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  1. I am not sure about that. My expiry date is exactly 12 months since I had my booster so the old system of extending every time you looked at it seems to have changed. If so, I need to have another booster sometime before then, unless they change the system again. Only if I am invited to have it though.
  2. Mine now expires in the middle of our cruise on Ventura 🤔
  3. Probably linked to the cabinet meeting in Stoke this morning. Funnily enough, they did not announce the venues for the meeting and visits in advance but I guess that foodbanks and the more deprived areas of the city were avoided. Maybe that is the point ITV we’re trying to make.
  4. I share the opinions of Korcula. It is a walled town a bit like a mini Dubrovnik but without the crowds (unless another ship arrives). I presume the operational reasons may be too many ships scheduled in those ports.
  5. All three get the select dining breakfast as well as the other perks. To us, it is a no brainer.
  6. Suites on some ships have curtains (inc Ventura and Azura), some others have bed and living areas separated by furniture (inc Iona and I think Britannia) and some including Arcadia have nothing. Three adults in a suite with the third person travelling free or at a low fare makes economic sense for cruisers who spend time in their cabin or on their balconies.
  7. You forgot to add ‘Why does a grown man/lady spend so much time typing questions we cannot answer.’ 😇🥴🤔
  8. Victim of daylight rubbery? Didn't tread carefully?
  9. Thanks Harry. Salivating at the very thought. Shame they don’t seems to sell them here in North Wales. Welsh cakes aren’t quite the same.
  10. I think the voucher code is your 6 digit (letters and numbers) booking reference.
  11. Looks very nice Josy. Opening restaurants in the old pottery factories seems to be the flavour of the month round here at the moment. It is good that they are using local crockery as well. We are about a mile away from the Churchill factory which seems to be one of the few ceramics businesses that is still in operation (but not quite using the traditional methods).
  12. Please don’t speculate on what I do or do not understand. Of course many on here are not anti P&O, they enjoy what P&O provide for those of us who choose to cruise with them. All I am trying to say is that every time I have dealt with P&O on the phone to book cruises, I have received excellent customer service from friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and professional staff. No lack of understanding there. Unlike you, I do not see this as a losing battle that John is fighting, indeed not a battle at all. All I have tried to do is to highlight my experiences, which are different from those of some others. Surely I have the right to do that without being accused of being unable to understand my own experience.
  13. With respect, my experience of booking many cruises with P&O directly, including transferring bookings using deposits from cruises I no longer wanted to go on and using cruise credits has always been a pleasurable experience. Sometimes the wait has been longer than I would have liked but that seems to be common practice at the moment when trying to contact any company or service. I have obviously been more fortunate than you.
  14. I don’t, but I didn’t mention other sites. My perception is that there are many people on here who are negative, some of whom seem to blame P&O for their agents ‘failings’.
  15. I agree with Fionboard and this is the only media site I belong to.
  16. It does amuse me when some people who choose to hand their booking to an agent to manage for them, extol the virtues of their agent and always seem to blame P&O when problems arise, regardless of who may be at fault. Just an observation.
  17. Learning as you go along is a good philosophy but better if you are not learning from avoidable mistakes. As far as your cabin is concerned, better to get it right first time and choosing you cabin, following advice from experienced cruisers, on a select fare would be a good way to reduce the chance of a mistake. Make sure you reject the chance of an upgrade when you book as others have sensibly suggested. The extra £500 would be well spent doing this and give you other benefits in addition to cabin choice.
  18. The other night, we were speculating about whether they have a special dishwasher for the Waterford glassware that doesn’t cause any damage (as a normal domestic dishwasher would) or is there some poor person on washing up duties carefully doing it by hand. ☹️
  19. I was asked and selected medium rare which it was, although more medium than rare. There was also a beef ‘gravy’ (no bisto) to go with it.
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