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  1. I'm a dude - so take that for what it's worth, but I do like my hair to look good and my hair seems to comb/stay much better whenever cruising. Maybe everything is just rosy because I am on vacation! I never bring my own shampoo and just use whatever they supply on the ship.
  2. This is also going to depend on how much you bring. If you have a case they'll take it and return it the last night. A bottle or two, they'll most likely let you hold onto it.
  3. I kinda do, yes. I think anyone interested in this would know to go to the MSC forum for details. Not that anyone here would/should ignore it, but there is already a specific place for it.
  4. Not sure I agree with this. Close the doors between the room and the window and WOW.....it's a balcony!
  5. Any talk about how the seas would be are pure speculation. There may be trends, but what's great one August can be horrible any other August or vice versa. Just keep this in mind.
  6. Just curious as to one might miss the helipad? Unless you have had to use the helipad I do not understand why it would impact one's cruise.
  7. I have a feeling we've seen the last of the OP.
  8. I am curious how this thread's title of 'Positions' is related to the question? What am I missing?
  9. Sorry to hear you fell. An incident like that can ruin a vacation quickly. My thoughts though are that the reaction of the crew in the immediate area would depend on the situation and on your reaction to the incident. Did you voice your injuries (or your concern for injuries) at the time? Did you continue with the excursion? Sounds like you did. I would never expect the staff to get cabin/name information from witnessing passengers even if an injury did occur. Is that part of normal protocol? What they saw (or did not see) may not have been reason to start an incident report unless you spoke up about it at the time. I'm not trying to downplay what happened but if evidence of an injury was not obvious to the crew around you at the time and you did not voice concern at the time I don't think they acted inappropriately based on your description of what happened. All that being said I hope you are feeling better.
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