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  1. They had Buckler when I sailed also.
  2. It seems like Pool Deck BBQ is scheduled for a night where the ship leaves port very late or overnights in a port.
  3. Belfast Taxman, Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hadn't noticed the drop in price in the last brochure and had booked on board on my last cruise. Sure enough, my TA called and our price dropped about $1500 per person! So that answers a question I had posted on a different thread of whether the Best Price Guarantee would be tracked by Regent. Apparently not, so check those brochures that you get multiple times a week in the mail! I'll buy you a drink if we sail together. Ha, ha! Martha
  4. If you are interested in participating in exercise classes during your cruise, I suggest you go up to the gym when you board and sign up for those. The gyms are small, and classes tend to fill up quickly. After that, I head for lunch at La Veranda.
  5. Last year on the Amazon Cruise, the entertainers put up the Christmas decorations. Thought that was interesting, and wonder if they always do the decorating?
  6. Are you asking about getting to San Diego from the L.A. port, or parking etc. while at the San Diego port?
  7. gb58 is in Hong Kong now touring, so I asked him about the situation. Here is his reply: The folks we've talked to here say the protests are very overblown by the media (what a shock!!) but they may be downplaying it for the tourists. We haven't seen anything yet but we'll be around the island & Kowloon today. Will let you know... And here is his update from yesterday's travels: Spent early part of Sat. travelling round Central HK & the rest of the island. They stopped the HoHo buses early (3.45pm instead of 6pm) due to "public activities"... We were at Ground Zero, so to speak, at 2 pm & saw some young people who could have been demonstrators, & a bunch of oldies on a sit-down protest in front of a police station. Will post some pics. later of graffiti we saw. Otherwise, much ado about nothing...
  8. Another great reason to dine in Mario's section in Compass Rose when it first opens is to see Captain Jablin each evening!
  9. Connoisseur Wine Lunch is FABULOUS! Did it on the Mariner this summer. Especially great way to spend OBC if you have it.
  10. If possible book your on line reservation early in the cruise. Once you have used that, you can go to the dining reservation desk and ask for additional reservations. Since you like to eat late, I would think you would have a very good chance of getting additional reservations. As Bill mentioned, being willing to share a table definitely will increase the chances! All of our shared tables have been 6 tops, so the likelihood of having two sets of difficult guests is very small. Only once have we been seated with someone we didn't care for, but the other couple was lovely!
  11. gb58, Better listen to GOARMY. Don't want you to be a dragon's tasty dessert! Martha
  12. Spent many lovely evenings in Mario's section on the Amazon cruise. He is top notch! Is Maggie assisting him?
  13. Our recent one on an Alaska cruise on Mariner was not well attended either. It was a very "strange" cruise all around compared to my 3 other Regent cruises..... no one wanted to share a table in Compass Rose, no one participated in the Social travelers group, little Block Party participation, and the ship was not full. I commented to some staff about it, and all we could come up with was that it was 4th of July week and it was a 10 night cruise instead of the usual 7 for Alaska.
  14. Usually late morning of the first sea day there is a Wines of the World tasting that includes many of the included wines. Suggest going to it so you can see what is offered and chat with the sommeliers. If you have something you particularly like, they can direct you to other similar bottles. Also, you can ask for any included wine at any venue (except apparently the Burgandy served in Chartreuse), so don't feel at all limited by what is suggested in Compass Rose each evening. On my last cruise, my roommate was looking for a French style (dry not sweet) rose and hadn't found one. The head sommelier (I Kadek) was able to find her one and sent a bottle to our suite. Love sailing on Regent! First thing I do when I arrive is take out things from the mini fridge that we don't drink, then let our room steward or stewardess know what we would like to have in there. As MJ said above, I just leave a note if I need more or something different.
  15. MJ, Loved going along with you! Your reports are always top notch, especially the pictures! Love to you both from your Amazon "neighbors", Gretchen and Martha
  16. I would not say TS was a "Solo" traveler, since she was traveling with her mother. To me, "Solo" is traveling by yourself. Although, Regent does invite all "non-couple" passengers to join in their singles get togethers, and I believe titles them "Social Travelers" groups.
  17. From another Tucsonan, there is NOTHING wrong with Navigator! Sailed on her twice, the last time for 24 days. Love that there are only 450 passengers, the ship is smaller than the rest of the fleet. The theater is the best in the fleet in my opinion, comfortable and great sight lines from both the upper and lower floors. Due to the origin of the ship, there is a vibration in the aft that some find quite disturbing. Personally, I've never noticed it, but also have not booked an aft cabin. The other comment that many make is that there is no Observation lounge on the forward end of the ship. However, this means that you can walk around the entire upper deck for views and exercise. Also, even though it is small, I prefer the gym on the Navigator because of the views. Fabulous. I have sailed on Navigator (2), Voyager, and Mariner. Explorer in 2020 and 2021.
  18. I think Marc was referring to my comment that they boarded in June. If they stayed on through the WC, that would be a whole year total. They must be going off and then rejoining the Mariner for the WC.
  19. Andy and his wife Tammy is the social hostess! They will be there through the World Cruise. They just boarded in Alaska in June, I believe.
  20. For crab, make sure to take the George Inlet Lodge Crab Feast excursion in Ketchikan. Great boat trip in the inlet, pull up crab traps, head back to the lodge for all you can eat fresh crab! Done it twice and look forward to doing it again.
  21. Bob, Have you been watching the Destination Services reviews on TV of the various excursions at each port? I found the last couple of cruises that they are more thorough and up to date than the written descriptions. I usually watch when I'm working out at the gym. They change before each port. I seem to remember there are two channels, and each carries a different port day. Martha
  22. Thanks from me too! I have bookmarked this so when it gets to 2021 Excursion booking I can review!
  23. I was on Mariner when they switched mid-cruise. My problem was also only having one bottle, since I also like water available in the bathroom during the night and morning. Should have asked for an extra bottle! When I did remember to put the bottle in the bathroom before bed, it took up quite a bit of counter space.
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