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  1. Daniel, I’m not an attorney. I only know what has been discussed by many people in many forums and meetings. Here is the text I’m referring to: (2) Any local ballot initiative or referendum that is in conflict with subsection (1) and that was adopted before, on, or after July 1, 2021, and any local law, charter amendment, ordinance, resolution, regulation, or policy adopted in such an initiative or referendum, is prohibited, void, and expressly preempted to the state. As you see above, it says “…and any local law, charter amendment, ordinance, resolution, regulation o
  2. Yes, I do get island fever living here. It’s a great place with nice people, but it’s very small. I’m lucky that I can get away sometimes to a lake house I have up north and often visit family and friends in Chicago. We also enjoy spending occasional weekends in Miami to get our City fix. I’m not sure I would want to be here 52 weeks a year.
  3. The Conch Train is more of a tour and only runs through a portion of Old Town. There are three stops where you can get off and back on. the Trolley has a much longer route including New Town and the stretch of road along Smather’s Beach. It has more stops and is more of a typical hop on hop off trolley. Both are narrated with information about the island and our history. you can compare the routes online.
  4. Parking is no longer easy away from Mallory Square anywhere in the Duval/Whitehead corridor. More spots have been turned into”residential only” spots so there are fewer than before. In addition, it is busier here than ever. It is like Christmas week. Since all the Keys are extremely busy, many people staying on other islands drive in on day trips adding to the parking challenge. Electric carts require a regular parking spot just like any car. It is likely you will have to pay meters or use a parking lot. There is a large lot at United and Duval which is very convenient.
  5. I don’t see how it is parsing words. The words you bolded are followed by the rest of the sentence which says it only things adopted in such an initiative or referendum are prohibited. The amendment was specifically changed to only prohibit changes via referendum. The other ports in Florida were very specific about this and even put out a statement that this in no way affects a City’s ability to regulate their port. as a local, I can tell you if the referendum were voted on again, they would get even greater support. I feel very confident that both the Mallory Square and Navy M
  6. What Pier are you arriving at? There are taxis, Uber and Lyft all available.
  7. you must have missed the part where I said 92 percent of our tourism revenue has nothing to do with cruise ships. Yes, there are some businesses that took a hit from the lack of cruise ships, but most of that already happened due to Covid. There hasn’t been a ship here in 8 months and I doubt we will see any before next year with or without a referendum. Key West runs at over 90 percent hotel occupancy practically year round. We have some of the highest average room rates in Florida. The island will be fine without large ships. Thanks for your concern.
  8. you are choosing to stereotype an entire island by a few blocks of Duval Street. Most locals don’t even go there. We are busy raising families, working and living our lives. This referendum passed for many reasons. Our nearshore water has never looked better since cruise lines shut down. There was a strong environmental factor in the vote. Many people here feel like we need to focus on the long stay visitors who represent the bulk of our tourism industry. Many people avoid cruise ports, especially those as busy as Key West. Cruise ships represent about 8 percent of our tourism economy
  9. it is effective immediately. Yes, there will be legal challenges from the corporation that owns Margaritaville, where one of the piers is located. However, unless a judge grants a temporary injunction (which already failed once), these limits are now part of our City charter.
  10. have you even been to one of the hundreds and hundreds of destinations without cruise ships? Their main streets are busy and successful and usually more attractive than areas around cruise ports. Duval Street will be the same.
  11. Just FYI, the Duval Loop will cost $1 to ride once it reopens.
  12. FYI, Hemingway may have said this, but it’s not accurate. The highest point on Key West is Solaris Hill which is by the cemetery. It is about 18 feet above sea level.
  13. The Cafe, across the street from Kojin mentioned above, has many vegan choices. You can look at their menu online.
  14. I think Thirsty Mermaid has the best quality oysters. Pepe's also has a great deal on oysters. They are $1.25 each all day.
  15. For the freshest possible claws, go to Eaton Street Fish Market. Likely fresher and less expensive than restaurants.
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