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  1. Thats a rather good looking Insta profile I must say.
  2. So you’ve not seen the video taken right in front of Mr Fain as he’s pouring the flight?
  3. Peter is stood at the back of the Martini Bar in the first photo on post #4811
  4. No no, this was an organised flight with a local company based at Key West airport. I was too busy capturing all the views on my cameras to fly the helicopter 🙂
  5. I arranged it privately way ahead of the cruise, and as we share a great passion for social media I just asked her as there was a spare seat and she said “hell YES!” So we made it happen. Awesome experience
  6. there is one USB socket on the back of the TV which CAN be used for charging as long as the TV is powered ON. It can not be used for anything else as the functions are disabled, but it does power, I use this on every Celebrity ship and have done for several years.
  7. As a RS guest you will have no issues in getting into any of the restaurants. Even if fully booked they are not actually fully booked a few spare tables are kept aside. I'm a late diner and never had any issues getting a reservation. Royals are great cabins on the Millennium Class ships too. Don't forget your unlimited wi-fi and unlimited laundry too oh and wait until you get personally escorted onto the ship from check in to the Michaels Club.
  8. If you're calling over wi-fi through an app, such as messenger, viber or Facetime (or similar) and your contact is also on the app then there's no need to dial anything, just select the person you want to dial within that app. Wifi onboard is now more than capable of dealing with this time of calling.
  9. This was one of many highlights of the cruise - taking a helicopter ride with Captain Kate
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