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  1. have not seen flowers as a gift. may have something to do with freshness, availability or even concern over allergies. Maybe some red strawberries instead?
  2. a "hey Captain, don't you know who I am" moment.....😄
  3. yep - was on the Dawn in Jan and very limited space. And just FYI, the upper deck ones seemed busy so maybe many know that "trick"
  4. yep was on the Dawn in January & stuck my head in the casino just out of curiosity. Very small, not many games and maybe 5 people playing. There were more people in the cigar lounge.....
  5. Take the itinerary you like as both are nice. However that being said, was on the Dawn in January and absolutely loved it. The food was great, the terrace of La Terrazza was spacious and enjoyable and the service was top notch. It never felt like 500+ passengers and the ship was beautiful. But again, the Wind is great & love the small capacity. Pick the itinerary you want and enjoy.
  6. yes similar issue one trip. Guest relations sent security to the room & it did not happen again. Never take matters into your own hands as you'll only be asking for problems. Let the crew handle it....
  7. It's possible the group of 10 was a convention of sorts or a group of TA's on a "research trip". We've never had a serious wait time in Blu and have always had good meals. Of course since covid, we have seen service issues on all ships, not just X
  8. I had an old bottle that I wanted to open but it had been lying down for years. One week before opening, I started changing the angle of the bottle, slowing moving it to the upright position. This way the sediment slowly moved down the bottle and was not "mixed" into the wine. Then decanted the bottle using a flashlite looking thru the neck so I could see when the sediment was about to come out. Left a little wine in the bottle where the sediment was. Lot of work but was worth it......
  9. Celebrity does not serve kids.......
  10. and nor should they be.......
  11. For those that have not been to St Thomas in a while suggest you prepare yourselves a bit. They had not recovered much from the B2B Cat 5 hurricanes in 2017 and then Covid hit. Many (most) of the stores have closed - in talking to one owner he said 80% had shuttered and most do not expect to return. All of the islands need tourist money so please go when/as you can, just be prepared that it is not the St. Thomas of old from a shopping/bar point of view. Still beautiful, still enjoyable - just need to make new memories.
  12. mitz18

    Formal night

    On casual nights, SALT does stand for Seat All Latecomers Topless.
  13. Are you sure - RCL website reads: The Deluxe Beverage Package policy requires all guests wishing to purchase the Deluxe Beverage Package to do so for ALL guests of legal drinking age in the same stateroom. Maybe they've changed?
  14. Last month the bars were selling it at a discount on the 1st night only. I think it was 101PP + 18%, and the 1st night discount was 1st one at full price and 2nd at half off. That would average $75.75pp or $89.39pp incl grats. The morning of the 2nd day, the discount sign was gone and they only sold full price. RCL website reads: The Deluxe Beverage Package policy requires all guests wishing to purchase the Deluxe Beverage Package to do so for ALL guests of legal drinking age in the same stateroom.
  15. mitz18

    Formal night

    If I remember correctly, Atlantide followed the evening dress code, while S.A.L.T was one step down. For example if Formal night, you need a tie in Atlantide but just a jacket (ie informal) in S.A.L.T. On informal nights, Atlantide was informal & SALT was casual. This was on the Dawn in Jan this year.
  16. Don't change your plans due to one persons (apparent) bad experience. Our experience was great & we'll do it again. Also sign up for a cooking class in S.A.L.T. - and take a glass of wine with you 🙂
  17. We were on Dawn last full week of Jan and La Dame was fantastic. Service & food were great, it was not loud, and no one I saw took their jackets off. Was a really nice experience.
  18. We were on Dawn last month and did not book La Dame in advance; having decided to forgo the specialty meals. Once on board we had a change of heart and got a waitlist reservation which indeed became available. All I can say is "it was well worth it". The food was great, the service was as one would have expected in a top restaurant. Top notch! Zero cons imho & suggest you try it.
  19. That's way I love these boards - great info and solutions. Fixed my issue as well. Thanks all
  20. Well we can agree to disagree then as I checked & double checked and there were no sensors on the accordion doors. And when the window was open and the accordion doors were closed, the A/C still did NOT work. But maybe your room was special.
  21. Of course - the entire point of having a IV is to have extra in-side air conditioned space in the cabin when the window is closed. Why have the extra inside space if the accordion doors have to be closed for the AC to work?
  22. Sorry but that makes no sense. You are saying if the accordion doors are open, the a/c goes off? On the beyond, it did not matter if the accordion doors were open or closed - the a/c was on until we opened the window. And when we opened the window, the a/c was off with the A.doors open or closed. I looked - there was not a sensor on the doors - just the window.
  23. We were on Beyond in Sept also in a IV room - still have not made up my mind. When the window is closed, it does add air conditioned space to the room. In fact on several sea days it rained like heck and we could still sit on our "balcony" with window closed. However, really did miss sitting in the ocean air so will admit I'm a still a bit conflicted 5 months later. You still get to hear the ocean, but you miss the outdoors of a true balcony.
  24. We were on the Beyond last Sept/Oct in the med - great ship and we the found the quality of the food to be fine, no complaints. We ate one night in Le Voyage which was imho fantastic. Will admit at times the service around the ship was a bit slow, but that was due more I think to staffing issues. The staff that was there were really trying hard. (We just were on Silver Dawn in Jan and Silversea is also having some staffing issues.) I don't think you need to worry - as long as you go in knowing & accepting there might (will) be some staffing issues, it'll be great.
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