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  1. Yes I know but the boarding times list that someone did 4 years ago was for people arriving independently to Southampton. Was that Iona or Britannia?
  2. I found the list printed out from July 2017, but I think it is out of date. It hasn’t got a proper web page address on it. I did try taking a photo but couldn’t get a clear one without getting my reflection on the page 😂you really don’t want to see my face reflected on it.
  3. So on the previous list for Britannia the times were between 13.00 and 15.30 so unless they have brought all the times forward by an hour to allow for testing I guess they have changed them. Be interesting to see. Before they were L 16. 13.30 hrs A 15. 15.30 hrs B 14. 13.30 hrs C 12. 15.30 hrs D 11. 15.00 hrs E 10. 14.40 hrs F 9. 15.00 hrs G 8. 13.00 hrs
  4. A few years ago, just after Britannia started sailing, someone posted a list of boarding times by deck for each ship. We used it to check what boarding times we would get and it was correct. It might have all changed now but would be good to perhaps try and work out the times for Iona and Britannia now. So thought it might be an idea for anyone that has sailed to post their deck number and their times to see if we can link it all up. TIA
  5. Yes I was watching it earlier. I was wondering why she hasn’t got her name on her side or are they waiting for the Naming Ceremony
  6. Many thanks, so there are quite a few other included eating places as well are there? There seemed to be loads listed, they can’t all be ‘pay extra’ surely.
  7. Thanks for photos . Can I ask please which are the equivalent restaurants to the MDR on other ships as I was a confused when reading the info about restaurants. Looking forward to getting onboard her soon, we were supposed to be sailing May and October 2020 now waiting for first cruise January 22.
  8. Now I am not a Solicitor myself but I do know quite a few very honest, very good and very nice Solicitors. So I certainly wouldn’t describe them as low lives , perhaps on the telly but in real life like most of the population the majority of them are good people.
  9. I said I hadn’t seen any reports about him being a Solicitor not any reports about the incident. I think that is what you are saying you mistook. 😀 I must have seen reports about the incident as I posted earlier about the girlfriend getting a suspended sentence. I still don’t know why daiB thought he was a Solicitor though, unless he was being funny because he tried to solicit the daughter.
  10. Well that doesn’t make him a Solicitor then. If he had have been he would now presumably be an ex-solicitor I did google it btw and as I said no reports of him being a Solicitor
  11. Where does it say he was a Solicitor as I can’t see that in any reports about this incident?
  12. His partner (ex now I think) who also punched somebody only got a two year suspended sentence and some community service. She should have got prison as well, but I suppose the bloke actually put two men in the Medical Centre.
  13. She lives about 35 miles away so we could still encounter traffic or bad weather conditions unfortunately which is why I originally asked for the coach.
  14. Thanks for this I did as you suggested and OBC has now been credited
  15. Yes thanks I did think of that, my Daughter lives about 2/3 of the way down so we could do that, as you say no hanging around when you get off. Let’s see how all the Covid stuff pans out and whether coaches do actually run.
  16. Before lockdown did anyone travel from the new pick up point South of Birmingham, the Hopwood Sevices on the M42. We always used to get picked up at the Crowne Plaza near the NEC but they stopped picking up there before Lockdown started so it looks like our nearest pick up now is the Hopwood Services, either that or Warwick Services on the M40 which is a lot further away. I just wondered if anyone had traveled from there yet as we are travelling in January and would prefer to take the coach in case of bad weather then hopefully the Ship ( The Iona- yay) will wait if any hold ups.
  17. Thanks, I think I solved what was wrong anyway, you have you make sure when it says 2 that you actually click continue. Not just assume that because they have given you the price for 2 and it says 2 that they know it is 2. 😀 I have phoned our TA anyway. I wasn’t sure if a TA could do the BLC discount for the seacations. They think they can and are checking for me but that was two hours ago.
  18. So I’m trying to book online for 2 of us. Every time I pick a cabin grade it says “ Number of guests is not sufficient “ Why? Anyone any idea please?
  19. That is exactly what I did, it has always worked before and did with Princess and Cunard. But this time not worked and I even attached a copy of original contract note as well . Perhaps I got a jobsworth person who was being awkward but he said not enough info and I have to provide more. Goodness knows what other info he wants.
  20. Thanks, I will do the same but might wait till nearer sailing date. As I said I have never had a problem before with P & O and Princess is really good. Princess is good for the Military OBC as well as they have a note of it and automatically add it when they see my Husband’s name. With P & O you have to apply each time and it goes on straight away This time though with all 3 bookings we have with P & O we gave details to T A as normal and it still hasn’t been applied although they were all booked over a year ago. From what I can gather others are having same problem with P & O.
  21. Ah you got HL to send it for you did you? I might have to do that, have always just sent a copy of the original contract note and an up to date statement before. It always was enough proof before and as I said Princess happily accepted okay.
  22. Is anyone else having trouble getting the OBC for shareholders added to their cruise. I sent exactly the same info I have always sent with of course an up to date statement but they have said not enough proof of share ownership and that they need to know at least 100 shares. It clearly shows in a few places 100 shares. Completely confused with this, I sent off for a Princess Cruise at the same time and they added straight away.
  23. Wow , I hope she wears one the whole cruise and doesn’t talk them into letting her not wear one. I bet she will kick up after the cruise though. If it’s states no exception and she can’t wear a mask then she shouldn’t have booked. But where did she get her mask from if she wasn’t expecting to wear one? Hopefully she is washing or disposing of after each wearing and not wearing the same mask for the whole cruise yuk
  24. Also apparently sone didn’t take their passport and one lady tested positive.
  25. I had to register on the App with a specific Cruise reference, does this mean when we book another cruise I have to register again?
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