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  1. I had door decorations stolen. They came from the dollar store, so I guess thieves have no taste. I think this should be added to the "What kind of people will I meet on my cruise?" thread.
  2. Until they are ready to load provisions, etc. why would the ships be alongside anywhere? They can just anchor in the San Pedro Anchorage...
  3. I think this has permeated customer service, as well. Along with the long standing 'lie and deny'.
  4. Here is a report on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. "Over the course of the outbreak, 1,271 sailors (27 percent of the crew) tested positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) by rRT-PCR testing. The authors found that working in confined spaces, enlisted rank, history of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor use, respiratory disease, and obese body mass index were associated with an increased risk of infection." https://www.navy.mil/Press-Office/News-Stories/Article/2413348/navy-publishes-scientific-paper-on-uss-theodore-roosevelt-covid-19-o
  5. Unfortunatly, with Princess' subsequent announcement, the video was just a tease. 😞 With regard to the original posters question... Which cruise first, after princess restarts ... I think it sort of depends on what season that happens to occur in. And, the itinerary you listed ... I wonder if ensenada would be a service call...
  6. I happened to be fooling with a fire tablet the other day, and the first thing I thought was 'no play store'... ...which I see you have already mentioned. So, a user either has to go through several steps to try and install the play store apk (and a couple others) or, have adb on a PC or Mac, know how to grab the Medallion apk, and install it that way. I would rate this 'fairly difficult' for a novice. Given the hundreds and hundreds posts here about 'how do I put my phone in airplane mode'... Clearly the vast majority of posters here a
  7. Does it matter how much of a discount is offered on a cruise that will probably be cancelled anyway?
  8. That's not logic. That's just another example of gaming the system. I think cruise companies will be hard-pressed to find people to purchase cruises, let alone be willing to change cruise lines to put together their own longer cruises. There are, of course, the die-hards here who will purchase any cruise. But, if it were reasonable to think there would be huge demand for cruises, the cruise line stocks wouldn't be in the dumper...
  9. Why? Presumably, the CDC and the cruise lines are trying to keep people safe. Why would anyone try to game that? If people do get sick on cruises, that's probably the end for the cruise companies...
  10. I don't think anyone can even guess. There is one thread about turn-around not being on a single day, but rather spread over two days to allow testing of disembarking passengers; deep cleaning; and testing of embarking passengers. In this case would B2B passengers be allowed to remain on board? I would think not, as maintaining passenger services (at any level) would interfere with cleaning. But, certainly no one knows... And, would B2B cruises even be allowed? CDC says no cruises longer than 7-days. Someone may come up with the find
  11. Yeah, but ... I think it's going to be some rough sledding for bleach and other disinfectants.
  12. I owe Mr. Gottlieb a sincere apology. When I first read that, I thought Scot Atlas. 😞
  13. No, they don't. Some departments, like dining, don't even participate in passenger drills. Crew have seperate drills (which I think have to occur every 2 weeks) as well as other training.
  14. Now that CCL has cancelled cruises through 31-December... Was there any advantage to waiting it out? (Until Princess cancelled, vs. cancelling yourself, earlier?)
  15. Forget the nay-sayers! A poster has already shared the schedule with us! Warp us out of here, Mr. Scott.
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