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  1. Just FYI - personally I'd take a coat & a tie. There are places to eat every night where you don't need one or both, but why limit yourself just to avoid taking 2 articles? I think you'll enjoy yourself more if you have them just IMHO. enjoy
  2. In this example it was a $12 drink plus tip which equals +/- $14.40. Again my post said hypothetical numbers. A $14.40 drink + tip = $17 & if the cost is $107 then the break even is 6.29 drinks. Doesn’t really matter. First one has to figure how much they drink, what they drink & est the cost of those drinks, then compare that to the cost of a bev package plus/minus the “ convenience” cost of same and decide if it is worth it or not.
  3. I disagree. Using your numbers, the package cost $106.80 and the drinks are $14.40 ($12 + $2.40). So $106.80 divided by $14.40 = 7.41 drinks at $12 + tip. Where is the math off? My DP and I have a couple of mimosas at breakfast, a couple of glasses of bubbles for lunch, misc drinks during the afternoon and then drinks at dinnner and in the evening. Believe me we’ve done the math and it’s close. If the cruise is port intensive and you’re going to go onshore every day/all day the the package does not work. If you are staying on board most of the time (&/or want the convenience of not signing recipes for every drink) the package works. Besides, it seems the AI increases the rate by about $90 (+ gratis) but includes the tips and Wi-Fi. So even with the $10 pd upgrade to premium,it’s not $106.80 for the drinks. Any way, each to their own and just pick what works best for you
  4. OMG - nooooooooo. Not on X. 🤮 😁
  5. Using hypothetical numbers for discussion: Lets say the package cost is $90 pd and your average drink cost is $12. That means 7.5 drinks pd is the over/under. The convenience factor is a personal calculation. We've tried both with and w/out a package and the final outcome is usually close; but will admit the paper receipts and signing does get a bit old......
  6. I loved the Beyond, but did not like the Infinity "balcony". The only day it was nice was the rainy day where the area became an extra inside space. But I like the traditional balcony, rain or shine, and missed the true outdoors. We only will travel with balconies and the Infinity soured our opinion of the Edge class ships and probably will avoid them going forward.
  7. In recent years, the Radiance has done the Panama Canal Transit E.Bound (Tampa/LA) in April. I presume that will continue so wondering if anyone might have an idea when the 2025 itinerary for the canal/south america might come out? TIA
  8. mitz18

    moon vs dawn

    We've done a couple trips on the Dawn now and love her; our new favorite. Now we are thinking about a trip on the Moon which we've never been on - for those that have been on both; how much of a difference will we really notice? TIA
  9. were the excursions/packages booked with OBC or did you pay for them? If you paid for them, they should transfer as paid excursions have nothing to do with the room charge. Could be different if you used some OBC that came with the original price. I agree with Oceansaway that you should call RCL or your TA and just ask - but I believe that if you want to pay full price to upgrade categories, they will take into consideration what you have now to give you a new price. FWIW, a Jr Suite would be nicer for 2 weeks + double points.
  10. Like most restaurants anywhere in the world it depends on the night you go. Quality of food and service can/will vary night to night & no doubt ship to ship. For the most part, the last couple of RCL cruises we've been on the food has been good (we still set service aside due covid and staffing issues) & no real complaints. Was the complain on Navigator with the main dining or also the specialty dining?
  11. mitz18

    Art classes

    If you consider cooking an "art", there are classes in the SALT Lab 😄
  12. and seems RCL is making changes. Diamond plus no longer able to access suite/concierge lounge. I'm Elite and don't mind there is not a lounge as lounges are typically over crowded,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. just clicked on X site: https://www.celebritycruises.com/company/customer-support/conduct-policy#alcohol-policy Guests are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages onboard; with the exception of embarkation day when each guest (of legal drinking age) is permitted to bring onboard up to two (2) 750 ml bottles of wine (which are subject to a corkage fee) per guest.
  14. Late to the party but we have never utilized the services of the butler(s) very much. Other than a request for a bottle of champagne & ice bucket each day, don't really need them. Of course I'd rather unpack myself, I show up with shined shoes and tend to be very self sufficient - although having said that I'd hate to see them gone. I may not use the service, but has always been nice to know they're there in case needed.......
  15. After our trip in January I must admit I think she is our new favorite......
  16. we usually had Pommery, but did buy a higher end bottle or two.
  17. side note - if you have a chance to do a cooking class in SALT, do it (take a glass of wine). It was a great time & learned new tricks.
  18. I'm not from Napa but for years visited 2-3 times per year and love big bold cabs. That being said, I'd never take my own wine on SS as it forces me to try their variety of wines. The sommelier / wine stewards were very helpful and willing to offer several options for trying. One night he even left the bottle on the table after seeing we enjoyed it. You're on a new adventure, why not be willing to be open to new wines. Some you won't like, others you will.
  19. Hard to say if it is worth it to you as everyone is different. Some will see the worth, others not. Why not try it once and decide for yourself?
  20. I'd only do that if there was no other option, financially or other. Four in a room would be very uncomfortable and seems to me would add un-needed stress to a vacation.
  21. Thanks all. Have also seen it as "Purchased Excursions" LOL. We have never sailed Oceania (usually Celebrity & rare occasions Silversea) so I am enjoying reading the treads to "get a taste" as considering Oceania - especially the issues of O'Life, no O'Life, flights/no flights, etc. 😀 Thanks again
  22. Just curious - did they indicate the cost for the onboard testing?
  23. ok sorry - what does PE stand for in this case? 🤔
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