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  1. I take one suitcase for a 14 day cruise with 1-3 days pre-cruise. My carryon has all of the electronics and batteries as well as medications no clothing. No space for anything that is as limited as a suit. I usually bring a pair of darker sneakers and flip flops for the pool. Maybe one button down shirt, but probably not, along with 2 pairs of pants in case it is cool somewhere.
  2. Buy a tuxedo for sure, I purchased mine years ago from a tuxedo rental place, you can get great deals on rented tuxes as well as new ones. Back in 2000 I purchased mine for 99 bucks and they threw in a shirt too. The cummerbunds usually come as a set but you can buy them as separates, Don't forget studs and cufflinks too. You can still buy them for ~99bucks today! https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/2593718?color=BLACK&utm_source=adlucent&utm_medium=feeds&utm_content=google&utm_channel=low_nd_shop&sid=545650&utm_term=545650&aid=[ADL] [PLA] [Shopping] - Categories - Brand - [Desktop]&utm_campaign=5BADL] [PLA] [Shopping] - Categories - Brand - [Desktop]&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIncyIzOP86QIVE9bACh0vlQ77EAYYByABEgK5WfD_BwE
  3. the biggest issue with the post is the first part does not outline the issue. I received a FCC the email (attached) stated that I could use the credit online. I booked another cruise using the FCC online, there was a 300.00 difference that was paid by credit card. Upon completing my booking it showed the full amount as being on the credit card pending validation of the FCC. I received an email stating the FCC were approved, however the amount charged to my CC was not reduced. Calling RCL I was told that FCC cannot be used online contrary to the attached emails. I would like to have the FCC applied to the cruise and my CC charge reversed.
  4. nice that you got someone else to wear his suit 🙂
  5. As in somewhere else to eat either Specialty dining, buffet or in our room!
  6. We just go somewhere else on vacation no interest in dressing up at all.
  7. I was just trying to think of 4 guys, and Beetles came to mind,
  8. due to timing you might want to see if there is a laundromat nearby or are you going to pack for both?
  9. or Jogging to dinner in shorts making noise.
  10. Funny I was told that if they cancel then it is refunded they did not specify how I booked? Thank you for your e-mail. We apologize for the delay in our response and appreciate your patience. If you have booked your air through our Air2Sea program and your booking cancels, your air fare will be automatically refunded. If you have any questions regarding your air, please contact our Air2Sea department directly at 1 (844) 278-9745. Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions or concerns. Fred, we hope you and your loved ones are healthy and doing well. We look forward to welcoming you onboard the Rhapsody of the Seas in November. Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean. Sincerely, Debbie “Dixie” Lesh Royal Guest Experience Management
  11. well I guess the answer is if it opens to the Centrum it could be noisy like the inside balconies on the larger ships, but elevator noise no. Maybe an inside that backs to the machinery, or cabin below a busy deck.
  12. Well the problem is mild symptoms could be the same as allergies, or a simple cold. Everyone has an Ox to gore in this SS to tell the truth. The protests will be the final straw not if there are more people testing positive, but if more people are hospitalized/die to tell the truth. Just my opinion.
  13. self assist saves them $$$ they handle fewer bags, if they could figure out an easy way for us to bring our bags onboard they would.
  14. They said that WHO was concerned in poor countries people with no masks would rob use the pool of masks needed for medical staff. Trying to find the story, from what I have heard if we stay apart and wear masks then people who have the virus but no symptoms will not spread it to other people.
  15. It is simply that people here will just not all wear masks. At work we are all supposed to wear masks if we are around people not everyone does, same goes for the supermarket. If everyone work a basic mask we are all fine, if you don't then I have to wear a N95 mask which makes it more difficult for me, since that is the only way I can protect me from you.
  16. I have no issue wearing a mask when I am out in public right now, but I do not intend to cruise until the risk is at a low enough level to not need a mask. I am not sure about this boat but the news was concerning to me how well any testing can work out. They were all tested before they left, later one person came down with symptoms and 86 people out of 126 people tested positive. Scary numbers for sure, considering you could be exposed on the flight to the cruise. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/american-seafoods-factory-trawler-returns-to-seattle-after-85-crew-members-test-positive-for-covid-19/ https://www.ktva.com/story/42197834/86-crew-members-aboard-fishing-vessel-test-positive-for-covid-19 One crew member had previously tested positive for the disease and, as a result, the company decided to test the entire crew. Eighty-five additional crew members were confirmed to have COVID-19 over the weekend, according to a Sunday press release. Nine test results were still pending. The crew is in the Port of Seattle and under lockdown on the vessel. All crew members are quarantined and being monitored by health professionals. American Seafoods' CEO Mikel Durham said all crew members were screened and tested for COVID-19 antibodies and viral infection before they boarded the American Dynasty. Only the people who tested negative were allowed on the fishing vessel. “The health and safety of our crew, employees, and the communities where we operate is always the top priority for us,” said Durham in the release. The American Dynasty is a two-level fish processor, according to the company's website. The crew fishes for Alaska pollock, Pacific hake and yellowfin sole. While aboard the vessel, they process, package and freeze the fish to be sold.
  17. i read somewhere that the larger ships have a 30% occupancy break even point and the smaller ships it is more like 50% so if they have to sail at reduced capacity it will be with bigger ships.
  18. I thought it was a social distance issue not 6' of space in the capsule/
  19. I agree but they still will not cancel my westbound in November until they have to just so they can get my money for a month or so. Same goes for any European cruises this summer.
  20. I still get the feeling I am going to have to pay for my November TA in full when payment is due in August then get my refund. Unless they announce an Eastbound TA there is no way the ship can travel Westbound in November.
  21. the cruises I am interested in seem higher my thought was it was due to so many people getting 125% FCC they just raised the prices.
  22. No it is just the touching of stuff, that is why I like the idea of having bowls of stuff on a sliding track like the milk at a grocery store, bring back trays with a little indent to hold the bowls.
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