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  1. It happens every year, this is nothing new.
  2. 100% Horizon. I will not sail on an Excel class ship again. When I went on Mardi Gras in Nov 2021, cruising was still limited to 50-60% and you still couldn't get into the Piano bar, or the comedy club without waiting in line, decent seats at Center stage for the shows and even the casino was full. I dread to sail on those ships now. Most nights the line for pizza stretched down to the aft elevator banks by guest services. Horizon is my favorite ship and adding the Havana rooms, makes it even sweeter.
  3. If they can't figure out that non-alcoholic drinks include mocktails, maybe they shouldn't be cruising. What other perfectly clear information can't they figure out?
  4. Its a secret known only to those that want to book those rooms. I don't know how you can't find it.
  5. Personally I'd take option 3 any day out of those 3. The Horizon is actually my favorite ship. The Celebration, which is Carnivals Excel Class takes a ship 25-30% smaller than Royals Oasis class and then crams the same amount of people on it. I sailed on Mardi Gras(Celebrations slightly older sister) back when cruising was limited to 60% capacity and still had issues in certain spots such as the comedy club, piano bar, and the pizza place. The pizza place would have lines stretching back to guest services around midnight.
  6. Any recommendations for a day pass at a hotel near MCO? Have a 5:45 PM flight home and don't want to just sit at the airport all day.
  7. We are usually at the port right at 10, if not a little earlier, since we always get the 10:00 check-in.
  8. Wow. The steakhouse actually has a kids menu.
  9. Is there a kids menu for the Teppanyaki? We haven't seen one.
  10. I was hoping they would rearrange the restaurants on deck 5 and add the Teppanyaki. That is the only reason I prefer Horizon or Panorama over Vista.
  11. Only Carnival will be able to give you the correct answer and they still might tell you that it is up to the officials in Bali.
  12. I'm the opposite. I have no plans to sail on an XL class ship again. I sailed on Mardi Gras back when it was only 60% capacity and even with that low of people onboard, I still couldn't get into the piano bar and most comedy shows. The shows on the Center Stage had such horrible sitelines that it was a joke.
  13. The hotel we normally stay at(Country Inn and Suites) no longer offers a park and cruise rate. Where is a good spot to park the car for the cruise? I saw a few spots, but they will only let me park the car the day of the cruise and I would rather have it parked when we arrive and not have to worry about it on cruise day. Any suggestions?
  14. My post from John Heald is just as factual as the article which got the information from him as well last week.
  15. John Heald said today that the iMax is staying so take it for what its worth.
  16. The premium vista balconies are a different layout and shape. Much better than the typical Havana Cabanas, imo.
  17. While it is covered, the sides are still open.
  18. Looking at booking a Havana Premium Vista balcony, but aren't sure which deck has the best mix of better room layout and biggest balcony. I know they aren't all the same. So which would you do and why?
  19. I know Vista and Venezia are similar, but im not sure if the capacities are the same. That being said, I've never felt as crowded on the Vista class as I did on a 60% capacity Mardi Gras. That being said, I normally cruise in the Oct-Nov time frame.
  20. I haven't been on Celebration, but after sailing on Mardi Gras, no ship of that class will get a recommendation from me. Too many people and not enough public space. I was on it while cruising was still limited to 60% and the piano bar and comedy clubs were still packed and many people couldn't get in. Pizza line stretched back to guest services. Rooms were narrower and the bathrooms were tiny. i greatly prefer the Vista class ships and have been on them 5 times with a 6th coming up. Plus the ABC islands are far better than that Celebration itinerary.
  21. Just like on land, COVID is everywhere.
  22. I doubt it. Not worth spending the money to do that. For a 4 week dry dock, they are doing more than just painting the hull.
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