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  1. Anyone concerned just should not cruise. There's a certain amount of risk involved in life. If you can't take it, just stay home.
  2. #2. Some insurance companies won't cover unless it was prescribed by your Dr.
  3. We always tip a dollar per drink for the D, D+, or Pin voucher. I don't know how Royal compensates the bartenders, and I don't care. I just feel it is the right thing to do for us.
  4. I think you have a limit of 2 bottles of wine per stateroom, but I've never been charged corkage in the MDR. I always ask in advance. If they do charge, I would just bring down a couple of glasses from my stateroom with me.
  5. We still handed additional cash in an envelope to our room attendant and MDR staff even though we pre-paid thru their auto tip system.
  6. AAA will take the photos for free if you are a member.
  7. AQ cabins on Deck 11 forward of the hump (1610-1552 Starboard side) and 1605-1547 Port side) are pretty much covered by the pool deck above. The aft suites on Deck 12 are pretty much covered by the Oceanview Cafe above. The aft cabins on Deck 12 are also covered by the O/V cafe above, but the rest of the afts have minimal shade coverage. The staterooms mentioned above on the angle with deep balconies are basically covered by the balcony above them.
  8. The PCR test could take a day or two for results. The other two you get results within an hour or so.
  9. Both the Radiance and the M-Class ships are our favorite. The M-Class gets the edge because of Cafe al Bacio and the T-Pool.
  10. No, I didn't read your post. All I've been reading is just about everyone is either asystematic, have slight colds, sniffles, and the like. I'm so sorry you were so sick, but you are probably one of the exceptions rather than the rule based on my personal experience and what I have been reading on the boards. People are catching it once they get home, but no hospitalizations, ventilators, and the like. We can all make our own personal decisions on whether to cruise or not.
  11. Sounds like covid was just like a cold. We just got off Eclipse last week (15 May), and it seems like everyone who caught it or was tested for covid is just fine now. There may be some exceptions I am not aware of. If one has health or obesity issues, probably shouldn't cruise, because covid is not going away anytime soon no matter what the precautions unless we find a cure for the common cold/flu.
  12. Bingo! Once you are off the ship they can wash their hands of whatever happens to you. Happened to us when we were debarking Eclipse to transfer to Serenade the same day. They wouldn't test us the night before. Luckily we had our own emed sets to take our tests the day before we disembarked.
  13. Downtown Charleston is pretty much a walking town. Not wheelchair friendly. If there are particular places you want to visit, you can use Uber or Lyft. Both readily available. A couple of restaurants I can recommend, SNOB (slightly north of broad), and Amen Street Fish & Raw bar.
  14. Just left Sitka yesterday on Serenade of the Seas. She docked about 5-6 miles from downtown. Free bus to downtown, about 10 minutes or so. Nice little town. Try the reindeer hot dog - delicious.
  15. I'm currently on Eclipse. Paper straws won't hold up for one bloody mary. I haven't seen any other type.
  16. After dividing the winnings, round down to the even dollar, and all the change goes to the person with the highest spin.
  17. You pay the gratuity when you purchase the package. That gratuity is pooled among the bartenders. You may feel free to add a dollar or so when you order a drink, but that is purely optional.
  18. I ordered a six pack a couple weeks ago and they came overnighted the next day.
  19. Some on Deck 8 also, all Forward. Deck 3 O/V's used for new crew quarantine. We had one of them and was upgraded to Deck 8, CC, mid-ship.
  20. You don't know what you are drinking if you order from a venue where they make the drinks in the back room. I go to venues where I can watch them make the pours. Some bartenders are more generous than those who use the little shot jiggers.
  21. Price for that stateroom now shows as $893 and change. That's with the D+ discount.
  22. How do you assume the poster is from the UK? Barbara just is inquiring so she knows how to pack.
  23. They changed "Formal" nights to "Chic" (chick) nights. It's considered a little bit more dressy than smart casual. And yes, my experience on Summit 7-night sailing is also the 2nd and 6th nights.
  24. If you booked thru a travel agent, have them call. If not, I would definitely be on the phone with Celebrity.
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