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  1. We've tried The Retreat once. We found that our cabana offered adequate shade, but was quite hot, even with the overhead fan and the louvered doors open. We were, however, docked in a hot/humid location (Sihanoukville Cambodia). The cabana's might be more comfortable in cooler location and when the ship's in motion.
  2. We just learned that Seabourn has issued a refund for our 5/2 cruise. We requested the refund on 4/13. It was credited to our credit card, and we've asked to have the funds transferred to our bank account.
  3. Here’s our info: Sailing date: May 2, 2020 canceled by SB: March 30, 2020 refund requested: April 3, 2020 No refund received as of May 15, 2020.
  4. Carnival has offered as well: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5214/
  5. I agree as well. I hope that, if SB decides to extend the shutdown beyond 30 days, it will provide more notice to affected guests.
  6. I agree, norm2002 -- nothing in Seabourn's Book With Confidence policy says that it's limited to US customers. I hope your TA can reassure you on this point, but I think that if the policy were intended to apply only to some booked guests, it was SB's responsibility to clearly state that.
  7. Our cruise will stop at Palamos Spain in May, and I've been searching (so far unsuccessfully) for a company that offers a private or small-group excursion from Palamos. Does anyone know of one? Many thanks!
  8. We’re leaving from Valletta on 5/2 on the Ovation. We’re booked at the Xara Palace, a boutique hotel within the walls of Medina. It’s a Relais & Chateaux property. WeWeWe like the small size,We like it’s smallPalace and the Corinthia Palace are the two that appeal to me. Both are walking distance to some interesting historic sites. The Xara Palace is very small; the Corinthia Palace is larger (297 rooms and suites).
  9. We’ve used LF multiple times and have found it useful and reliable, though pricey. The answer to your questions 1 & 2 is no. Re Barbados— I don’t have first-hand experience shipping to or from this port. You’re correct that each port sets its own rules for unaccompanied baggage. Usually, when we’ve shipped bags to a ship, they’re in our suite when we embark. When we’ve shipped from a ship, we’ve sometimes had to accompany them through Customs before handing them over to a LF rep. In other ports, you just put the LF tags on the bags you’re shipping, put them outside your suite, and you don’t see or touch them until they arrive at your home.
  10. Westport, thanks for taking the time to share this information. Hoping that you and your partner will be able to travel next year.
  11. We've used Context Travel in many European cities, including Barcelona. They offer private and small-group tours.
  12. We sailed from BA to Manaus in March 2019, and a pre-cruise excursion to Iguazu wasn't offered. We decided to go independently, and it was well worth it. You may want to ask your travel agent to check whether Seabourn plans to offer such an excursion in the future. If not, do discuss the independent options with your travel agent. We flew into BA and overnighted at our hotel there, and the following morning we flew from BA to the airport near Iguazu. Because we were returning to the BA hotel after Iguazu, we were able to leave most of our bags there and take only what we needed to Iguazu. We stayed at Awasi Iguazu , which was great. You have a private guide during your stay, and he/she customizes your activities to suite your interests.
  13. You also can use OBC for premium wines.
  14. We've occupied 800 on the Quest, which (like 900 on the Ovation) faces the bow and is directly under the bridge. The views were stunning, but the location means that you feel more motion. If motion is a concern, you probably be happier in 742.
  15. Agree with the above comments re layers, rotation of outfits, lots of black separates, sending laundry out in the flat-fee bags, etc. We've also found the dry cleaning service to be helpful (2-day turnaround is standard, but you can pay extra for 1-day service). SB's fees for dry cleaning aren't outrageous.
  16. I just answered my own question: the itinerary under "Already Booked" conflicts with the itinerary shown under the "Find a Cruise" section of the SB website: the former indicates a stop at Falmouth Antigua on 12/24; the later indicates that 12/24 is a sea day.
  17. I just checked the "Already Booked" section on SB's website, and the itinerary says we're scheduled for Falmouth (English Harbour) on December 24. Is there different info elsewhere on SB's website?
  18. I can answer only the first part of your question: Seabourn bases the suite level for an award cruise on the suite level you sailed the most.
  19. In March, we were in an owner's suite on the Quest, which is the Odyssey's sister ship. The outdoor space wraps around the front and side of the ship, and is much larger than that of a PH suite. You can access the outdoor space from both the bedroom and the living room. There are sunbeds and other outdoor seating off the living room and outside the bedroom. However, because the suite is directly below the bridge, the outdoor furnishings have to be tied down when the ship is in motion: they don't want cushions or chairs going airborne and obstructing the view from the bridge. We weren't pleased to discover this, though we understood the safety issue -- it really does get windy out front. We were able negotiate a compromise whereby we were allowed to use the lounge chairs that were outside the bedroom (and hence on the side of the ship) while the ship was in motion. Except when we were in port, we couldn't use the sunbeds or other furnishings that were in front and outside the living room. Apart from the issue relating to outdoor furnishings, we were very pleased with the OW suite, especially the big expanse of curved windows. The views are wonderful because you're located on the front rather than the side of the ship. One observation: because of the forward location of the OW suites, you're going to experience a lot more rolling than you would in a mid-ship PH or WG suite. Hope this helps.
  20. My husband and I took the BA to Manaus cruise this year. Seabourn did not require guests to take anti-malarial medications. After studying maps of malarial areas in South America, my husband and I decided that that it was prudent to begin taking Malarone as we we approached the mouth of the Amazon. We did this because the maps indicated that there was malaria in the jungles along the river and some of its tributaries. During our shore activities as we sailed up the Amazon, we did get bitten by mosquitos a handful of times -- despite using repellant. I think it comes down to your comfort level re the possibility of getting bitten by an infected mosquito (we're pretty risk-averse). Bear in mind that, if you're planning to participate in some of Ventures excursions (e.g., kayaking along the shore), that will affect your odds of encountering a malarial mosquito. By the way -- we loved the cruise. The Quest stopped at some Brazilian ports with lots of colonial history, and there were excellent lecturers onboard (some focused on culture/history; others on the flora and fauna). Seeing the Amazon was a wonderful experience. If you want any information about specific ports, please feel free to ping me at annehwright [at] gmail [dot] com.
  21. My recollection is that the tickets for the excursions we've pre-booked are waiting for us in our suite when we board, and these tickets indicate the cut-off for cancellation. If you decide you don't want to go on an excursion and are within the cancellation window, you bring your tickets to Seabourn Square. They'll cancel your reservation, take your tickets, and you'll get a credit to your onboard account.
  22. I'm with wripro -- the cruises that stop at South Georgia are the best. The wildlife is spectacular, and there's so much Antarctic history associated with SG (Ernest Shackleton). Many people have heard of the Falklands but not SG, so they tend to gravitate to cruises that stop in the Falklands. Typically, Seabourn only goes to SG once per season, on the holiday Antarctic cruise.
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