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  1. Well, here's a trick for your DW. I've posted this before but you may not have seen it. When I'm having dinner in the PG I politely ask if the chef would consider constructing a strawberry pavlova for me. About 50% of the time this is all I need to do. But if they demur, then I pout and tear up and whimper "Well, they always do it for me on Amsterdam and Maasdam (or any couple of ships except the one I'm currently on)". This has worked every time!
  2. Umm, we're really not permitted to name our PCCs but the first name of mine is the same as the title of a university official. Is yours by any chance the same person? Hope you see this post soon, as it might be removed by the admins.
  3. Just adding my vote to the positives for lunch in the PG. I'll have lunch there nearly every sea day. Love the calm ambiance and the good menu --- and (everyone knows I'll ALWAYS say this) the strawberry pavlova for dessert.
  4. I've had the same wonderful PCC for 9 years now. My experience with him has been similar to * Miss G*'s with respect to awesome results from guarantee bookings, upsells, responsiveness, etc, etc. Don't know what I'd do without him.
  5. https://www.hollandamerica.com/content/dam/hal/marketing-assets/.../KBYG.pdf The smoking rules for each ship are on pages 15-16 of this Know Before You Go document.
  6. I am also a pilot and my first reaction to the initial description was also incident, not accident. I know that you are European and don't know who your governing body is, but if this had involved aircraft here in the USA the NTSB would unquestionably have classified it as an incident.
  7. Contact the Ocean Players Club online: https://oceanplayersclub.com/contact/general/ Or you can call them at 888-OPC-CLUB (672-2582). They will give you all of the information you need. Good luck at the tables!
  8. Hi. Blackjack is the only thing I do in casinos....on a ship or on land. Table minimum is $6 but that's at the 6:5 tables. The "normal" 3:2 table minimum varies from $15 during the day to $25 during evening hours. However, this can depend upon the particular ships host/manager. I've seen the 3:2 table require $25 on some ships even in the morning when the casino first opens and I'm the only one at the table. You need to bring cash. Actually I wire "up front" money to the ship through the Ocean Players Club before I leave. That way I don't have to carry lots of cash. Hope this helps. Have a great cruise!
  9. I can't imagine why they've removed all of the signage directing walkers to go counterclockwise. At least Amsterdam still has a "One Way" sign with an arrow. I'm a VERY brisk walker (NOT a jogger!) and like to do 2 miles each morning. But because the signage directing one-way walking has been removed I have to get up VERY early to do my laps and am probably inconveniencing the crew who hose the deck early in the morning. Anyway, those blind corners are dangerous now with folks meandering in both directions. Uh, guess I'm slightly off-topic -- but not by much. Apologies anyway.
  10. As a former sailboat racer I really loved Ryndam III. Many of the older HAL ships have/had a theme and she was definitely the nautical ship. She was all full of antique sailing-vessel artifacts and models and I really wonder what they did with all of those beautiful things when she was transferred to P&O. I guess it's too much to hope that the newest iteration of her name will be themed accordingly.
  11. Interesting comment. IMO the perfect size ships for visiting Alaska are the R-class and S-class because they can get into the "little" ports like Homer and Kodiak and the port that can't handle the big ships, Anchorage. Don't get me wrong, I love Eurodam and her Tamarind. I just prefer the 14-day Alaska routes that the little ships do. Hoping to do the Maasdam 21-day Alaska route that goes to many brand-new ports. Again, JMO.
  12. There used to be an 8X10 CC door poster to download here but I don't know what happened to it. Luckily I still have mine and tape it to my door every cruise. I use blue painter's masking tape so's not to damage the door. I'm not on Carnival but on HAL. So far my CC poster has never been challenged.
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