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  1. Thanks. I can picture the IV, but the porthole balcony just seems odd. We decided to book the IV as a "new" experience as the cruise is a port of call heavy & not that much time at sea. Appreciate the various replies..
  2. I second this. And to the OP, last week we were x-Galveston and the specialty rest were 60% empty every night - they still were not offering discounts. But for the price & selection, Giovanni's over Chops every time.
  3. Just off a cruise last week. We got the Cruise Compass paper every day. On day 1, our cabin guy ask if we wanted it daily and we said yes. Saw others getting them at customer service desk.
  4. Last two cruises we saw at least 5 power strips being taken at the screening (detectors). Not sure what type they were but I did hear one person say "it said cruise line accepted on Amazon" (LOL). Just as info.....if you take one, make sure it's one you don't mind leaving.
  5. Thanks - learned something new today. That's a good day 😀
  6. May be a dumb question, but don't you have to have a valid passport to cruise?
  7. Correct - they are not checking the time of the test, just the date. The cruise we took last week they checked carefully, but the one in June they only glanced at it.
  8. Actually the majority of the group's cruises are indeed less than 6 days. "With the majority of cruises for Royal Caribbean International shorter than six days, the new requirement will significantly impact the pre-cruise preparation for guests."
  9. I did not give them insurance information.
  10. thanks - that is what I figured and why we are still thinking.....
  11. May I ask what it was about the infinity balcony she did not like? Just curious as have been thinking of booking one...TIA
  12. Yep - first time we used walgreens it was free. When I called them this week they wanted $128 pp for the same test. Went to CVS for free.
  13. Glad it worked out & agree with you that I bet security won......
  14. By the way, if you have been to St Thomas before and plan to visit "town" again be prepared to be a bit shocked. So many stores, restaurants and bars have closed & not reopened it is sad. First they were hit by B2B cat 5 hurricanes in 2018 (2017?), then covid, they have not recovered. We were there in April and one shop owner told me 65-70% of the shops closed and not re-opening. Really sad.
  15. Thank you both - normally book in advance but this time may be difficult.
  16. Just a thought (which may be not be 100% correct but offer it anyway) - in SOME cases the US CDC has been more strict than other countries and the US has said the lines calling the US must follow CDC guidelines at a min. If the CDC relaxes their requirement, then the lines have the flexibility to follow other, possibly less restrictive govt policies. So it is not the CDC "controlling" over govt requirements, just the CDC imposing at min their restrictions. I would think that is what Jazzbeau was getting at. Best regards
  17. Are these “monitored” tests or simple self tests? If not monitored doubt any line will accept
  18. Just curious, if I don’t get dinner reservations in the restaurant I want when booking window opens (I’ll be overseas & not sure if near computer) do they normally set aside some tables for “walk-ups”? Any experience with that? TIA
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