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  1. In this case, I’d call it the Facebook RCCL group myth. That group is filled with so much misinformation, it’s staggering.
  2. Ice shows could be at various days and times through the cruise. There should be one you can get to regardless of when you book your dining times.
  3. Transatlantics tend to have a high number of Diamond and above passengers who get nightly free drinks which would make me think bar sales might not be high and the drink cards would be offered. That said, I just did a TA last month on Brilliance and don’t remember seeing the drink card offered.
  4. As noted, it is just a credit toward your onboard account. You don’t actually specify what charges the credit is for but you can think of it as covering whatever charges you want.
  5. Brutal for sure. We walked down but those mules looked even more brutal. 😊
  6. Was there a couple weeks ago on Celebrity. I didn’t take a ship tour but many of the ship tours got to their meeting point by boat, not by cable car.
  7. You know, you could have asked that in your other thread. Starting another thread on basically the same subject is generally frowned upon.
  8. The D lounge also has a decent continental breakfast spread as well as a great view.
  9. I think you mean the cruise documents. They are available for download about 45 days prior to sailing, the same time luggage tags are available.
  10. I would be a whole lot more stressed trying to figure out what to do all day than worrying about self embarking in the morning but that’s me. You could sign up for a ship excursion that includes airport drop off but those typically have you at the airport by noon. You’ll still have a lot of time to waste.
  11. I’ve got my reading glasses on 😊
  12. Try a different font. Your post is very difficult to read.
  13. You sign up for it onboard. Your flight needs to be after a certain time. You will receive the info in your stateroom on how to sign up a few days prior to departure. Once you sign up, you will receive boarding passes and airline luggage tags in your stateroom. You set the luggage outside your stateroom the night before and the next you’ll see of them is at your final destination. At least that’s the way I remember it, it’s been a few years since we used it.
  14. I definitely will because I was not criticizing and in no way implying you are dim witted. Believe it or not, my intent was to be helpful. I have no idea why you would react that way. I will certainly ignore you in the future.
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