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  1. At the moment, there are good OBC offers given on bookings. For a 12 day cruise in a balcony, they are giving $200 p/p. ($400 per cabin)
  2. I presume you didn't have a package as if you did, there still wouldn't be any charge for someone elses drinks unless either you had exceeded your 15 drinks limit, or the cost was above the top limit of the package.
  3. From what I read at the time, they were emailing people to let them know about the delay and suggesting you do not go to the Terminal. Did you not get anything?
  4. Not showing in the list for me, also, no Virtuosa either
  5. So they stopped you to give you money they owed you, and you will never sail with them again..................................Interesting!!
  6. ABPMSC22 will give you 15% discount for an MSC Cruise. Type the code in, do not copy & Paste.
  7. I will be doing this cruise in September, so looking forward to picking up some advice & Tips.
  8. I enjoy the Portion control on a cruise especially for breakfast & lunches in the MDR. If I go to the Buffet, I tend to pile my plate high, then I must eat it as I don't like to waste my food😀
  9. I was happy with my price when I booked, even happier now😀 I have seen the same 'sales' on most cruise lines over the years and have never expected the 'Free' drinks packages to actually be free.
  10. Current "Coronation Sale" in UK. Price is higher than when I booked 3 weeks ago for MSC Virtuosa.
  11. I am Emerald with 61 Points on Royal Caribbean, and just given Gold on MSC.
  12. What would you use to put on your Sunbed to reserve it for 4 hours😜, Certainly wouldn't leave a Kindle.
  13. I tried ordering at the bar recently on Sky, the barman told me to sit down and he would send the waiter over, which he did. We then had to wait 20 minutes for our drink as they had a lot of orders and only 1 barman. This was their way of stopping people jumping the queue.
  14. We paid $39 for 4 games with 6 tickets each game on Sky 2 weeks ago, which included a sctratch card. There was a cheaper option at $29, but didn't get thr details for that.
  15. Once you tell the Maitre D about your allergy, he will recognise you at the entrance if you are not in Club Class. I presume you would go to the same dining room each night. He will bring the next nights menu for you to choose your meal. In April, he even came to the Crowne Grill to get my wifes order for the next night.
  16. That would be very risky. You need to Check in at 8:15 presuming it is an International flight. Heathrow is approx 65 Miles away. Depending upon what day it is, travel time by Car can be anything between 1.5 Hrs to 3 Hours. If you get to wak off at 7am, this only gives you 1hr 15 to get to the airport. I would change to a later flight if possible, or next day.
  17. Estrella dining room on Sky Princess. Just to the right of the Entrance as you go in to the dining room.
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