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  1. So do most folks simply "re-hide" them on the same voyage, take to hide on a different voy, or simply take them (or ignore them)? Just curious.
  2. Does anyone have a recent pic of Murano's menu? I have an older one so just curious if they have changed it at all. Thanks in advance cheers
  3. would normally agree but the other option was so sweet it needed a cherry. I just went to red wine...
  4. I'm proud of you - I can't walk straight after about 600 bottles.
  5. It was previously 2 bottles a person I believe but is now 2 per stateroom, correct?
  6. did they have much of the Chandon? Last cruise we were on they kept "running out"......
  7. Is it possible she was also the sommelier for Tuscan (directly below Luminae) & therefore part of their team? She has to be under some restaurant manager I would think.
  8. We did not see a ping-pong table on the Beyond and she is really not designed for kids (imho). Celebrity tends to aim more towards adults and the beyond is no different. There is a rooftop garden which is a great place to have a glass of wine and read a book, but no mini golf. I don't remember seeing an arcade room but to be honest, did not look for one. I don't even remember a basketball court, but could have missed it. We've been on many RCL and X voyages and can only say if I had young teenagers, I'd probably stick with RCL. But that's just me. Only you can decide what your kids will think. Have you looked at the YouTube video overview of the beyond? Might help & you should be able to find it on X page via this link.. Good luck https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-ships/celebrity-beyond
  9. Sorry going to hijack the thread for one question. Did you see much difference between Moon & Dawn? Have been on Dawn and loved her & looking next at the Moon. Any noticeable differences? TIA
  10. Salt Bar is hard to get into and not quiet. Arts cafe is a nice place to have a glass of wine. And not being picky but just as info, it is Silversea not Silver Seas.......enjoy
  11. This is what I always suggest as well. If you only drink beer and/or only have 1-2 drinks per day, the package is not worth it. If you're more like me and start the day with 2 mimosas at breakfast and continue from there, it usually (almost) pays for itself. The ease of not having to sign for drinks is also a consideration. Enjoy....
  12. Well that fits the timeframe between the other 2 voyages so keep your fingers crossed. A bit weird regarding excursions but X has been having some web issues lately/again so who knows. Good luck
  13. where was your cruise starting/ending? March 1-11 shows Ft Lauderdale r/trip and then March 22-Apr 1 is also Ft Lauderdale r/t. So March 11-22 is missing. If your canal trip was thru the canal either east or west (ie LA/FL or FL/LA) I'd say you're in trouble. If it was Southern Carib & Panama Canal entrance - you might be ok. It might be sold out, but strange excursions are gone.
  14. Just my opinion - since the announcement (pg 2 of this thread) indicates she is going to the Carib "year round", and since excursions on yours seemed blocked, it sounds like that voy might be going away. If you booked with at TA ask them to do some digging. Otherwise you may have to wait to see if you get any notices - if X cancels it, you'll get a full refund.
  15. Man, I'd be upset if I had a balcony booked and now I have an Infinity area. Thanks - this is better left to the X thread. Have a great day
  16. Just curious - did you ever find out if they are changing you from the Reflection to the Beyond? That's a fairly major change in vessel types. Beyond is a beautiful ship, but don't get me started on the infinity "balcony". (Lots of threads on that subject on X board).
  17. I'm always amazed at how often this subject comes up on this board. I don't need to read 10 pages of posts to know what was said. "Why does it bother you if I don't wear a tie?". "Why can't SS get with the program and move towards casual?". " Why can't everyone else change to what I want?" "It's about me, me, me" Considering the many options out there, it seems rather simple - choose the option that fits your style. Don't pick a Disney cruise and complain about kids. Don't pick Carnival and complain about belly flop contests and loud crowds. And DON'T pick Silversea and complain about dress codes. Move on......
  18. I understand your questioning this - we were on the Dawn in January and it is our new favorite. But having said that, the Shadow has her own positive characteristics! Enjoy.
  19. Well I have to disagree with you. Last cruise on Dawn in January, I would estimate 80% of the people were dressed formally (coat/tie, tux, cocktail dresses etc) or semi-formally every night. The size of the SS ships means they are not trying to find 3000 people who like their product but only a couple of hundred. It will not "kill" them. I always find it fascinating that those who complain about SS still cruise with them - if one does not like a certain line, move on.
  20. Yep & that’s why we love SS.
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