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  1. I have two cruises booked but I hope Royal bans ALL who do not have protection against Covid . Children can get the "shot" in Canada at this time. Will keep the schools open and end the in and out of online classes due to outbreaks at school. Will decide closer to final payment about cancelling.
  2. Agreed. Also don't forget flights aren't safe either to get from A to B and back.
  3. The same people who cause outbreaks of measles, smallpox, mumps and whooping cough among children in certain areas.
  4. Selfish people who think they only have rights - not others. Some people seem to have nothing to do but protest.
  5. Only an hour out for me time wise so much better than hours to Fort Lauderdale!
  6. As a Canadian I find your map gives me a better idea of the the distances and relative positions.
  7. Early diners leave but many stay plus new arrivals making the lounge always packed in my observation.
  8. I must need new glasses - scanned the tiny print twice and only see the old C and A phone number. Give this D+ a hint!
  9. I would book one if the Mexican virus surge has died down. would be like the cruises that Royal used to have out of LA.
  10. Unfortunately the solo rate is usually the same as a double . However, I still like to cruise and enjoy having a room to myself. Also, the freedom of doing what I like - meals and excursions. Tried with a group of three others - two rooms but didn't really enjoy the cruise. Didn't like the "group thing".
  11. I prefer cruising solo - more freedom to do what you want and when . Also I like the closet and bathroom to myself. I've never had less than 200% solo supplement . Never cruise with someone who is "iffy" about cruising. They would make your life miserable!
  12. I feel with cruises within the last two years or so the dining time is less than that. In fact some ships have adopted the route of serving the appetizer and salad together and seem to speed up the service of all courses. With having to order dessert at the same time as the rest of items I've noticed dessert may arrive while one or more are still on main.
  13. I've always had to pay double for solo but think you have the whole closet and bathroom to yourself! Presently solo gets double points. Pricing studio rooms I find sometimes they are as expensive as a single - smaller and no double points.
  14. I've stayed at the Doubletree and another (can"t think of name) - took hotel shuttle to airport and then shuttle (booked ahead) from airport to pier and from pier back to airport. Worked well.
  15. Who opens the ports in Hawaii - Federal or State gov"t?
  16. Any crystal ball idea when it might be extended beyond Sept 1. I cruise Sept 6.
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