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  1. Thanks for the Lovely Cruise & looking to the next one in just a couple of weeks! Please add link to this or another review - so we are alerted to Join. Truly appreciate the time you spend on the reviews - until we are able to cruise again... Cheers -- Von
  2. Woo Hoo... Thanks for the Live & the link on the Tribe 🙂 Von Boyage Tomorrow & Cheers - Von
  3. LOL -- All Ships / All Lines seem to run AC on the "Cool" side 🙂 Much prefer that to too hot!
  4. Yes... We are Ready to Cruise! Thanks for taking us along... Von Boyage tomorrow & Cheers to a Fabulous Cruise!
  5. Welcome Saung... HAPPY to learn you have no Edy in your world this cruise! Only the Shadow Knows - he may be on your ship... You all look fantastic in your Tribe T-Shirts! Woo Hoo Pam @pebbles1102 And Congrats Patti on your 50th Carnival Cruise Cheers All -- Von And at this point I'm caught up!
  6. Yay - I made it this time to a Tribe Cruise Review, Before the review is complete... Woo Hoo - Here We Go... Cheers -- Von OK - you're already 8 pages in - but that's just the beginning!
  7. @MeganGC1983 I know the Tribe Cruise is over & done... Just returning to the real world from Bethel and starting your Review... Hope you had an amazing Cruise & Thanks for the "Live"/Not so Live for me Review Wow - 103 Pages to go... Cheers -- Von
  8. @sid_9169 I know the Tribe Cruise is over & done... Just returning to the real world from Bethel and starting your Review... Hope you had an amazing Cruise & Thanks for the "Live"/Not so Live for me Review. Only 107 Pages to Go 🙂 Cheers -- Von
  9. Already to page 3 on your new review... Just signed in & need to catch up to page 3 Enjoy your time w/ Celebrity - Cafe al Bacio is one of our Faves
  10. Looking forward to "Our" new cruise!!! Have a FANTABULOUS Trip... We truly enjoy Celebrity... Cafe al Bacio is a Favorite!
  11. Joining in on 01/01/24 (OK - after midnight… So really 01/02/24 And I’m already 30 pages behind… Hope the 2 of you are enjoying a Fantabulous Trip!!! Cheers - Von
  12. How Fun - Thanks… Happy New Years & Cheers to the rest of the cruise!
  13. We have the USS Iowa Coin & my BIL attended the Commissioning.
  14. Attempted to read all the T-Shirts to ascertain who got which one... Unfortunately, I was not able... Did each individual get to select/order their own or did you select for them? Cheers to a Fantabulous Cruise & Von Boyage!
  15. Thanks for another Amazing Review & Final Thoughts by Category... As always - I am behind & do the binge reading to catch-up... Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas w/ Mom... Where did you hide the Ducks & how long did it take Mom to find them? Wishing you a very Happy New Year filled w/ Happiness & Laughter! Cheers - Von
  16. @ColdCruise We truly live in Talkeetna - well really 4 miles out off The Spur... Are you talking about Payo's or My Mom's Thai? Payo's also had a small campground behind it. Husband & Wife ran it - Payo (Wife) was the Chef. They retired & moved south for the warmth... The property sold - but Payo's was closed. This summer another small Food Truck opened - but not Thai Food. My Mom's Thai used to be w/in a group of builidings. They've moved out to the "Y" - the junction of The Park's Hwy & Talkeetna Spur Rd. Both had good food! Loved Stir Fried Rice @ Payo's - would purchase extra at the end of the summers to freeze & enjoy later @ leisure. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Talkeetna - Alaska kind of grabs you & Talkeetna grabbed Johnny & I... Our Funky Little Town @ the end of the road 🙂 Cheers -- Von & John
  17. Thanks for a fabulous review & finish!!! It's been a few years since we've been to Barcelona & we truly enjoyed reliving through your eyes... The cruise was amazing - during our transatlantic in 2019 we missed the Azores due to weather, we circled a couple of times & then continued across the ocean. You are a great story teller you intermingle the facts & photos w/ the side notes, snarkiness, jokes & sarcasm... Love it! Happy Holidays from Talkeetna! Cheers -- Von & John
  18. Thanks for an Amazing Live Review... Even if I saw it in Rerun timing! It's been great & your time/effort are very much appreciated Cheers -- Von
  19. You can call in for an adjustment w/in the first week or so (not sure how long the timeframe was)... Last year our TA couldn't figure out how to do it (fairly new then) - NCL fixed it for us
  20. Hugs to the pups & kitties... Thanks for a fabulous Live Review! We enjoy the pictures & descriptions almost as much as the laughter & sarcasm 🙂 Cheers -- Von
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