanks for the daily report. I have faith that we will cruise again, I don't dare try to predict when. It's leftover chicken for us tonight, not in soup. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  2. Thanks for the update. I wish everyone could smile today. If only I couldn't count my money, my smile would be permanent! I will take a pass on the Hake!
  3. We have been in both and like others have said - is the extra $$ worth a bit more space? Not IMO. We had one of the cabins on Beethoven with the deeper balconies - loved it!
  4. Thanks for the daily update. No porcupine meatballs for us, maybe raccoon instead if the critters don't stop being pests. Like others, the rain did the watering for us yesterday.
  5. We are at the 82nd day from our cancellation and still nothing (not even a HAL generated e. I am surprised at myself for having so much patience.😎🍾
  6. Thank you for the updates. Composting is a must here, our gardens thrive on the results.
  7. Good morning and thanks for the update. Koningsdam must be out for exercise, I have never heard of the place in Mexico. Hamburg is on the menu but with veggies and pasta. Your meal suggestion sounds good, I will put it on the calendar for another day. It's hard finding specific pastas these days, I have not seen Orzo in a while.
  8. Thanks for the updates. We too shall pass on the dinner suggestion. As for seniors health day, we are following the latest protocols and trying to stay fit by being outside and working in the garden. Right now, money can't even buy us a last minute cruise.
  9. When I read posts like Krooznut's I only hope that I am next in line for our refund. My hopes were dashed as I did a quick check with my cc online. It will be coming up to 78 days for us. I still have some patience left.
  10. Good morning and thank you for the daily update. Left over chicken today with a salad. I think we missed spring and have gone right into summer.
  11. It looks like a HAL convention in Manila Bay. Thanks for the update. I will celebrate asparagus not escargot.
  12. Thanks for the daily Rich. Chicken on Monday, supporting one of our local restaurants.
  13. HALrunner If you could send me an e I will send you the names of the tour companies in Greece. Gigianne22 at gmail dot com.
  14. A little late in reading the daily today. It's nice to know that a few of the ships have or will teach their destinations tomorrow. We kind of celebrated maritime day by having fish for dinner.
  15. I had deposited with two tour companies in Greece. I cancelled the tours in March (for May tours). They quickly confirmed the cancellation and said the € would be returned. Knowing that they would be enduring hard times I told them to keep the money. I received lovely emails back from them both saying that if/when we were able to travel to their area they would personally escort DH and I on a private tour. Meanwhile 70+ days have passed while we wait patiently for our $ refund from HAL.
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