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  1. I can see that these are probably important notifications. However, as usual, Princess doesn't understand the meaning of the word Emergency. No emergency in these notifications. I hope the deck department has a clearer understanding of what is an emergency...
  2. This is probably a true statement any day of any week. I think it's quite gracious of princess' customers to pay (with both their time and cruise fare) to help test princess' app for them. Otherwise, the global innovators would have to hire some global testers.
  3. Without the overhead of purchasing a cruise first...
  4. Just come to the US, and get a third shot. Even with lottery tickets, gift cards, etc the US can't give away vaccine.
  5. I respectfully disagree. I think the 'new normal' is that the cabins are not available at boarding. However, people continue to post about their previous experiences... But, post-covid, who really knows? With the new boarding times, some as late as 15:00, certainly some folks will be able to go directly to their cabins. This is just like when princess started limiting 'free' carry on wine to 2 bottles. People with current experience explained about the limit. But, for months, there were hundreds of on-going, obsolete posts abo
  6. After boarding passengers were herded in to elevators, the elevators stopped at deck 6 or 7 ( I don't remember which ), and folks were directed to some lounge to drop off their hand baggage.
  7. If one uses the secret handshake, and mentions their cruise critic posting handle, they are allowed to pass; particularly if they have done so at some point in the past. On the recent cruises I have been on, they had a location to drop off hand baggage, and retrieve once cabins are available.
  8. There were plenty of posts here by people who were blocked from going to their cabin. Some even in this thread. Even more likely to occur with extra covid-cleaning. Are you asserting that because you managed to, everyone else will as well?
  9. I have no personal experience with the integrity of this site: https://m.apkpure.com/medallionclass/com.carnival.gxi.ocean.compass.OceanCompass/versions Buyer beware. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Your mileage may vary. Professional driver on closed course. Enable unknown sources. etc I usually use apkmirror, but nada
  10. Princess changed this in like 2018, 2019 ... at least for sailings from ft. lauderdale. They started letting people board as early as 11:00, but the hall doors were closed, and the cabins were not available until 13:00. Post pandemic, who knows...
  11. Sooner, or later (hopefully) it will be true.
  12. That's John Padgett, who was hired by carnival, from disney. http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/SearchResultDetail?inquirytype=EntityName&directionType=Initial&searchNameOrder=GLOBALEXPERIENCEINNOVATORS P170000603620&aggregateId=domp-p17000060362-bca8b998-b7d1-4e80-b21b-a7d90e767a82&searchTerm=global experience innovators&listNameOrder=GLOBALEXPERIENCEINNOVATORS P170000603620 Although appropriate, I don't think there are any basements in Miami in which to hide.
  13. Don't worry. Princess probably won't be able to get that working, anyway. You're certainly good for at least a year or two!
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