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  1. Agree, GE is the best! Breezed through in JFK and Tampa and entry into FLL port is easy-peasy if you can ignore the dirty looks and knives being thrown, lol. We had our interview in FLL because it was faster to get appointment than Tampa. Had a 2PM appointment, drove over from west coast, arrived at Noon. Stopped into the office, just before entry to piers, to be sure we were in the right place. The person said to wait a few minutes, we had our interview and were out by 12:15 and home by 2:30! What a nice surprise! That being said, somehow the system did not like the fact that we use a PO Box for our mail. Our interview was in September but they stalled around until February to send our cards -- to our home address after reaching my husband on the phone. Crazy!
  2. We had Main dining on our Eurodam cruise in March/April. We always request a two-top and were surprised to see us assigned to Table 16 on the port side. It was set for four the first night which initially concerned us but were happy to discover our servers just took away the extra plates. They stated that they always set the table that way to see where we like to sit. It was fabulous next to a window. Lovely!
  3. Last week when disembarking the Eurodam, our Uber driver came right into the port to pick us up. On embarkation day, our shuttle driver drove right in and eight of us unloaded our luggage and walked right into the terminal. No problems either way.
  4. Just returned from the Eurodam Hawaii/Polynesia/Marquesas cruise this past Saturday. We enjoyed our wine package #2 and were quite pleased with the selections available. We purchased on the first night in the dining room from our wine steward. We are fortunate to get a 50% discount due to 5* Mariner status so it makes it attractive. If you don't finish a bottle, they will hold it for you until the next evening or you can request it any other time in the DR, Lido or specialty restaurants. When we knew in advance if we were going to Pinnacle Grill or Canaletto, our steward always arranged to have our bottle waiting for us.
  5. No Stevia as of December 2018. The staff is always interested when I bring out my Stevia packs.
  6. We were on the K in December for 11 days in an aft balcony. Loved it. Be advised you will do A LOT of walking, lol! IMHO it is worth the extra $$$. Please let us know what you decide. Lynne
  7. It would be worth it to me! What ship and how long?
  8. Looking forward to following you along on your adventure. Bon Voyage!
  9. Thanks, John, for looking into this for me. Hopefully, I can find a few other MJ fanatics to play when we board the E in March. Best wishes for a great New Year! Lynne
  10. This is how I handled O. Called them for an unrelated matter and when they gave me some BS, I told them to remove me from the mailings. Don't get anything from them anymore. Emails are easier, you just "unsubscribe" and that usually does the trick.
  11. John: In conducting your research, would you be so kind as to check to see if there are Maj Jongg sets available for play? They used to be in the library behind lock and key only accessible to the librarian (what's that?). Enjoying your posts as we will be on the E in March. Thanks. Lynne
  12. We love the osso bucco special on Friday nights and hope to enjoy it again next week on the Koningsdam!
  13. Recently, I was a also barred from entering and had to reset password.
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