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  1. squadron

    Ovation to hawaii

    Five days in Hawaii and ten at sea? Not a great way to visit . I think the RCI cruises from Vancouver are a better choice with only five days at sea eg Sept 2020.
  2. squadron


    On exchange US $ is worth $1.32 CDN
  3. I get once each time also. As for the photo packages they are less than a photography package from a studio so actually are a good way to get a family photo .
  4. I have done balcony, ocean view and inside. Often do an inside however - price, choose convenient location and I have never regretted getting one. I spend very little time in cabin and at night I leave BR door ajar. Actually do that in an OV also - they are just as dark. If ship has them try room that looks over center of ship(cafes, stores etc)
  5. squadron

    Diamond lounge access

    I agree with you. Why are people bragging about being dishonest and proud of it?
  6. squadron

    New to Royal...excursions say onboard only

    I'm on this cruise also. Some spots on popular excursions are held back so those boarding without prebooking have a chance for certain excursions. Some people won't be booking the cruise for a few months yet.
  7. squadron

    Diamond Breakfast

    Sorry - I meant free specialty coffee was D+ and above
  8. squadron

    Diamond Breakfast

    Only diamond plus
  9. squadron

    Diamond Breakfast

    In the past two years I have had diamond breakfast on Explorer and one other - not a separate room but a separate section. Same menu but quieter and less hectic and no huge tables.
  10. squadron

    Can I remove prepaid gratuities?

    Yes and all people who are cleaning everywhere.
  11. Last Sept while on west coast cruise I could look down and see the chairs basically filled with early risers by 5:30 to 6:00 having coffee . Pastry items are out by that time too.
  12. I also tip per drink - goes to the server that is working and remembers my drink of choice.
  13. squadron


    When the carafes are being filled constantly in the AM it is very acceptable. I find the Windjammer coffee in the AM is better than MDR in the evening. If someone is upset about it - buy a coffee card .
  14. squadron

    Best shopping in Canadian ports?

    Thanks for the comment - I didn't know that Seagull was "gone". Will look for Basic spirit.
  15. squadron

    Ovation to hawaii

    Why not Serenade from Vancouver - a day longer cruise I think. Have done Vancouver to Honolulu a number of times and it is a great cruise.