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  1. Just FYI, the Duval Loop will cost $1 to ride once it reopens.
  2. FYI, Hemingway may have said this, but it’s not accurate. The highest point on Key West is Solaris Hill which is by the cemetery. It is about 18 feet above sea level.
  3. The Cafe, across the street from Kojin mentioned above, has many vegan choices. You can look at their menu online.
  4. I think Thirsty Mermaid has the best quality oysters. Pepe's also has a great deal on oysters. They are $1.25 each all day.
  5. keywester33

    Crab claws

    For the freshest possible claws, go to Eaton Street Fish Market. Likely fresher and less expensive than restaurants.
  6. Yes, stop 4 is close the docks at Mallory Square and Pier B. It is also close to the drop off and pick up point for the shuttle if you dock at the outer mole pier.
  7. They’ve been trialing closing off some blocks on weekend evenings. It’s not clear what the end result will be. Old Town is so congested, it’s hard to close a major street without causing gridlock elsewhere, especially during the day when you have deliveries, Conch Train tours and trolleys.
  8. Are you referring to the free bus? This is the route it takes: https://www.carfreekeywest.com/duval-loop-bus The gardens are at Higgs’ Beach near the intersection of Atlantic Blvd and White Street. The bus does not go out there. The closest stop would be either stop 11 or 12 and it is just under a mile walk from there.
  9. Happy to help. If you look at the map, https://www.carfreekeywest.com/duval-loop-bus , stop 10 is a block from the Southernmost Point. From the Southernmost Point, you would walk east one block to Duval Street, go left, and the Butterfly Conservatory is about 1/2 block up on the left. The aquarium is about a block from stop 4. It is right near the cruise ship docks. From the Butterfly Conservatory you can walk 1/2 block north on Duval and catch the Duval Loop at stop 11 at United Street and take it all the way back up to stop 4 at the aquarium. if your party gets tired, or doesn’t want to wait for the bus, an Uber is under $10 for up to 4 people anywhere in Old Town. Enjoy your visit!
  10. Yes, The Duval Loop bus is free.
  11. Taxi, Uber, Lyft, or the hop on hop off Trolley. you can also rent bikes, scooters or an electric car.
  12. I’ve used it many times. It’s a great way to get around Old Town. The busses can be crowded when multiple cruise ships are in town, but it’s rare to see one completely full. if you pull up https://www.kwtransit.com/m on your cell phone and select Duval Loop, you can select the stop you are at to see when the next bus will arrive. There is also a live map you can view to see where the busses are. This is not really a replacement for the hop on hop off trolleys since they have a longer route and do a narrated tour, but if you get tired of walking, it’s a great way to get from Point A to Point B. This site has a map map of the route: https://www.carfreekeywest.com/duval-loop-bus
  13. The link posted above has the route map. There are also route maps on the bus. The bus is not narrated and is not a tour, but the drivers are friendly and will answer questions or tell you where to get off for certain attractions.
  14. As long as you have a ticket you can get on anywhere on the route. There is a ticket office at Duval and Truman since that is also one of the three stops on The Conch Train, which is a shorter tour run by the same company that’s stays in Old Town. The guide does give a general overview of Key West history as you leave the first stop, but nothing that would prevent you from enjoying the rest of the tour.
  15. Everyone likes different things, but I’m not a fan of the gulf carts. They are still exposed to the outdoor conditions and you will have to deal with the same parking restrictions as a car. By the time you rent one and pay to park, you can easily cover a couple taxi or Uber rides around town. If you do decide to rent one, be sure to get an electric one. Many of the gas powered ones are very noisy and spew fumes making it not very pleasant to drive around in.
  16. Thank you. Be sure to book the ferry well in advance. It has become super popular. If you change your mind or the weather forecast looks bad, you can cancel by 3PM the day before your trip.
  17. Here is the route map to the Duval Loop: https://www.carfreekeywest.com/duval-loop-bus Stop 4 is near the cruise ship docks and stop 10 is near the Southernmost Point. Unless you have mobility challenges or it is too hot for you, I would walk. You see so many more little details that make Town special on foot than on a bus. Walk down Whitehead one way and up Duval the other.
  18. Local taxis are also waiting near the cruise ship docks. You can also use the free bus called the Duval Loop. https://www.carfreekeywest.com/duval-loop-bus Stop 4 is right by the cruise ship docks and stop 11 is very close to the Butterfly Conservatory. If you want some delicious French Pastries, soups or sandwiches, Le Grignote is right up the street from there.
  19. At the main entrance to the Cemetery by the Sexton’s office on Passover Lane there is a box with pamphlets for a self guided tour. You can pick one up and walk through. Please remember this is still our active cemetery and be respectful of any funerals or locals visiting graves.
  20. The Butterfly Conservatory is great with kids. The Aquarium has touch tanks and feeding schedules for sharks. You can also go to the free Eco-Discovery Center.
  21. I suggest you wait and see what the weather is like. December is often windy here and winds stir up the water and make visibility poor. Snorkeling here is not good at all when the visibility is poor. Pay attention to the wind forecast. You want calm winds. Anything over 10-15 mph will not offer a good experience.
  22. Christmas Eve day is business as usual here. There are some Christmas decorations around, but no special events I can think of.
  23. You can also visit the free Eco Discovery Center and he may like to play at the splash park. Both of these are at Truman Waterfront Park.
  24. When are you coming? It can be brutally hot here in the summer and biking is not for everyone. Unless you have experience biking in very hot conditions you might want to rethink this. There is a free, air conditioned bus called the Duval Loop you can use to get around and just walk from various stops. The link is here: https://www.carfreekeywest.com/duval-loop-bus
  25. Here are two options :https://keywestwalkingtours.com/ it May be the same one you book with the ship. Most of their business comes from cruise ship passengers. Overnight visitors tend to create their own.
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