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  1. +1. I was on the Koningsdam and Statendam and they pretty much ad the latest digital releases for movies and they were all free!
  2. Balcony. Need more space to access the closet.
  3. I did the Seaside and Armonia in the past. The food is not as good as Celebrity, but I wouldn't say it's bad either. Their Customer Service team sucks, but I didn't have any issues with their wait staff or housekeeping staff. I think people need to set their expectations for what they paid, especially during the promo days when you can get a balcony for $399 per person. with a drink package.
  4. Yeah, but the Yacht Club is mostly sold out almost a year in advanced cause it's so popular. As for NCL vs Celebrity, I think it depends on the ship you're going on. I tend to like Celebrity better, but I think with younger kids, you'll find more things to do on NCL. Also, with the extra gratuities you have to pay on the drink and dinner packages. If you price it out with Celebrity, they come up to almost the same price. It's only a deal if you pay for the Sale Away rate. The newer ships also feels a bit more crowded, especially in the hallways to the stateroom. In the evening, the 6-7-8 and atrium area can also get very crowded. Entertainment and food is pretty good though, but everyone has a different opinion on food.
  5. He uses a different ship for the B-rolls. I'm not sure if I agree with him on always waiting for the last tender, especially for first timers.
  6. If you're flying in or out of HKG, I would double check your flight status as well as there have been a number of flights cancelled.
  7. Alright, whose Master thesis or high school project are we helping with.... 🙂 j/k My favorite is the Reflection cause she's the biggest of them all and The Lawn Club is awesome!
  8. Here's the menu posted on CC: https://images.r.cruisecritic.com/pdfs/celeb-blu-menu-dinner.pdf REF: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2335
  9. My TA cruise went down from $6800 Cad to $5150 CAD and payment is due in 3 days anyways, so the non-refundable does not affect me!
  10. I measured the covered bridge on google maps and it's about 1500ft. The website says it's about a 7min walk and it looks like it's covered on the bridge. The taxi ride would be take about 2min.
  11. LOL it's a 737-300; Built in 1998.
  12. MSC's Premium Plus package includes everything in the mini bar.
  13. It's just a chartered airline. Nothing special inside, they package it so you get a lower price overall instead of buying separate ticket on an airline. The only benefit is they fly direct from smaller cities like Halifax or Winnipeg so there's no need to connect through a hub.
  14. I usually just look at what I like and then buy it off amazon for half the price of the sale price.
  15. Yes you can. NCL is the only cruise line you can't.
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