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  1. I feel you. I ended up disappointgly taking the 25% plus a refund. I had an aft suite booked for 1.5 years. Started building a house here in Texas, and probably the two most unpredictable things right now are construction delays and the cruise market. 😅 I figured with taxes and some other changes in my life getting the refund and 25% credit was good, but damn getting the 200% back and booking the biggest, badass suite was tempting lol.
  2. Excellent news. Hoping my July 9th cruise is still on. Let's gooooooo.
  3. Appreciate it, but I had a fantastic meal there last night. I'm coming back in February and staying at the Conrad. Any suggestions for something different? Also, if you don't mind my commenting on your review,. Jamie's, Hiro, and the Casino tonight we're all on point. Chops was blah like most cruise ship steakhouses. Looking forward to playmakers tomorrow. Go Bills!!
  4. I'll be on this sailing too! Looking forward to it. Dinner at one of my favorite Miami restaurants tonight in Brickell, Dolores but you can call me lolita. If any of y'all haven't tried it before, I suggest giving it a shot. https://yelp.to/qTKq/GzmU100to2
  5. I sail on the Symphony on Saturday. Saw it once for $175 and grabbed it. Outside of that, it was basically never below $199 except for $179 on black Friday so I think that's a good price. Hope that helps.
  6. Next week is my first cruise on Royal and I'm so looking forward to a beef on weck. Cant get one anywhere near where I live. One of the foods I miss the most from Buffalo.
  7. Very curious about the texhockey name... Who is your team? Is it the Texas Stars in Cedar Park?
  8. No Whistlepig is a tragedy. I was excited when I saw it on the package menu. I hope they have it on my first royal cruise on Symphony in December - its my favorite!
  9. How do Playmakers burgers compare?
  10. For the Klymit Static V Luxe, do you buy one or two for the beds put together if both my wife and I would want to sleep on it?
  11. I would love some Golden Tee on a cruise ship. They'd wreck my wallet!
  12. Damn right. Dressing up does nothing for me. I don't worry about not being dressed up and I don't worry about who chooses to wear what. I hope everyone is having an awesome time and enjoying themselves the way they want.
  13. That sounds amazing! Hoping they have a cracked Rossini on Symphony
  14. This dropped to $25/night for my sailing late last night. Grabbed it. Total cost is $175/person. Seems totally worth it at that price, especially because I'm sure I'll want to watch football and snack in Playmakers!
  15. Yep - that's what I just got from a phone call today too. I'm gold with MGM and haven't sailed RCCL yet. Sadly, they wouldn't add any OBC to it because I didn't book an MGM offer. The Caesars -> NCL partnership is a way better deal imo.
  16. Just to confirm, the new unlimited package will cover snacks at playmakers while watching sports? If so, that seems like a pretty good deal. I was just gonna do the 3 night one but I want hibachi and will likely watch sports at playmakers so this seems like a no brainier. My first RCCL cruise after multiple on NCL and MSC. Thanks everyone for the informative thread!
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