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  1. Doesn't the check-in time on the above ticket indicate the time that check-in opens? That is the earliest time for check in rather than the latest?
  2. They are required under the GDPR to remove any personal info they retain at your request. It is a serious offence not to do so.
  3. I kid you not - as we boarded our very first SS cruise on the Spirit, the music playing over the PA system was the theme from Titanic.
  4. Or join the Army. Be getting paid to go there before long.
  5. I know this isn't really related to anything foregoing but stays within the dress theme. I was stationed overseas where, for security reasons, uniform was not worn in public. Off base we would be a motley crew blending well with the local population. However, we also saw a number of US servicemen transit through who were similarly advised not to wear uniform in public. Yet, almost without exception, they would trundle off locally dressed in chinos and polo shirts. This was in the 90s. To be honest, they may as well have worn No 1 dress uniform and whistled Yankee Doodle Dandy. I have to say, though, they were very smartly turned out. I've just read that back. Forgive me, I'm not being anti-American (not even a tiny bit) just making an observation.
  6. Not posting enough, I'd say. Get back on the case, man, we need some vicarious antipodean sunshine. Nurse Ratched needs to find a forum catering to the recreationally offended.
  7. Nobody has yet mentioned the hairs everywhere, drool and dribble on the floor, toileting in public areas, and scary snarling and other unpleasant behaviour. But don't worry, I'll try and keep OH under control.
  8. Yep. Basically anything comestible takes the adjective "Scotch" - whisky, pancakes etc. All else is Scottish. A Scottish person is a Scot.
  9. And make people turn off their ipads/tablets. Some years ago one of the teams consisted of maybe 10 people, 9 were conferring on the answers while one woman seemed uninterested and read her ipad. Then along came a question that nobody on the team could offer an answer for. Yes, that's right, the woman tapped on her iPad, scrolled a bit and tilted the screen to her neighbour who, big surprise, suddenly knew the answer and the team leader wrote it down. I only noticed her do it that one time but as the team consistently won each day a lesser person might suggest that the foregoing event may have happened discreetly on other occasions. Just sayin'...
  10. I arrived at an RAF mess late one evening for my very first posting as a shiny new Flight Lieutenant. I unpacked and went to the bar where the only other occupant was a middle-aged chap sitting alone at the bar. We had quite a conversation and he seemed an affable old stick. Next day I happened to mention this to the boss who looked shocked. Apparently I had been gossiping away with Marshall of the Royal Air Force Sir Michael Beatham, Chief of the Defence Staff. Gulp. God knows what I said but maybe that's why I never got beyond Wing Commander!
  11. DW mentions a person called Sara at his restaurant last night. Which reminds me of the folliwing true story: In 2006 we handed a hire car back in at Launceston, Tasmania and asked the man at the desk if he could recommend a good restaurant for dinner. "Yes," he said. "Try Stillwater and ask for Sarah and tell her that her father sent you." So we went to Stillwater (which is a mighty fine restaurant, by the way) and asked for Sarah " Hi, I'm Sarah" "Hello Sarah, good to meet you. Can we have a table for two? Incidentally, your father recommended you." She went very quiet and rather sad. "When did you meet my Dad?" "Just earlier today at the hire car place." "My Dad died 2 years ago." Of course, this was an altogether different Sarah. Well, we felt about 2-feet tall. I mean, it's not our fault they had 2 Sarahs, is it?
  12. National stereotyping. Helpful.
  13. That's true. I remember a horrified Japanese lady guide trying to be polite when a fellow traveller tried to force some Yen upon her.
  14. And then there are travellers from countries where guides are properly paid.
  15. The SS site used to say something along the lines of "tipping is neither expected nor required". What isn't widely known is that each ship runs a Crew Fund to which guests can contribute and which goes to support amenities for all the crew - this rewards not just front of house staff but also those whose hard work is otherwise unrecognised; for example, deck hands, Engine Room crew, laundry and others without whom the shop couldn't function. Just a thought...
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