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  1. They provided the sheet with all the top officers when we embarked Eclipse on 4 May.
  2. I highly recommend a laptop, not an iPhone. You just adjust the screen as directed.
  3. You get 24 consecutive hours of free surf Voom. You pick the time and day.
  4. Customer Service or Med Center is not going to help you. If you test positive while on the ship, their problem.
  5. Good decision. We did the test day day before getting into port and it worked out fine. Surf & Stream recommended.
  6. Yeah, none of the M-Class balconies connect except a couple of Deck 6 connecting to RS's or PH's.
  7. You can transfer to another booking, but the penalty is $200. We booked a TA while on board another cruise, and the deposit was $200, non-refundable. We cancelled that cruise and applied the booking to a Bermuda sailing. They just added the $200 non-refundable penalty onto the cost of the cruise. Total came out to around $2500 total, including the $200 penalty. Cost of the cruise came down to around $2000, so we readjusted the price, and really didn't lose our $200 deposit.
  8. I think I said that in the post right before yours. Did you read it? It was 3 hours before your current post.😉
  9. Don't know when your flight is, but I would try to schedule one the day/morning you fly from Walgreens or CVS. You can get one in YVR, but it will cost you upwards of $60.
  10. That's good to know, especially since we normally rent a car from Hertz and would have to take two shuttles. Now we can just take one directly to the Station. 👍
  11. Especially when the "sale" price was $22 and the new sticker is $70. 😃
  12. OH, then they were right for pax with no beverage package? Isn't the new rule 2 bottles per person, and if you have the beverage package, there is no corkage to bring it into public areas?
  13. I don't believe the 3 Euro shuttle departs from the ship. You have to take the Free port shuttle from the pier to the port entrance, then pay and hop on the 3 Euro shuttle to the train station. At least that's how it was last time there.
  14. Our internet went down during Memorial Day, and now it is back up to an outrageous price. I suspect next sale/discounted prices would be around 4th of July, then Labor Day weekend.
  15. Capt/Staff Capt, Hotel Manager, and Cruise director attended. It was held in Cellar Masters with around 25 of us.
  16. What's WRONG with the statements other than adding "public areas on the ship" in addition to bars/restaurants. Asking for a friend. 😉
  17. There's no guarantee to getting in the garage since there are other RCCL ships homeported in Bayonne. But, I would get there no later than 10am or earlier to see if you can get one of the slots vacated by someone on the previous sailing.
  18. We show up at the same time and get tested together.
  19. The daily rate for S/S is very expensive. We usually buy for the entire cruise waiting for a better price in the Cruise Planner, as it really fluctuates in price.
  20. It's always more expensive when you book on board. At least that's my experience. The free internet access you get for being D, or D+ is only surf, not stream.
  21. VOOM prices have gotten out of control. Pre-pandemic you could get the Surf & Stream for 4 devices for $22 a day. Now the "on sale" price is $43+ a day, and if not on sale, $70+ per day.
  22. The vouchers are "use or lose" each day. I usually take both cards down to my favorite bar at the end of the evening and find out how many vouchers are left on each card, then grab a couple of beers and/or waters to take back to the room.
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