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  1. What is this postcard delivery you speak of? It sounds quite interesting...
  2. Quite possibly a difference in the way we were raised or culture... However, I have always craved salt & @ the ripe old age of 21 I found out why. My body is chronically sodium deprived - way below the normal range. I've been told to listen to my body on the salt cravings - as the amount I crave does fluctuate. Approx. 4 times I have realized I can taste sodium in Coke (Coca Cola that is)... The 2nd time it happened I was headed in for blood work - sure enough I had hit the bottom limit for entry into the normal range πŸ™‚ I took that as a win - unfortunately it does not stay there. Other than eggs - I taste all food, prior to seasoning... For those who like/love eggs - ENJOY them anyway that makes you happy πŸ™‚ Cheers all -- Von
  3. Charla -- Thanks for sharing your Fantabulous cruise & journey w/ Jeremy!!! I made a number of notes for the next time we are in Italy/Greece... Looking forward to your final thoughts & hope life hasn't been too overwhelming upon your return πŸ™‚ Mine certainly impacted my ability to finish your review live - I started off great, but then life intervened & I've just finished now... Cheers -- Von
  4. Wow -- Finished my final binge... I was hoping to finish before you were off the ship! It appears I missed my goal by hours. Thanks for taking us along on an amazing 5/6 cruises (depending on how you count QE) & your stay in Barcelona... We LOVE Barcelona & have spent additional time there for our cruises starting & ending in Barcelona. Love you have all this time to enjoy w/ your Mom. 3 of my sisters & I took Mom on her first & only cruise, JAN 2001, on the Celebrity Century. We had 2 connecting cabins & my youngest sister had her 10 month old son w/ her. We created lifelong memories on that cruise! Unfortunately Mom was never able to go on another cruise & we lost her in 2007. However, she sure did recall & relive every memory from that cruise! Enjoy the time together while you have it & we ALL are looking forward to living vicariously through you on your future cruises... Cheers from Talkeetna - Von
  5. LOL -- My Mama didn't allow cutting pasta for children either... We are of the twirl on the plate clan πŸ™‚ Johnny's family is the twirl w/ a spoon family....
  6. Good Morning -- I have truly been enjoying your review(s) sporadically, as a binge reader... I started when you were @ 70 pages or so - I am now on page 87 (your final day on QE) & you are currently up to 143. Looks like I need to find time to binge a "few" more pages - hoping to catch up b/4 your cruise home is over 😎 Your review has been Fantabulous & love you & Mom can transition from Carnival to Cunard so seamlessly... Your enjoyment of cruising & these cruises specifically shines through! Cheers - Von
  7. Travel Safe today Sid... Hope every minute that passes you start to feel better. I'd put off thinking about work until after you're home tonight. Relationships/Friendships can be challenging & the slightest comment or deviation from expectations can at times throw them helter-skelter (speaking from experience)... Don't be too hard on yourself - I challenge you to instead remember the good/great experiences/memories. I wouldn't trade my past happy memories w/ an ex (or 2 or 3...), even though we parted ways many years ago... Cheers to the upcoming Tribe Cruise - You are All going to have an amazing time!!!! New memories to be made w/ Friends πŸ™‚ Cheers
  8. @sid_9169 Wishing you an Amazing final 24 Hours or so... Jumping on the Champagne Share Wagon.... I believe in the 3 C's of Life: Coke, Chocolate & Champagne πŸ™‚ (Coca Cola that is for all of you with your minds elsewhere) Forget about us, the review & all the PIA's around - Go Out & ENJOY Yourself! Cheers from Talkeetna
  9. Woo Hoo On-Board... This Cruise is really happening - Thanks for Taking us along.. Remember - "Semi-Live" or "Limited" Review Enjoy your time together - we can all wait a few minutes for updates! We'll be here for any crumbs you may throw our way πŸ™‚ Cheers
  10. Fantastic Photos & Walk-About... Memories of our last MIA Visit - Panama Canal Cruise in April πŸ™‚ Thanks for my Work Break - catch up to the rest @ the end of the day Cheers to You & JinxyB arriving tomorrow
  11. Charla - Fabulous way to travel!! Maybe someday… We have enjoyed lay flat business class rarely - but Flagship looks like a whole other world. Enjoy your time in Rome!!
