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  1. Thanks for the review! We were on the Spirit in 2015 and Loved every minute of the cruise & our time on the ship. We'd love to take another trip on the Spirit - the photos you've provided entice us even more 🙂 We really enjoyed the uniqueness of the original decor & will miss it - but are looking forward to an opportunity to sail on the Spirit again & experience the revitalized ship. We have experienced the on-board Customs several times. I don't recall ever in US waters - generally where the first stop in a country does not have the facilities to process a ship full of peeps through Customs. Thanks Again!
  2. HMMMM... SInce I'm always in bed asleep by 5:00 - I wonder how I've witnessed this?
  3. As noted above - All things equal - if you are asking specific NCL Class... When we sail NCL we enjoy the Jewel Class the most. Someone mentioned the Spirit - we have not been on the Spirit since 2015 - but Loved our Cruise & the Ship... Would love to sail w/ her new look to see if she is still as great! We've enjoyed all our cruises - just some more than others 🙂 Again - with the right itinerary we are happy to sail on any size ship!!
  4. Itinerary is our # one reason to book a specific cruise. All things equal, when we sail NCL we enjoy the Jewel Class the most. Fewer Crowds & easier to get around. However - with the right itinerary we are happy to sail on any size ship!!!
  5. Thanks for the Fabulous Review & Memories! Sept/Oct 2018 we did a TransPacific on the Jewel from Vancouver to Alaska (Ketchikan, Juneau & Seward), onward to the Kamchatka Peninsula/Petropavlovsk, Russia, ending in Japan - with stops @ Sapporo (Otaru), Hakodate, Aomori and ending @ Yokohama w/ the train to Tokyo... We loved it so much - we had hoped to jump on your cruise this year. Unfortunately Family Special Events didn't allow us to book the trip. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy...
  6. Woo Hoo! Can't wait... Wishing You an Amazing Voyage(s) & days filled with Happiness, Excitement, Adventure & FUN!! Cheers -- Von
  7. We really appreciate the Live & Photos!!! If the photos become to time consuming we’d love to see them after you disembark.
  8. Although Bears are not necessarily included... Kenai Fjords Tours Major Marine Tours They both provide Glacier & Wildlife Tours out of Resurrection Bay / Kenai Fjords National Park If you let them know which ship you are on & scheduled all-aboard time, they will help you select a fabulous tour. Exit Glacier - just outside of Seward - local tours & via taxi or car rental Alaska Sea Life Center Fishing - Halibut / Deep Sea Wander around Seward - enjoy fresh seafood & local food/beverages (try Fireweed Ice-cream)... There are 3 Breweries in Seward - if this is an interest If you are interested in renting a car - you could hit Exit Glacier & Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) up by Portage A local tour operator may offer a Bear Tour You didn't say which Cruiseline... At some point the Cruiseline will most likely have a couple of B2B excursions available Anything specific you'd like to see - other than Bears?
  9. Thanks for the memories... This morning I've googled the new Easy Bake Ovens & Boom Boom to see what he's up to... And to think it all started w/ a thread regarding Girl Scout Cookies 🙃
  10. Woo Hoo... I've caught up. Fantabulous Review Megan! Love living vicariously through others - especially the great reviews 🙂 Cheers until the next one - Von
  11. @Jamman54 & Patti Thanks for a Fantastic Review - including Pre & Post Activities!!! When I lived in Orlando I used to alternate years of purchasing an Annual Pass for either Disney or Universal... I spent 5 years in Florida between Tallahassee & Orlando (the Land of Mickey)... With friends we'd occasionally hit up either Disney Village Market Place which became Downtown Disney or CityWalk... Johnny & I were back in Orlando DEC 2017 & spent a day @ Disney Springs & a day @ CityWalk... Loved the Boat House! We also ate @ Pat O'Brien's - John had not been to New Orlean's yet at that point - so Hurricane's were a must & Crawfish Étouffée. Thanks for the fabulous Review, pic's of the Tribe & the Memories! Cheers -- Von
  12. A few years ago, I was on a flight from ANC to DBQ... One of the legs was SEA to ORD - early morning flight. I was in my traditional Row 17 (Exit) Aisle seat when 2 sisters joined me... The younger sister was carrying 6 dozen Voodoo Donuts - I may have remarked "Wow someone's getting lucky today"... They were headed to Wisconsin from O'Hare for a Family Event. They showed me the contents & offered me a donut (no one will notice one missing). I was happy to take them up on their offer 🙂 Snapped a photo of the boxes & my selection to text to family members living in Portland & munched on my donut...
  13. Joining in… Sail Away should be in the next couple of hours… Thanks for putting the link on your last review!!! Cheers & Von Boyage
  14. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Cheers to the Bubbly & Please drink an extra glass of Veuve for me...
  15. Thanks Megan - Looking forward to the Party… Oops I mean cruise! Only 4 days till boarding… Cheers
  16. Wow- Hope you are feeling much better & they’ve reviewed the video of the incident. Hopefully they will take care of you/medical bills without you having to force the issue. Sounds like they need to train their team members better. What an experience after you fell & injured yourself, due to their negligence, to have the employee stop for seconds to check on you & not alert the MGMT Team to assist & complete an incident/accident report. Wishing you the best time for your remaining cruise. The cane could be a fun accessory. It appears you are already making the best of the situation.
  17. Thanks for inviting us along on your cruise!!! Cheers to an Amazing Trip.., Looks like you are off to a great start.
  18. On the move... Cheers to an Amazing First Night & Cruise! Thanks for taking us along
  19. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!! Cheers to a Fantabulous Dinner tonight & Cruise...
  20. Thanks for the Lovely Cruise & looking to the next one in just a couple of weeks! Please add link to this or another review - so we are alerted to Join. Truly appreciate the time you spend on the reviews - until we are able to cruise again... Cheers -- Von
  21. Woo Hoo... Thanks for the Live & the link on the Tribe 🙂 Von Boyage Tomorrow & Cheers - Von
  22. LOL -- All Ships / All Lines seem to run AC on the "Cool" side 🙂 Much prefer that to too hot!
  23. Yes... We are Ready to Cruise! Thanks for taking us along... Von Boyage tomorrow & Cheers to a Fabulous Cruise!
  24. Welcome Saung... HAPPY to learn you have no Edy in your world this cruise! Only the Shadow Knows - he may be on your ship... You all look fantastic in your Tribe T-Shirts! Woo Hoo Pam @pebbles1102 And Congrats Patti on your 50th Carnival Cruise Cheers All -- Von And at this point I'm caught up!
  25. Yay - I made it this time to a Tribe Cruise Review, Before the review is complete... Woo Hoo - Here We Go... Cheers -- Von OK - you're already 8 pages in - but that's just the beginning!
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