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  1. Have seen those people "stagger" giggling to the elevator. Really annoying that the group has claimed a whole section of seats since 3:30 .
  2. Unfortunately have never got Bombay Sapphire for a G and T. I think Tanqueray is being replaced with beefeater.
  3. Common sense. Maybe? better luck with private excursions.
  4. I prefer traditional dining and almost always have had a "good group" - if you don't get a good feeling on the first night either give it a day or ask for a change of table (which I have done twice). Sign up for roll call at which there is often a excursion group looking for another person . RCI isn't very good about solo get togethers - late at night or odd ball times.
  5. On a MOCK booking - keep going on the process and a page comes up if you want Refundable, tips added etc - check on refundable and continue to payment. It is just before the click for payment and entering credit card info.
  6. Try to book "transport" (golf cart ) from first flight to second. Both of of those airports require a lot of walking.
  7. It has been the "standard" for well over a year - when I'm checking cruise prices on the internet - just keep going to about the end page before payment. You will have options for refundable, tips, etc. Check on the boxes you want and the total cost comes up.
  8. |Update - there are 197 members on the roll call!
  9. Not sorry to see note pads disappear - awkward design and who would wear it around their neck! Even my Grand children didn't want them. A pen alone would have been more useful.
  10. Think the number is 96 on my Oct cruise. I always go but do feel that people should "mingle'' more rather than just staying with their travel group.
  11. Buy early and adjust for the drops on holiday weekends. Prices seem to go up close to sailing date - same as airline and cruise prices.
  12. The Snowbird Migration cruise by R CI goes from Quebec City (2days) to Fort Lauderdale - 13 days
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