  12. Woo Hoo... A Sid (w/ JinxyB) Review! Have a FANTABULOUS Cruise on this "Semi-Live" Enjoy first & share w/ us later πŸ™‚ Can't wait - 12 hours into the review & we are already up to page 4 So excited - I posted w/out reading any of the pages. Will now go back & read... Cheers -- Von & John
  13. Charla - so looking forward to another Fantabulous Cruise!!! Enjoy those Special Seats Happy Birthday Jeremy Cheers - Von & John
  14. Looking forward to your Live We sailed TransPacific on the Jewel 2018 - 19 Days Vancouver up through Alaska to Petropavlovsk, Russia to Japan - ending in Yokohama. Loved it!! Enjoy Your Trip Cheers - Von
  15. Pan Pacific & Waterfront are great We stayed w/ Marriott @ the Delta Hotels Vancouver Downtown Suites back in 2019 before our TransPacific. Fabulous views & saw our Ship in the morning. We walked over to the Terminal rolling our luggage. This states it's 0.2 Miles to the Cruise Terminal... Loved the location - we only had the one night prior for this trip - so we made the most of it... It looks like rates have gone up in the past 4 years... I just searched for tonight - your specific dates may have different rates...
  16. We will fly in & out of Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Miami (MIA) or West Palm Beach (PBI) - whichever has the best value - Departure/Arrival Times, Duration & Price... We travel from Alaska - so Departure/Arrival Times & Duration have a huge impact on our decision... We fly in a minimum of 1 day ahead... We've spent time in both Fort Lauderdale & Miami Our only cruise from Tampa we flew in & out of Tampa πŸ™‚ Our two cruises from Port Canaveral we flew & out of Orlando πŸ™‚
  17. We did a TransAtlantic on Getaway OCT-NOV 2019 Copenhagen to MIA to New Orleans Vibe was not open
  18. On our 2 Alaska Cruises - we loved to sail the Inside Passage in the Hot Tubs - no Vibe at the time. It was wonderful - we enjoyed the warmth, cocktails & watched the scenery float by...
  19. No Perks for Me on the one time I did the Meet & Greet & inherited the Roll Call... As I mentioned earlier - we had an extremely active Roll Call. Basically with the Meet & Greet - the organizer(s) act as the Emcee and keep the meeting going - there may or may not be activities (few or many). In our case we had many activities during the M&G. Others hosted the activities throughout the cruise & we all had a Great Time. I had volunteered to do the Meet & Greet on our 19 Night TransPacific - b/c no one else did. Then the Roll Call Originators had to cancel & asked if I'd take over the Roll Call as well. Great Experience on both!!! We have attended Meet & Greets w/ Multiple Organizer(s) with different peeps doing different things. Ultimately, I believe only (1) worked w/ Special Events however...
  20. Not sure if I posted previsously We were on the Sun - 20 Days April & May. We had a fantastic Steward... Although the once a day cleaning did require some adjustments - he alternated which end of the hallway he started each day - so no cabins were always late in the day. We generally keep our room picked up & tidy - we are not High Maintenance, so that may help. He also was respectful of us & our activities - there were times he'd watch our coming/going to jump in as needed With the high number of Sea Days - He did a great job of juggling the rooms needs & I believe he was able to follow his working schedule. Maybe some are more talented at this than others. Our next door neighbors were rarely seen & generally had the Do Not Disturb sign on... I think they just didn't want anyone in their room. However, with the DND sign - there were a few "Welfare" Checks on them - they were usually out & about all day. Do I miss turn-downs & chocolate? Ummmm Yes πŸ™‚ Did our Steward do a Great Job? Ummmm Yes πŸ™‚
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