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  1. Well, you're all better detectives than I. I've checked the Book of Faces and for the life of me cannot find this person. All I get are academics or mini politicians from "another" country. Gawd forbid I'm labelled a racist on here if I mention this particular sub continent. 🙄 But I must say, Uncle Les, reckon you've won the money on this one. It's gotta be that one of "Many Names on CC". 😉
  2. Brandee, is this "Antony Johns" person asking for donations yet to aid in furthering his investigations? Yes? No? Caveat Emptor!!! Sounds like a scam in the making to me, but I'm a dyed in the wool cynic from way back.
  3. Well, I'll drink to that one! Some well known people in this ad. Oh, and by the way ... for once!!!! those ' 'little swans' from Act 11 of Swan Pond were actually on the right foot and in tune ... well done. 😏 LOL so difficult to get ballet students started on this routine. Thanks for sharing Docker123 I enjoyed it.
  4. Mr Gut, best wishes for tomorrow and ensuing stuff. We will all be thinking of you and hoping for the best for you. As far as this latest NSW "lockdown rules" stuff ... sorry, but, you don't say "please don't go out" or "please keep a social distance". Instead you say ... "you CANNOT go out for any purpose except (insert medical appointments, essential shopping, etc., etc.) and when (not if) you are caught, big, HUGE fines!!!! Hit 'em in the back pocket. Impose a curfew? Impose a 5kg limit to how far you can go. Mask up when outdoors for your hour of exercise per day! Or e
  5. An update on my sad tale of Covid woe - DH and I were tested yesterday morning and received a N-E-G-A-T-I-V-E result ... yippee! I'm sure half of those 22,149 people being tested were in the queue in front of us at the drive through testing site we were at. It took 'forever' to get to the first tent to begin the process. Daughter, S-I-L and grandkids all tested negative too.
  6. Yes, we made it home safe and sound and have arranged for a test at a nearby testing station (drive through) for this morning. Fingers crossed for a negative result. I was hoping to do a little boat trip on the river in Noosa ... oh, to set foot on a 'ship' and sail on water again! But sadly, no go. So another "cruise" cancelled. But we're home and the heating is on. We have food in the freezer and wine chilling in the fridge - and even though it's drizzling cold rain outside, the roof isn't leaking so life is good again. Cheers everyone and stay safe from a happy
  7. Does anyone want to hear a sad and sorry tale of Covid woe? No, of course you don't. But ya gonna hear it anyway! 18 months ago S-I-L and Daughter decided we were all going to Queensland (Port Douglas actually) to celebrate 2 milestone birthdays. Oh and the grandkids were going too. (Whoop-de-doo). Well Covid happened and the trip was cancelled and phew, we dodged that bullet. Grandkids were 2 years and the older one had just turned 6. So 'they' decided we could go in June/July of this year. I personally didn't want to go and nor did my DH. But the trip was book
  8. Well, on a lighter note .... DH and I received our 2nd AZ shot last Sunday morning. I've just checked our Medicaire onfo via MyGov site and we both now have ... wait for it .... Australian Government (official with the roo and emu crest at the top) COVID-19 DIGITAL CERTIFICATE (with a tick in a box) thingie that we can print off verifying that we have both received AZ vaccine with the correct dates of jab. Valid from 20 June 2021! To when? No one knows. I've printed our certificates off ready for our long booked trip to Noosa for a week leaving Saturday
  9. LOL, good to read some CC members have discovered RecipeTinEats. A great blog IMO. I made her Greek Pastitsio yesterday. LOL took me all day but oh my .... delish! Have a go at her Gyoza (with how to video). Such a relaxing and enjoyable construction. So easy when you see 'how'. Oh, and they taste pretty darn' good too! I don't like piemakers. They squash the pastry and spoil the 'puff' effect IMO. Lots of small pie dishes here and a production line of pies for the freezer for me. Certainly something to do when in lockdown ... and aren't us Victorians very familiar with
  10. Great to read that some of you are making your own pies, pasties, sausage rolls, etc. IMO there's nothing better than home-made ... IF, the best ingredients you can source are used and ... most importantly you enjoy and love the process. The "love and enjoyment" most definitely adds to the flavour of the pie. Just this silly old grey duck commentating here. Now to open another can o' worms. What is your favourite (easily acquired) 'dead horse'? It's White Crow here at Chez LC. So what is your preferred choice? Unfortunately the Rosella brand has disappeared from the stupidma
  11. LOL so many places to buy a meat pie but I'm wondering, do any of you meat pie afisionados actually make your own meat pies from scratch? I only ask because I find bakery and bought/frozen meat pies just don't agree with me. They give me heartburn and indigestion I'm afraid. My DH makes the pies here. He's not bad at all with his fillings (thanks to Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer for the recipes) and adds lots of flavours like mushies, some redwine and Maggie gives a great lamb pie with quince. To die for! Also chicken & leek Pies, Cottage Pies (also call potato "puf
  12. Oh for heavens sake people, just settle down and relax. It will be what it will be. Did the earth 'move' for you during that earth tremor? Nope, not for me today but it has a couple of times in the past. Aaaaahhh! Good stuff! Stop getting stressed. You'll only give yourselves a heart attack or a stroke. Just go with the flow - yep, just like sewerage. Let me tell you, life is NOT a bowl of cherries, nor is it sunshine and lollypops all the time. Shyte happens so deal with it and just move on. Oh, and stop relying on the media for information. Th
  13. 10 / 4 LC1948. 👍 Well I've watched ... well as much as I could stomach ... and me no likee the look of that ship and holey moley, all those extra charge eating (and drinking) places? Sorry but the ads (every 3 or 4 minutes) were really p-ing me off. But I now know that MSC line isn't for me. So much glitter, glitz, gimmicks, etc. Not for this little grey duck. Thank you and good night.
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