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  1. I booked through the big box TA. I have called X several times....I did get refunded taxes and fees, but not the bev pkg, internet and shore excursions. It is one thing to be holding onto my money, but I don’t understand X not issuing the FCC.
  2. I am still waiting for my FCC from 3/15 Eclipse sailing, cancelled 3/14, and refund of my beverage pkg, Internet pkg, anc excursions. Also waiting for refund of cancelled excursions from 8/16 Summit . I am beyond frustrated.
  3. Still waiting for my FCC and misc. refund from 3/15 Eclipse sailing......
  4. @Beachin2 Lucky you! I was also booked on 3/15 Eclipse...still waiting on bev pkg, internet pkg, shore excursions and FCC....
  5. Just my opinion, but I think when X sends it’s first ships out, they will be sanitized and clean to the hilt. They will not be able to risk any outbreak of any kind after this no sail order.
  6. I guess a person 65 to 69 with heart conditions and diabetes is less likely to die from Covid-19 than a person 70?
  7. @markpc17 Just curious how you were able to get three tests? In Florida I am hearing they don’t have enough tests to test everyone.
  8. We were in Santiago, Chile booked on the Eclipse when the 3/15 sailing was cancelled. Celebrity told me that FCC only applied to base cruise fare, not additional amounts paid for move up bids, taxes, or fees.
  9. Celebrity did not take care of those us us planning to board in San Antonio. I STILL have not received confirmation that the 3/15 cruise was cancelled. We made my our travel arrangements from Santiago to USA. Sorry, I should be more sympathetic to those onboard. It is just a horrible situation. Those onboard have no control over their situation. While I’m upset with Celebrity, those onboard still are relying on whatever is being told to them for their arrangements. I wish those onboard are able to get off the ship, soon, and forward arrangements, home. While I feel abandoned, those on board are hostage. I am sorry. What should have been a wonderful trip will be remembered in a whole different way. Unfortunately, you will remember not being able to dock intead of the wonderful parts along the way. All the best to the cruise hostages.
  10. We got airline tickets back to Miami, and currently sitting in Panama airport. I am hearing the airports in the states are a disaster, checking everyone for Corona Virus. They checked our temps in Panama before letting us go to the gate for our flight to Miami. Crazy right now, and I’m sure X had no option. But I still have not received notification from X that the cruise was cancelled. I did receive an email early Saturday morning that it was a go, so it’s not like they didn’t know how to reach me. I got a second notification from X later Saturday regarding my shipboard credits. But NO notice of cancellation. I know what the Cancellation email said, I’m just upset that I wasn’t notified.
  11. These are difficult times. I hope all travelers are able to make it home, safe, healthy, and soon.
  12. Almost 8:00am here in Santiago, and still no email from Celebrity telling me the cruise was cancelled. I have seen what was sent out, but a bit upset that I haven’t received official notification. We have flights back to Florida, assuming we don’t get hung up along the way.
  13. It is 10:30 pm here in Santiago. I still have not received notification from Celebrity.
  14. Apparently people on our cruise got an email and/or text this afternoon - less than 24 hours before boarding. I haven’t received either yet, but checked Celebrity's website and our cruise is listed. Gonna cost $$$$ to get out of Santiago, for refund or 125% FCC? That definitely doesn’t come close to covering airfare and accommodation for getting out of Santiago. I think since we were suppose to end in San Diego, Celebrity should pay to get us there.
  15. Glad it is effective March 16. We are boarding the Eclipse on the 15th in San Antonio Chile. Would be pretty hard for me to get a note from my doctor in Sarasota, FL on such short notice.
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