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  1. Speciality dining is complementary for suite guests. i.e free of charge. It is a big difference from "entitled to dine any evening". Just saying.
  2. It is extremely simple for those who can read it.😂 Our youngest daughter corrected me as I was heading for the wrong platform when she was 12 and it was her second trip in to Picadilly from Islington. She got it right imediately.😁
  3. We have boarded AFTER these charters a couple of times, - hence always look extra carefully under the bed for «lost» items. 😂😂
  4. This might be a bit over the top, but my first reaction to the original post was: « Azamara ShoreExcursions department» !!! Do they really excist??? 🤪🤪😂😂
  5. oddjob16

    Flavoured gins

    I prefer my Gin to be gin-flavoured😎😉
  6. Have a fabulous vacation. Reeeelaaaxxxx.
  7. Changing «the flag» at the bottom of the page to Union Jack reveals the UK Azamara site and totally different prices compared to the Silly Sale aka «double upgrade». This confirms the scam theory. I recognise this from previous Silly sales. It is insulting.😡
  8. I have not been able to find old pages of cruise itineraries with pricing. There is a wayback machine in operation, but not possible to use for this purpose. In comparing todays prices with «yesterday» one should be aware that most of them had the 30% off pricing. The original cruise price before the 30% Off offer is difficult to find if you don’t have screenshots of them.
  9. Same here. I checked our cruise yesterday and the same message came up. I didn’t connect it to computer glitch, but thought I had forgotten to register. Now it makes sense.
  10. It is so typical Azamara and done with a big smile. In this case also with a twist of irony involved for the culinary destination immersion. 😎
  11. WOW. I know that feeling. I left a backpack with passports and wallets on the shuttle bus in Hong Kong a few years ago. It was a few days before boarding the Journey. Our hotel, The Langham, moved the earth in their effort to locate the sack and it’s contents and they succeeded. Sometimes you get what you pay for....
  12. https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/9754222/cruise-captain-orders-greggs-sausage-rolls/
  13. On sunset veranda for breakfast or lunch you can alwys ask if extra seats are available. We always accept company if we have a table for ourselves at the back of the ship. Making new aquaintances is part of cruising.
  14. In the Main Dining Room ( MDR) and you show up as a couple the Maitre’d would natuarally ask: «Table for two?» Then you could say: «We would like a shared table tonight» . In the speciality dining venues you get what you have booked and in Windows and the Patio it is free seating.
  15. Just came across this very good video of the different venues on board the Azamara ships. Very informative. I think I gained 2 pounds just watching it.
  16. Given the situation in the Hormuz strait with tension between Iran and western countries P&O Cruises has decided to give Dubai a miss for all sailings the next half year. Azamara also has a few sailings via Dubai and I am sure there are discussions within RCI management wether it is considered safe to continue operations to Dubai. Maybe this is something Bonnie would not be able to answer, but there must be some discussions in management about this. https://www.arabianbusiness.com/travel-hospitality/425554-cruise-giant-po-pulls-dubai-itinerary-amid-gulf-tensions
  17. Looks like withdrawal has started https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1163154/cruise-ship-venice-cruises-ban-italy-holidays-latest-news
  18. I foresee a full withdrawal from Venice in the future if they don't find a way around this. I would be happy to sail out of Ravenna or Trieste but the problem would be finding a functioning airport in the vicinity. I think Venice Marittima could be used in the future if they could build an alternative canal into the harbour. The era of ships sailing on Guidecca is definately over pretty soon.
  19. The Azamara Journey refit planned for october 2020 has already disrupted a couple of sailings after october 10th due to late decisions as of where and when. You cannot seriously mean that they should change that and go for an earlier refit and ruin more schedules. The Journey looked splendid last time we were on board just a few weeks ago and we have two cruises booked on her before the refit next year. Only pity is that we would have done a B2B on the october 10 th sailing if they had kept the original schedule. I wouldn’t worry about Journey’s state or fitness. She will be stellar all the way due to her fantastic crew.
  20. "Operational issues" is a reason that is unattackable. It encompasses just about everything. (We can all agree that the patient died of heart failure, but what caused the heart to stop is imperativ)
  21. Strange move from Azamara again. There must be a reason and Azamara should give a straight answer and NOT tell you how lucky you are that you get to go to Katakolon instead. Well, that is probably excactly what they will do. There is definately no port load issues, so it should be interesting to hear the argument. When we are in Katakolon we simply regard it as a sea day. There is nothing to do apart from Olympia.
  22. The Cristchurch shore exs have just been posted. Finally. There are still some issues with the rest of the ports. I mentioned earlier that all excursions, with a few exceptions, seems to be starting 50 minutes after docking time. All Bay of Island excursions starts at 07:20 since arrival time is 06:30. In Picton excursions starts at 07:50. Docking time is 07:00. This is the same for most ports. I suspect this is going to get corrected before the cruise starts, but I also worry that it will get forgotten. I don’t want to go on a wine tour at 07:50. These tours will not sell. Hopefully you can point this to the right people, again, Bonnie.
  23. Well, the big 5 companies in Norway all have their best contractors from that country and for good reasons. They deliver. No reason to discuss that here. This is not the issue
  24. If only. India is probably the best developed IT country in the world. But... Wow.... Big problems here.
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