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  1. Just returned from a wonderful visit to the Marriott curacao and we were so happy and satisfied with their location, service and food. I booked for a variety of factors: wave action, pool usage, towels provided, and menu. The added benefits for us were availability of palapa style loungers near the pool (no extra charge), the close proximity and convenience of beach access, beverage and food service personally delivered in a timely manner. There is also a dedicated adults only pool with an infinity like view straight to the ocean. And a ledge to place ones beverage. As I looked on google maps, I noticed many of the beachfront hotels have protective barrier reefs aways out. This area did not, although a bit south had one. We really enjoyed the rolling waves and the idea of playing in the water. When we wanted to relax, we just went to the pool. We were charged $95 total, and received a food/beverage credit of about $40 total. Bill at the end ended up around $40. We have been to Avila on a resort pass, and can compare favorably for the Marriott. I cannot say one is better, but rather the Marriott suited iur needs better. Transportation was offered at $20 each way via private van. We arranged pick-up time with driver on our way in. He gave us contact info if we wanted to adjust the time.
  2. can I please tag on a question of the umbrella rentals; wondering if the lounge chairs are included?
  3. Thanks for the info. Would water shoes/sandals help?
  4. Hi Kenb, hope it's OK to piggyback on your thread for Easter Brunch recommendations..... I have the same question, but Fort Lauderdale location instead. Some of the hotels in Miami and FLL have very high prices upwards of $60 PP + tax + gratuity.
  5. We did this shore excursion through Shoreexcursions.com and it was wonderful, albeit a bit pricey. About $300 for the both of us, with towel service, sumptuous lunch with fancy drinks, loungers with umbrellas and very nice bath/changing rooms. Oh, and transportation was included, but we needed to walk over to the Renaissance Hotel lobby for pick-up. I think they have changed this part, and now have a pier pick-up. All around a great day. I will agree that the water/ocean is the very calm type, and I myself prefer some wave action. The pool usage was not included in our package.
  6. We were at Avila beach about a year ago on a non-ship excursion. Pool was not included then. The beach area has two sides with the restaurant in the middle. Our package included towels, transportation and a very nice meal with an adult beverage of choice. Bathroom/changing room was available as well.
  7. Thank you Grey Gypsy. Your words were spot-on as we were there as well. Being Retreat guests of Luminae I would say that we ordered something from the main dining menu at every seating. Scanditaly
  8. Silhouette Retreat on holiday at sailing. Grey non zippered tote bags received for Royal and Celebrity cabins. Great for toting but not if you have to pack beach towels as well. I brought one of the very old “longaberger” types and it came in very handy.
  9. Follow-up from this past voyage. both Contigo water bottles worked wonderfully, with the added benefit of keeping our beverages cold. During a stop in Puerto Rico, at Barrahchina,(famous for their Pina coladas) I was able to purchase a wonderful "to-go" Pina colada, and along with the ice dregs from previous water, it was delicious to sip on as we wandered around town after lunch. Anytime we enjoyed a meal off-ship, I would pour in whatever my choice of beverage was thus keeping myself hydrated in the hot caribbean sun.
  10. Greetings Irish Clare, how did it go? please share.
  11. Call your retreat concierge and discuss it with them. they can work with you to find a good time.
  12. Yeah, I saw that too. Menu looks perfect for our tastes. pun intended. We will go anyway and hope for the best. Sailing on the Silhouette Holiday voyage; Will report back..........the Piña Colada is calling me.
  13. Just called Barrachina and was told that they do not take reservations.
  14. If I am correct, the change is from three days out down to two. Can anyone corroborate this? Please don’t tell me to go look it up, I am feeling very lazy presently. Lol.
  15. Not only do I bring my water and morning coffee "contigo" bottles, I label them with my current cabin number, and even ship name and date. I have lost them a few times on ship and off, and somehow they get back to me..............So, I feel a bit like an elementary school child, but if works for me.
