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  1. We were on Magic's most recent sailing, its second out of Miami, to Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan and Grand Turk. If you have any questions I'll be glad to help. A few observations..... -- The deli sandwiches when I went to the Deli were being fresh-made. When a friend went, they were using pre-assembled sandwiches. This might be dependent on how busy they are; it wasn't that busy when I stopped by. -- The WiFi was...adequate. "Simple" things on FB loaded but images were sometimes trouble. We used FB Messenger onboard to coordinate our dining amongst our 3 separate cruising groups and it worked fine, as did voice calls to the shore using FB Messenger. WiFi calling "tried" to work: when I called a friend back in the US the call failed...but he must have gotten something because he called me back a few seconds later. I got the call but again the call dropped right away. -- We had YTD and ate every dinner in the MDR. Our first server crew was not great so we switched to a different crew (Ferdinand's) and they were so good we got them every night thereafter. -- The big water slide at Amber Cove was still broken when we were there -- and I DO mean broken, with a big piece missing from the slide. -- meanwhile the water slides aboard the Magic were great! I did them on port days and arrived back aboard a little before most of the pax returned. -- most passengers were polite, but there was one otherwise-decent group that was playing their F-bomb and S-word laced "music" in one of the aft hot tubs on a loud Bluetooth speaker. I instantly thought of a recent thread here about that very scenario. -- the Behind the Fun tour was a bit lackluster this time around, with a perfunctory stop on the bridge and only a group photo with the Captain, not individual shots as I've gotten before. I'm working on a review and posting some photos and video. Overall, we enjoyed the trip despite a few minor issues and we're booked on the Magic again for next October also...to Aruba and Curacao.