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  1. antigen dissipate pretty quick, so getting a negative on one of them would be your best pet. PCR will pop positive for a while.
  2. Exactly. Leave your chips at home. A nice wad of cash has always been well received.
  3. We've been doing AIs for the past, what, almost two years now. Had awesome times, and have another one lined up for November. Cruising is just one option, and not a great one with kids right now.
  4. Well said. The same can be said for society as a whole. If your reasonably healthy and vaccinated, you'll probably be fine. If you have underlying conditions or high risk, take additional precautions and stay home if you must. Everyone else, get back to life.
  5. They are a business. They 'care' about making money. As a stockholder, I appreciate that. Too many people thing a cruiseline is their friend---its not. It's a service, which you have the ability to choose or not choose to give your $$.
  6. We had the same experience in 2015 on the Liberty. It must be quite a surreal experience for those poor folks.
  7. Keep one of the trays from roomservice, go load up at the buffet and come back to your balcony
  8. I don't disagree. But, with the increased demand they are seeing, as a company it may not be a priority with so many newer cruisers booking. I cruise with many different lines, and one of the reasons is the perks of most programs aren't all that attractive.
  9. I mean just a guess. I assume some more travel-mask mandates drop this fall. Also, assume the whole Negative-test-for-re-entry drops for vaccinated folks around the same time. I would anticipate some thawing around that timeframe with FTTF.
  10. For sure. Not trying to debate people on the validity of masks, etc, just not going to spend $$$ on a trip my kids won't really enjoy. Hope things change for the better soon!
  11. Seems like they have a good framework now. Unfortunately for us, as long as kids have to wear masks, wont be booking anything.
  12. ya well, thats true. As it has been, low, these past 10000000000 years.... Maybe lock yourself into a sterile room of some kind, might be the best option for your personal health.
  13. Back when the worst thing you could get chastised for was propping the balcony door open. Those were the days!
  14. For sure. And man, I love cruising. But we cruise as a family, and until its enjoyable for use all, we will continue to utilize other options. Cant wait to get back, when it works!
  15. Alot of balls in the air. In the end, until my kids dont need masks we wont be sailing, and giving our $$ to the AIs we have enjoyed so much over the past 18 months. I look forward to seeing what actual protocols look like, when people are actually sailing, and going from there.
  16. The priority stuff is nice, other than that the room is great but other perks are not anything to write home about. We upgrade to one of the suite classes only if its financially reasonable. The extra room is certainly nice.
  17. Doubt its inforced, but who knows. 2yo is fine....3yo needs to wear a mask. Makes a ton of sense...
  18. As I understand it, RCL is only requiring vaccination for those over 18. And no masks. I understand the rule, but still ridiculous to have the same requirements for children...we shall see!
  19. Right. You cant have any 'resuts of a 5 year study of XXXXX' when this thing has only existed for 18 months. No one knows. Is what it is.
  20. Still a large grey area with kids. Not sure why they dont just do the RCL 'everyone over 18 should be vaccinated' route
  21. Figuring out how to handle Kids who cant get the vaxx (plus have almost zero chance of serious infection) is a big issue to be worked out
  22. I mean its certainly not a one way ticket, worst case if you did test positive after the free quarantine, you can still go back to the US....thats the current rule.
  23. Yes that certainly adds an additional level of complexity for returning to Canada. Maybe there would be enough folks in a similar situation to have a stock of tests onboard, or maybe at one of the ports that would give with that timeline....
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