  16. Any updates on the transportation prices for this thread?
  17. My limited understanding is that when the booking is under a non-refundable deposit, any any any change will result in having to scrap the booking and begin again. No changes mean no changes. I will keep my eyes on this thread.
  18. Can anyone comment on how a Day-Room at a beach hotel worked for them? Any opinions would be appreciated. I was going to use ResortPass or Resortforaday, but really want a real room with air conditioning and a shower. Flight was just changed to 9PM departure. Yeesh! Scanditaly
  19. Destination Highlight: Hot Springs and Titou Gorge Escape It was a Celebrity Ship Shore Excursion. We had no idea what we were getting into. The opening that you see in the photo is a slit carved by fast running water with the super high powered waterfall at the "top". Water was ccccoold. you could look straight up to the sky through an opening in the top, and as one went forward, against the current, there were some very large caverns.. All the while, the current is going against you. Once you experience the force of the waterfall, the current is your friend and get you the heck out of there. the next stop was Wooten Springs. Sulpher, brown water, hot and soothing. They were not kidding when they promised you would feel ten years younger afterward.
  20. Hi all, Better late than never. YES! we went and enjoyed the springs and the wonderful "anti-inflammatory" effect that felt so nice. The experience itself was just so-so. Someone had a tray with lots of fresh cut fruit, and that was appreciated. Sitting in the various pools was heaven, and would definitely return if the Island was offered. Scanditaly
  21. Wow! What a terrific response to my probing questions Port Royal. Thank you. Cap Maison does seem more amenable, and everything you wrote suggests that for us, it is the better choice. I neglected to mention that at Royalton, I had asked for a cabana (additional $120) as insurance for rain. We are definitely going to go with Cap Maison now that I have thought about it. if it is raining, we would still show up, but just enjoy the restaurant and have a nice lunch. When we visited the Royalton in Antigua, although the buffet was huge and vast and ultra gourmet, it still felt a bit like a frantic search for food; like something you see in the buffet of a cruise ship with folks who haven't eaten for at least four hours. Yeesh. We are booked now for Cap Maison for our Silhouette Voyage during the Holidays. We are cruising with "all my children" and are planning Santa Lucia as our private getaway while the children do their Ultimate Zip line thing. Both of our adventures should make for entertaining dinner time chatter.
  22. https://capmaison.com/blog/cap-maison-st-lucia-f-q-s Hello Port Royal, and to all others who have experienced Santa Lucia Resorts, Can anyone share about travel time to the resorts (Cap Maison & Royalton) from the cruise port? I am also looking into the Royalton as well, but the rate is @ $180 and I'm curious about the value as compared to Cap Maison. Any comments about the beach access? Cabana and shade are important to me, so again, any comments are welcome. Thank you cruise critic(s) Scanditaly
  23. Over the years, we have always brought wine (from home) onto our ships. most of the time, security takes it, logs it, and then delivers it to our stateroom shortly thereafter. We "carry" it onboard, and do not try to hide it. I have the opinion that with the common availability of various beverage packages, it is almost a moot point. Then you have the wine quality/calibre itself. We leave in 22 days and I was determined not to have to pack wine for a flight across the country. We have the luggage allowance and we have the wine (well stored and properly aged), but really wanted to utilize whatever could be offered vis a vis the beverage package. I have now scoured any available lists I could find for the Celebrity Edge, and decided to start packing. I'll let y'all know how it works out. Scanditaly
  24. Greetings, EV upcoming and my question for any and all is about the “vanity” desk in upstairs bedroom. How functional is it for cosmetics and makeup application? the bathroom vanity looks small and lacking decent storage. what is your take on this? scanditaly
  25. Well, I have now packed a bakers’ dozen of our very decent red wine and will hope there is a decent quality white available on board. 14 day cruise, so we should have enough. I’m still looking out for any postings about wine availability along with quality. Thank you to the poster who suggested a look through the previous roll-calls. landing in JFK and staying overnight in Brooklyn before boarding the Enchanted, and might just pick up some white wine somewhere along the way. Ciao Scanditaly.
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