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  1. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21395-amera-christened-in-bremerhaven.html I just watched a short video of the christening.
  2. Can recommend Stoutes as well, arrange ahead of time with pick up at cruise terminal.
  3. I would like to be on your cruise, I think you and your group are going to liven things up. I bet other passengers disembark the ship having had the best times of their lives because of you. The Zuiderdam is a good pick for you - fabulous Captains and crew! Come back to this thread after your cruise and let us know what a fabulous time you all had!
  4. Having to buy soft drinks at inflated prices deters me - it's a good thing!
  5. Depending on what time you wish to dine - go to the dining room (usually lower promenade), there will be a sign - those with reservations, those without. You will be asked if you want to join others or you can ask for table for two. You can also reserve for 3 days in advance. We always do anytime dining by ourselves, with 2 or 3 others. I make reservations as soon as I board and ask that we have the same table for the whole cruise. Hope this helps - I am sure others will chime in and share their experiences. I believe there are times posted for anytime dining.
  6. Our last cruise on the P was in 2018, a TA followed by England, Ireland an Belgium. It was on that cruise that word was spreading that the EE had been sold. The Captain opened the bridge up for the passengers to visit - here are my memories.
  7. John and Diane thanks for taking the time to write about your amazing cruise - enjoy the cruise to SF.
  8. I too tried the bacon - a gentleman sitting at the next table had the steward bring me a piece from his clothesline. It was sliced thicker then normal bacon, the maple syrup added to the flavour and of course the presentation isn't something I thought one would see in the PG.
  9. I hope your disembarkation goes better then ours did in San Diego - the confusion was on the ship and I am sure that a lot of us voiced our displeasure when we completed our end of cruise survey. Even some of the staff looked frazzled at how it wasn't working.
  10. The computers that used to be in the Crows nest are now on the main deck and there are only 3 or 4 of them.
  11. RNB - we were hoping to meet you on board - now I know why we didn't see you. You were either up too early or holed up in your cabin. LOL
  12. It's worth the ride up the midship elevators!
  13. We were on the Eurodam for 28 days - people are not only hogging loungers - they hog the tables and chairs as well and go back and forth between the two all day long. I spoke to several of the staff about it but nothing was ever done. Very inconsiderate. They even brought enough clips to attach the towels to the chairs around the table.
  14. I too was on the cruise and I have to agree with the others about the dusembarkation - one of the worst I have experienced and it was because if the chaos on board. Why would anyone think that you could funnel people through the back of the Queen's Lounge (BB King) - single file is beyond me. The only 2 announcements anyone heard were for expedited and pink - even though yellow was listed ahead of pink it was never called. A staff member said to those of us who were paying attention - all colours can go now! As a non US citizen we waited in line for 1.25 hours to clear immigration. Those with extra paper work to complete held up the process if they had not completed it - or there were errors. You can let your feelings be known when you complete your survey - I did! Thanks to Seamist for the reports and to her DH Tom for the photography.
  15. Thanks Roy - enjoy the rest of your cruise. Thanks for letting us "cruise" along with you.
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