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  1. I don't know how long ago you sailed on Regent but I couldn't disagree more. My experience is service is great and so is the food. Since the new menu in Compass Rose, the dining experience is even better as the everyday choices as well as the daily specials are superior. As well with 24 hours notice they will make any meal you request as long as they have all the ingredients onboard. Are they perfect, no but then i have never found a perfect service company as they employ humans that on any given day can have a bad day. That situation in my experience is an exception. They will do anything in their power to never say 'no' to a passenger request. The issue may very well be their terrible solo pricing that to me makes no sense. How can you have a 100% supplement when you include everything and only 1 person is flying, eating, drinking and taking shore excursions. We exclude Crystal because the basic cabin is too small for us. We also don't like formal dress codes and really like the casual dress code of Regent. Good luck with your research and i hope you find the best fit for you.
  2. You won't be the only ones. If you like to dress up, go for it. You do you.
  3. All our cruises have been on Voyager except 1 on Explorer. After being in a F2 on Explorer i have to admit to being disappointed in our cabin on Voyager as it was starting to show its age. I think the layout of the F2 on Explorer is superior to that of the F on Voyager. Voyager was starting to show her age all over the ship last time we were on her and we were on Explorer the year after she was launched so it was nice to be on a newer ship. I also missed Pacific Rim and being able to eat lunch in the speciality restaurants and wish Voyager would do that. However i still really like Voyager and in fact our next 2 cruises are on her. Like others the itinerary drives us not the ship. The crew is fantastic on either ship.
  4. The upcharge suggests that they don't have a contract with Turkish Airlines at least not for that flight. $1000 seems like a pretty typical upcharge for non contracted flights. On our first Regent cruise years ago, we were unhappy with our flight option home and asked for another option, we were told we could add in an overnight at our own expense. That worked perfectly for us as it gave me around 30 hours in London. Doesn't seem like much to most but to me it was the chance to see some of London for the first time. We jammed in a lot of sightseeing in a short time. Anyway if you were prepared to stay overnight in Istanbul at your own expense they may agree to that and let you take the early morning flight the following day. I would rather spend the money to see more of Istanbul than pay the extra for a different flight. Good luck. Hope you get it worked out to your satisfaction. Have a great cruise.
  5. Generally we have had very good luck with the excursions we have been on. Overall the tour guides have been really good and the buses not overly filled. Once small group excursions were offered we started booking them as we like the smallest group we can get when we tour. Though theoreticaly you can take more than 1 excursion in a port my experience is that the timing of the excursions are such that there is not enough time between the morning excursions and the afternoon excursions. I believe Regent purposely schedules excursions so they don't meet their minimum standards to dissuade people from taking more than 1 excursion per day. I have not tried to go to Destination Services staff and ask them if they will allow us to take an excursion that didn't meet the posted time difference. It didn't even occur to me to ask. I might test it in the future.
  6. The last time we looked at onboard booking perks, the 30 day after cruise booking was gone but always best to confirm with Regent as pingpong1 recommended. You can get all the perks booking 30 days before or onboard. The process of moving the booking to your TA is as smooth as can be. In fact if you are booking onboard the travel consultant will make a point of confirming your TA so the booking will get transferred automatically. As well when we did the 30 day prior booking with the Regent travel consultant he made a point as well to confirm our TA for transferring the booking. We could not make a 30 day pre cruise booking through our TA but had to use a Regent TA to get the booking perks but that could have been our circumstances and not applicable to others.
  7. Thank you to planada and mdunne48 for taking time to bring us some info from your cruise. Have a super time.
  8. DaisyUK, thanks so much for taking time from your vacation to update us on what is happening onboard. Have a super trip.
  9. Once we hit silver, we didn't usually book Concierge. (When we hit silver there were 1 or 2 more perks that are no longer part of that level, we are now gold.) We have booked a concierge for our SA cruise as we are more comfortable with Regent handling our transfers and hotel in Buenos Aires than doing it ourselves. So if we are embarking somewhere that the transfer is long or the city may have some negative aspects than we may spring for Concierge if the cost difference is not unreasonable. As well we are sailing the waters of Antartica and around the Cape so having a more central suite location that we could get with Concierge also added to that decision.
  10. When i first started cruising many years ago i flew into the port the day of the cruise because of work commitments etc without any issues, thankfully. I haven't done that in the past few years as i have more flexibility and a bigger committment financially in my cruises. If for whatever reason i couldn't fly in the day before i would be comfortable taking that flight on AC because they have multiple flights a day into YVR with many of them landing long before you need to be onboard. First choice would be fly in the day before but would do that flight if flying the day before was not a practical choice.
  11. Thanks for the wonderful travel report. It was great reading about someone on a cruise ship, especially someone i love to follow on the Regent board. Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound though not in the lap of luxury. Can't wait for your next trip. We have a year before our first one 'after' the Covid shutdown.
  12. AC has a very good business class product. Their economy is pretty indifferent but I think their business class is one of the best of the NA airlines. Some poeple don't like the pods because it makes interaction with your travel companion difficult but if you are okay with that the pods are great for getting some rest. I personally prefer them especially on overnight flights.
