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  1. So sorry to hear you are gone. You will be greatly missed on this forum as you were the one person we could always count on to help us out. i thank you very much for all the help you gave me. I wish you all the best in the future.
  2. that seems very strange. I would email Mike Moore (mmoore@rssc.com) or Jenifer(darn it, i can't remember her last name, if i find it i will post it). I believe she is incharge of the Seven Seas Society which should mean she is responsible for SSS OBC. I find Mike to be very helpful. If he can't fix it, he sends it on to the correct person.
  3. the issue is that you don't turn gold until you board the ship. No gold benefits until you are onboard.
  4. Our $100 OBC for being Gold was applied to our account as soon as we booked and then when we purchased shore excursions the OBC was applied automatically against the cost and we paid the rest on checkout.
  5. Though on the other side of the pond, within the last 2 weeks we deviated our flights for our August cruise and we are booked with BA for 2 parts of the itinerary.
  6. I didn't say the cruise was terrible, i said it was our worst cruise with Regent. Your experience and mine were obviously different or at least the things that negatively impact us during a cruise are different. As always the staff were wonderful, the food was okay but rarely outstanding so i ended up eating the same food often that was a very good. The menu was uninteresting for us so ended up mostly ordering from the always menu. Our 1 night in Setti Mari was not good, a venue in the past we had frequented and enjoyed, but avoided the rest of the cruise as it was that bad. We enjoyed most of the ports that we took excursions on. The scientific team was fantastic and i consider them part of the Antarctic experience that made the whole trip worthwhile regardless of the other experiences. As i said it hasn't stopped us from cruising with Regent as we have 2 more cruises booked with them.
  7. We did this itinerary on Voyager last year. All but 1 of our Regent cruises have been on Voyager. I have to say that this cruise on Voyager was our worst cruise with Regent. A number of factors contributed to that experience with the exception being the great crew. However the 3 days sailing in Antartica made the whole thing worthwhile and wouldn't have missed it for the world. We are continuing to sail on Regent for now as we've had many great experiences. We decided that going forward we will only sail on the newer ships. I am so sorry that you missed a day there and other ports. It sucks when you had such great hopes, they are dashed and to add insult to injury you suffer the preceived indifference of the people responsible to provide the experience regardless if the circumstances were beyond their control.
  8. We have done a pre or post cruise tour everytime it was included in the cruise fare. One time we did both the pre and post cruise tours, one included and one we paid for. We have had very good success with all of them. I can't speak specifically about Athens. Ours were in China, South Africa twice, Egypt twice, Cambodia and Chile. Chile being the most recent one a year ago. They have been well run and good experiences. We found the detailed itinerary to be very accurate. Have a wonderful cruise and tour.
  9. Thank you for taking us along with you. Looking forward to your perspective. Have a wonderful cruise.
  10. Another option is to email Mike Moore and he will take care of getting you back on the mailing list. At some point Regent changed sending email information from me to my DH. He then would forward it to me. I emailed Mike and within the promised time frame he arranged for me to get the emails and my DH stopped getting them. I believe his email is mmoore@rssc.com. For those that want to be removed from the mailing lists i recommend that you email him as well and I am confident he will take care of you.
  11. Same thing happened to me. I booked an interview which required a round trip of about 8 hours and an overnight stay but before the date for the interview I received notice that the renewal was approved and they automatically canceled the appointment.
  12. So sorry you didn't have a great experience. Thank you for taking the time to post your review.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly with you on this. We used to travel more but now it ends up being only a couple of times a year and the $50USD every 5 years for Nexus is worth every penny.
  14. Of our about 120+ days on Regent all but 19 of them have been on Voyager. I agree wth cAPS that if excursions are important you should go for a concierge level suite in order to book your excursions at 360 days rather than having to wait. We have booked concierge level if we are going somewhere we are unfamiliar with and want the piece of mind of the transfers and 1 night hotel stay. The farther the port is from the airport the more economical it is to use Regent transfers. We usually book on the deck 8 if available as I find it is the perfect location for walking up or down, as we almost never take the elevator. Also no public spaces above or below. If we are in concierge we book middle deck 8, if we are not we will usually book forward (though staying as close to the middle as we can) on deck 8. Mind you the last cruise Jan 2024 we booked forward of the back stairs and found it to be a great location. Voyager has 2 entrances to Compass Rose so we could go down the aft stairs and there were fewer people. We always deviate regardless of what level suite we are in because even if we are in concierge with the 1 nght hotel stay we want to control airlines and schedules as much as possible as well as adding extra days before or after the cruise. Have a great cruise.
  15. I suspect that like most surveys they are taking a random block of people and in this case, past passengers. Many surveys do not get sent to everyone but to a statistical cross section of the affected population.
  16. I also received and completed the survey. I agree with Pcardad, they have to cut somewhere to survive and by looking at the responses they will get some ideas. I found the survey pretty typical from a business wanting to know where their customer priorities are.
  17. We were there only 1 day so no further suggestions. It was too long ago to remember what other people enjoyed. Have a wonderful cruise. We loved our time in Africa.
  18. When we were at Richard's Bay a number of years ago we did the St. Lucia Wetlands tour and really enjoyed it. Mind you i am facinated with hippos and there were so many of them.
  19. Just for clarity it is Residence Inn on Hornsby St. Typing slip-ups happen all the time to me.
  20. Thanks Susan. As always, i enjoy your excellent pictures and commentary. Safe trip home.
  21. i toque is a knitted (usually) wool beanie. It lies flat against your head covering your ears and sometimes has a pom pom on top.
  22. I stand corrected. I suspect you won't be impressed by the Rouge portion but i hope that once again i am wrong.
  23. We did this trip last Jan/Feb. It was warm/hot in BA and Uruguay. I got a slight sunburn when we were in the Falklands when we did a walking tour. In Antartica it was around freezing or just below. The weather warmed up as we made our way to Santiago and was warm/hot in Santiago. We took a range of clothing from short sleeved tops and capris to heavy sweaters and a puffer jacket along with mittens and a toque to wear in Antartica. It was a trip of a life time. Have a great trip.
  24. I agree Rouge is not great but i doubt Regent would use them for anythign but the domestic portion of an itinerary as I believe they don't have business class.
  25. We flew with Air Canada to South America and back for our Jan/Feb 2023 cruise. We have flown with them for other Regent cruises as well.
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