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  1. Yes, this is what I am finding so confusing. Our contract clearly says up to 12 cans of soda per person, but the boarding pass & FAQ state it differently. Since we are flying in for our cruise on Sat Oct 2. it would be difficult to buy soda anywhere between airport & pier, so we decided to not even try. But the suggestion about buying them in our 1st port is a good one. We will ask if it will be allowed as we disembark for our 1st port. I will also pay attention to those embarking on Saturday to see if they are giving people grief for bringing on wine & soda. One thing is clear- they need to have all documents say the same thing.
  2. Yes I will pack sanitizer, but not a lot. Washing hands frequently is good enough for us.
  3. We are supposed to dock in 3 MX ports this Oct just prior to Panama Canal. Our itinerary has changed drastically from when we booked in July due to Covid & other port restrictions. We sail next week... Usually we go out on our own, but this time we have booked all ship sponsored tours. This is my level of caution: wear a mask while inside buildings or in close contact with others. Be prepared for more itinerary changes due to the constant changes in protocols & other factors. I think the cruise lines are doing what they can to keep us safe, but they also need the revenue. All these ports need our tourist dollars too, so they are doing what they can to keep their people & tourists safe.
  4. Interesting read, thanks. Visiting Cabo, Vallarta & Manzanilla in Oct. While we usually go out on our own, we are only taking ship sponsored tours this time due to all the unknowns.
  5. People have been doing this for years... I have found a few & hidden a few- but only in public spaces. I have seen crochet or knitted ducks as well as the plastic ones & a few frogs thrown in. They are usually pretty obviously hidden, so no turning over furniture to find them.
  6. seriously? oh my gosh, what a night mare for whoever has to call everyone.
  7. It is amusing to see the differences from brand to brand under the same ownership umbrella. Carnival allows OBC to be used in casino or for "crew incentive." Unless they have changed the rules, I better check Carnival cuz we have $1300 OBC for a cruise in April 2022. I was planning on using it in casino & gratuities. And for our HAL cruise we were denied the shareholder benefit because we booked a very discounted fare. Differences from brand to brand are mind boggling.
  8. I do not believe it is Carnival's fault if I test positive for Covid, but there are a bunch of false positives w/ rapid testing. And if I have done everything I can to stay covid free-vaccine, quarantine prior to cruise, mask,etc- then I do not believe it is my fault either, just the nature of this beast.
  9. Agree. But I can see problems with testing at the pier. Then if a positive test happens, you have already most likely flown to your destination & wouldn't be allowed to fly home. I guess you'd be required to quarantine in the embarkation city.
  10. If Carnival or other cruise lines start requiring the test 2 days prior, wouldn't they have to notify all passengers of the newer protocols? I am scrambling to get tested 3 days prior for an Oct 2 embarkation on HAL. Also have a Nov 7th with CCL.
  11. I am wondering this as well. With the Covid testing requirement, how are they handling funds if 1 or more of you test positive? We are vaccinated & have Carnival's insurance, but you just never know. We have a Oct 2 embarkation with HAL & Nov 7th with CCL. That is a bunch of $$, if they do not offer refunds.
  12. I am just curious if the cruise lines would refund your money if 1 or more of you test positive in the 3 day prior required test. Or if you cannot find available testing site, or results back in time. 3 days prior to cruise... a bunch of $$ has already been pd. We are vaccinated, are well, but worry about false positives.
  13. agree that thanks are in order for those of you posting while also trying to have a great vacation. Things are changing daily, & it is great to read your experiences. THANK YOU ALL
  14. We do not sail until Oct 2, just trying to get info as you are. We are in KS & have found CVS, Walgreens & a couple others that will test, but cannot get an appointment this far ahead.
  15. We pretty much always book a cove when available, usually forward of the forward elevators. I have experienced mist or spray to the point of having to get a towel to dry chairs enough to sit in them. Floor is usually slightly wet/damp. So watch your step. Even with these things, we still love the coves.
  16. Ok, guess I have only seen ships that were either beginning or ending their AK itineraries. So then my question would be what cruise lines do only the canal? & where do they originate & end?
  17. Yes, my blunder, I was thinking of Seattle being W & Ft Lauderdale being E. But you are correct.
  18. Reading some of these threads on Panama Canal, I read something about a dock being built there, but is it complete yet?
  19. very interesting, doing our 2nd full transit in Oct. 1st time went E to W, this time W to E. So if we used the old locks 1st time, same ship, I am assuming we will most likely use old locks again. These full transit cruises are usually when the ships are repositioning to/from their Alaska itineraries.
  20. Interesting, no wonder cruises through the canal are so expensive.
  21. Helpful info, thx. Now to get our test before Oct 2 for our 21 day NAmsterdam.
  22. I agree that the buffet coffee is barely drinkable. I bring cappuccino powder & my own cream pods- add a tsp of instant cappuccino powder, some 1/2 &1/2, + my fav creamer & it is good enough. In MDR I just add so much of their cream to the point of getting "looks from fellow dining mates.
  23. I think this is clearly stated in the FAQs about cheers. Non alcoholic beverages such as coffee, bottled water, soda are unlimited. Once you reach 15 beers or other alcohol, then you will be allowed to order any number of other beverages. Not a big drinker, so I plan on starting with a couple of specialty coffees in the morning, then have a couple of cocktails or bottled water or canned soda, then in the evening a pre dinner cocktail, wine with dinner & maybe a few after dinner drinks- some alcohol & some not.
  24. We got a supposedly "free cruise." I thought it was weird since we haven't sailed HAL since 2016. It is for a 21 day through the canal. We get $100 in casino each, I think. By the time we pd port fees, taxes, airfare, gratuities it was about $2800, which is cheap for a 21 day. But we are in a category N (guarantee inside) & to upgrade to OV or balcony would have been $2000-$4000 more. Haven't sailed in an inside cabin for a long, long time- but the price was too good to pass up. Called my son in Canada who has sailed HAL more recently & more often. He had the very same offer, so he is going with us. This offer came in July IIRC.
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