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  1. OK -- new one to me & I lived in Corpus for a few years... Sounds Absolutely YUMMM Ranch Water - on my list to make as soon I've purchased some Tequila... "Someone" drank the last of it
  2. So Basically... You're beating Mom @ finding the most ducks this cruise... The fact she's not on the ship is irrelevant - You are still WINNING ๐Ÿ™‚ Love that you plan to hide them @ Mom's House!
  3. Thanks for an overall fabulous review... Your zest for life / enjoyment & enthusiasm shined through the entire time! As I've mentioned on the hashbrown threads... "Hashbrowns" vs. Breakfast Potatoes should be: Fresh shred hashbrowns - scattered, smothered & covered or in my case - fresh shreds - scattered & covered w/ sharp cheddar or aged havarti ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers & Thanks Again for sharing your cruise -- Von
  4. @schmoopie17 We need fresh shred hasbrowns scattered, smothered & covered! Or in my case - scattered & covered w/ sharp cheddar or aged havarti
  5. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sure for others as well... Personally I noticed b/c I recall biting into the 3rd triangle & couldn't eat anymore. Johnny finished it off for me - so there was no waste ๐Ÿ™‚ In my case - the 1/2 sandwich should be just about right...
  6. Costa / Carnival Venezia... @bmwman @Jamman54 not too long ago finished uploading his Fantabulous Review!
  7. Henry -- it looks like the Monte Cristo is now only 1/2 Sandwich... Did you request a 1/2? In April/May it was a full sandwich (too much for me - but a full) This was on the SUN (MIA to SEA through Panama Canal), not Prima
  8. Love the retrieve my Room Service Tray!! Can the other Cruise Lines Adopt @ least this portion of the Technology...
  9. A little late to the party - but all caught up! First cruise off to a great start & a huge spirit lifter to those of us from the Cold, Sun-Deprived, Snowy North... Von Boyage & Cheers from Talkeetna - Von
  10. No Hashbrowns is just wrong... As I noted on @cruiseny4life Live'ish review - slightly revised... You're on the Prima - Just ask them to whip you up some Fresh Scattered, Smothered & Covered... No smothered for me - Either way - enjoy! Please sure to ask them to properly season the fresh potato shreds... We enjoyed amazing Rรถsti yesterday @ the Swiss Alaska Inn in Talkeetna ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Jeff & Patti - Fabulous Review & Amazing Photos!!! Thanks for sharing your Cruise with us - we need a little something to keep us going... Both pictures & words provide us all the ability to be right their with you!!! Thanks Again -- Von
  12. Jim & Iain -- Wishing you an Amazing time in Singapore & Wow what a cruise! We truly enjoyed our time in Singapore & stayed @ Royal Plaza on Scotts, both times pre C-19... Looking at some future cruises in that area ๐Ÿ™‚ Johnny's spent much time in Australia & I've spent time in New Zealand - we'd like to do a land trip to both countries @ this point, it will most likely have to wait until I retire to do the trip justice. Of course, we a envision cruise either to travel to that side of the world or return. As always, Thanks for a Wonderful Live Review! Cheers from Talkeetna - Von
  13. I've switched to a Monocular & Love it... With my astigmatism I've always been challenged looking through binoculars with both eyes open ๐Ÿ™‚
  14. You're in the Haven - Just ask them to whip you up some Fresh Scattered, Smothered & Covered... Please sure to ask them to properly season the fresh potato shreds...
  15. Von Boyage... Holiday cruises are Fun. Cheers to an Amazing Cruise -- Von
  16. Hope your sore throat was from talking & you are feeling great now!
  17. Wow - You were like the Lone Ranger here or the Last One Still "Standing"... Thanks for an awsome/entertaining review - as always...only 4 pages left to finish. Cheers -- Von
  18. We've done both interior & balcony for repositioning... And would happily do either interior or balcony again. For $100 more - we'd jump at the balcony - unless it messes up your perks/amenities.
  19. Thatโ€™s truly unfortunate. Hashbrowns cooked properly are amazing. Must be a Mid-West thing โ€ฆ โ€Here hold my beerโ€
  20. Absolutely - Hashbrowns are fresh shredded, seasoned, scattered on the griddle & occasionally covered w/ cheese.
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