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  1. Wow! All of you were in such interesting places, mostly in the Med! I was on Volendam this time last year, just doing a repositioning Panama Canal transit from Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale.
  2. Sue!!! Welcome to this thread! I follow it daily but -- except for clicking a "Thanks" to Rich -- very rarely "speak" because I usually haven't anything to add. Also haven't actually sailed with any of the participants and they aren't really neighbors. But I have sailed with you and you are also a neighbor! Speaking of which, aren't we luck to be living up here where we are? Here in Snohomish County we hit 76 once in June and we've only made it to 70 twice so far in July. Anyway, welcome to this thread. Stay on. Everyone is nice (no confrontations here EVER) and
  3. Not so. Most pilots (even those who fly little planes, like me) do not like to reveal to strangers what we do because folks are always asking dumb questions. Two of my buddies who are now retired...one from JAL and one from TWA....always used to use the following lines at parties when asked what they do. The JAL captain, who flew 747s, always replied "I drive an 18-wheeler" (747s really do have 18 wheels). The one from TWA, who flew L-1011s, always answered "I'm a heavy-equipment operator" (all widebodies are referred to as "heavies" by air-traffic control).
  4. I have many, many friends who are UFOs. I see them all the time. Seriously, I am a pilot (aircraft, not harbor) and there really is a very official UFO group. It is the "United Flying Octogenarians". Yeah, seriously. Google it. It is the organization of pilots who are still logging flight time after passing their 80th birthday. And, before anyone chimes in here: Yes, they are safe. We all have to pass a rigorous flight physical plus mandatory flight reviews with FAA designees. You bust either of these exams and your wings are clipped. And no, you don't have to
  5. I'm with most other folks responding here. I prefer the S-class and R-class ships (see my expanded signature). I've sailed a couple of times on Eurodam only because of Captain Scott, but he's retired now. Enormodams and humungoudams just ain't my style. I second RuthC's comment -- when they are gone, I am gone.
  6. Well, I've been watching this for a long time and can't figure out why Oosterdam is headed for Costa Rica. Does anyone know? TIA.
  7. I'm one of the (apparently few) lucky ones. My wonderful PCC....who's been taking great care of me for the past 10 years....is still there. But I sincerely wish you all good luck with your new ones.
  8. BUMMER! Wonder what he/she will do now?
  9. I have observed that phenomenon in my years in Boeing engineering. They have a LONG history of periodic RIFs. I have always been laid off first....but that's because I was a contract engineer. We are cut before the direct hires, and that's as it should be. I've had four multi-year contracts with Boeing and I had many direct-hire friends. And what you both say is true. A few of my friends were close enough to see full retirement on the horizon, but they didn't make it. Some were forced to take early retirement at reduced benefits but some didn't even make it that far. I suppose it make
  10. Hugs back atcha @VennDiagram. I too hope that we can do this cruise together in the future.
  11. Whee! Good news today. My awesome PCC tells me that he has survived the cut. Don't know what I'd do without him. He's been taking good care of me for the past 10 years. I suspect that, like him, it's the senior ones with many years of employment with HAL that are the ones that made it through. Could be wrong about that though.
  12. Sad, sad day <whimper, sniffle>. I'm disembarking Maasdam in Vancouver. Oh, wait. I'm not on Maasdam! So it's a sad day no matter how I look at it.
  13. Beginning in 2017 (announcement was made in late 2016) Carnival (corporate) outsourced IT to Capgemini, and it's been a disaster since. Ummm, any doubters can check on this -- search on keywords "Carnival" and "Capgemini".
  14. Every word is true -- but so heartbreaking. That airplane was one of my "babies". Spent 6 years doing primary structure design both on the original -400 and the -400F (freighter) 😢😢.
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