  13. Thanks for the travel log. You are so very good at them. It has been sad not being able to follow someone's adventures. Have a super trip.
  14. Sorry i misunderstood. Thankfully someone else came along and gave you the correct answer.
  15. When we were on Explorer and the weather was too warm and/or too windy on the top of the ship, i walked the cabin decks. Deck 5 is far too busy with other passengers to get in a good walk.
  16. We have used a Regent rep on a couple of occasions and the rep was very good at his job. He was very responsive. I sent an email at about 10 pm his time and wasn't expecting nor wanted a reponse until the next day but he did respond immediately. i felt bad for interrupting his evening and was more careful not to send emails outside his normal hours. I then transferred the booking to my TA. i wouldn't hesitate to use a Regent rep.
  17. i agree with you. Usually i am ready to go home after a cruise however if the only option to see something i want to see is post then i just set my mind to the trip not ending until after the post-cruise trip. We have had some great post cruise trips - Angkor Wat and 2 African safaris. Oh to have that dilemma right now. We have nothing planned until August 2022 with neither a post or pre cruise trip.
  18. They have a basic menu with specials each day for lunch.
  19. It sucks that it is taking so long. I would be as frustrated as you. Patience isn't my strong suit. Hope it is resolved soon.
  20. i booked through cruise air a couple of times in the past and when i did so, I was able to choose what level of service that I wanted. The business class tickets were less and better terms than what i could get through the airline. If you book an economy or lower class ticket it could be quite difficult or impossible to upgrade. So if you want to fly business class you should pick that class of service when you book your flights. I haven't used NCL air but think they would offer tickets at different levels.
  21. I have no skin in this game. I feel for what everyone is going through. I suspect that Regent is taking longer and scrambling a bit more than expected because they mistakenly assumed the process of changing people would go smoothly. Think about it, if every client they contacted, mostly through the client's TA, took even a couple of days to work out what suite they would accept, that makes the whole process long and drawn out. They probably hoped that when someone was offered the new suite they would accept and just move on to the next but comments here show that people aren't necessarily going to just take what they are offered. They can't just throw staff at the problem because they can't have staff and TA's fighting other the same suites. They have to work through process in a methodical way to ensure there is as much fairness as possible. I hope it all works out satisfactoriy for everyone and that you all have a great cruise.
  22. Well that is certainly not my experience. We get everything through our TA. i don't recall ever getting anything directly from Regent other than marketing info. That is fine with me, that is why i have a TA. With our recent cancellation i read it here first then contacted my TA. She has a large number of Regent clients so she was working through her list by sailing date and hadn't got to our date yet. NO problem she responded quickly and i was able to move our deposit from 2022 to virtually the same itinerary in Jan 2023. More money of course but at least we get to have the itinerary we really wanted to go on. I can't even imagine why Regent would want to duplicate the work of sending info to theTA and to the client directly. No reason for them to do their job and the TA's job. What i do hope is Regent steps up and moves the deadline for using FCC's from 2022 to 2023. It seems unreasonable to force everyone to re-book in 2022 when a number of 2022 cruises have been canceled and that doesn't leave people the option of moving to a similar or identical cruise in 2023. I have no money in the game but i think it would be good customer relations to not screw your customers when they hold all the cards.
  23. When we did a cruise out of Tokyo (Yokohama) we hired a small tour company to pick us up at the airport to transfer to the hotel, did a 2 day walking private tour and then a transfer to the port. It is a pretty easy process and as others have said the Japanese are lovely friendly people. Everything went smoothly and we had a wonderful time in Tokyo. I can't remember the cost but it seemed very reasonable.
  24. I agree Regent should either cancel or delay payment before the last minute. My point was i am sympathetic to those in the cruise industry and am so very tired of all the negativity around cruising right know. I was trying not jump on that band wagon but to give an example of how Pcardad may not be correct. I still think they should try and provide more timely information. It was extremely frustrating waiting to see what they would do expecially in the case of our cruise as there was absolutely no chance the cruise would go as scheduled cuz it involved a start in Canada and that was definitely not going to happen in September. Of course i suppose they were originally holding out for Congress to pass the sailing exemption so they could bypass Canada but the cruise was 19 days long so it wasn't in compliance with the CDC so it was a no go anyways. You are correct and in our case it wasn't nice.
  25. I disagree. For our 2021 cruise Regent waited until the Friday before payment was due on Saturday to postpone payment to 60 days. Those people who didn't want to make the payment canceled just days before Regent changed the date so those who had paid any non-refundable amounts (deviation fees) lost those monies. I contacted our TA and instructed her to cancel us at the last possible minute if Regent didn't move the date as i didn't want to cancel and lose my deviation fees if i didn't have to. The very next week Regent canceled our cruise. I don't make these comments to critize Regent, i understand they are playing with a moving target and trying to keep cruises intact if they can. I give you the heads up to not cancel until the last minute if you have any non-refundable monies in the game as they have made last minute changes. This is when it is very important to work closely with a TA who works closely with Regent. She gave me the heads up that something maybe happening with the cruise.
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