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  1. Seriously... saying a private company is looking for an exit for their investors is not news, it's reality for every privately owned company with significant investment money.
  2. I thought the follow up they just did was pretty good. Nice way to take responsibility and laugh at yourself. ***** like this happens.
  3. I haven't booked through AA's cruise portal, but they're giving you loyalty points and miles. They probably charge a fee when booking over the phone but their system doesn't allow you to book online with Virgin so that's annoying.
  4. Do two sub-par margaritas make a par margarita?
  5. Love Brickell and I've stayed at the Hampton inn many times before cruises. Not a bad spot and solid price. I also really like Waterboy's even though they're more expensive. The other more expensive brand I like is LMNT, but it's a delicious salt bomb.
  6. VV had a really good deal on the Four Seasons in San Juan so worth checking. I wouldn't do flights through them.
  7. I'm also in an MRS and now am annoyed I'll have to figure this out with work schedules.
  8. Maybe the constant thump, thump, thump is gonna help them sleep lol
  9. Honestly, love this code of conduct and that they spell it out.
  10. I'm back at work today and am so jealous of you!!
  11. Our favorites are the dumplings (multiple kinds too), Korean fried chicken, elotes, firecracker shrimp, pork belly bao buns, and can't go wrong with Edamame. The chocolate dessert is really good too. The broth based dishes (like Ramen), the fried rice, and the chicken teriyaki were misses for us. Those just don't quite have the flavor you'd expect.
  12. Love this tip. TripIt pro also has similar functionality. Google flights is great, the one thing to be aware of is some flights won't show up on Google flights if it's complicated routing.
  13. It's a good thing you didn't get the direct flight on BA to Philly today - it's one of the ones that was cancelled!
  14. Agreed with this I believe MediJet only kicks in after you are admitted to a hospital, which didn't happen until they were back in the US in this case. Other travel medical also includes evacuation provisions, obviously varies, but I personally would rather have full coverage with that as a backup if needed.
  15. Hello from LHR 🙂 I suspect you might be here too 😂 Agree with a lot of this. Ship is beautiful, Simon was energetic, Canal tour in Bruges was great. We did Stonehenge yesterday and that was awesome. Definitely a must do if you get back to London! You did an awesome London tour though from the photos. I will say though I did notice the cuts. While I love the potential of the ship, the entertainment was mostly boring to us. Ex: using the Improv to do lame trivia games instead of comedy. I don't buy the excuse about comedians, I watch European comments from the Edinburgh fringe every BA flight and they are funny to a US audience too! We spent more time in our room on this cruise then I ever have on a port-intensive one. We did like price is right live though. Specialty dining was hit and miss, and ranged from decent to great to me. Agree with your Los Lobos and Onda, both great, and I live in Austin and get good Mexican food from the Mom and Pop taco stand across the street 😂. Palomar was really good, but not quite great, and Food Republic remains one of our favorites, but you have to order the right stuff there or it can be medicore. Hasuki I don't think was as good as in the past, I noticed the steak quality cut and the fried rice wasn't as good for some reason the past two times I've been. Loved following along with you, and sad I didn't run into you on the ship to say hi. We did a lot of the same excursions! Staff was overall great. I'd definitely sail NCL again but I'm looking for something a little different after the changes, so I'm going to branch out personally. Virgin time next. Plus, I avoided the next certificate successfully.😂 Think the Prima in the Caribbean will be fun, and a ship people really like there, it just feels different from old NCL for me in a few ways and I want something new. Last comment on Prima: my least favorite slot machine selection in the fleet.
  16. I just got off the Prima and cant wait for our Virgin Cruise. Honestly, NCL is borrrrrring now, full of crowds, and you can notice the cuts everywhere.
  17. Airlines don't finalize schedules until around 90-days before, until then it's a placeholder schedule. That's why you see the headlines like "American airlines cancels 20,000 flights" when they're really just adjusting schedules.
  18. I love Amsterdam. Was my second time, but so much to see and do. Last time I was there was during the festival of lights and was incredible.
  19. Agree with all this. Prima has been beautiful, and better then people have said, but it's definitely an outdoor ship. We did the onboard immigration this morning at 7:30 AM and promptly went back to sleep lol. @PhillyTravelBug I told myself I wasn't going to buy the certs this time, but I'm similar, Africa or South America next for me. Would love to do Galapagos on Celebrity at some point but it's $$$$
  20. Same here on Prima, Pommery available everywhere, drank a lot of Veuve in Le Bistro
  21. Prima class has the best lounge and restaurant area, but no private gym. Only thing that's really missing.
  22. Ah that sucks! We had a great time there last year, and had many shot o'clocks lol
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