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  1. That's why I said " other than a mask".
  2. The CDC loves having the cruise lines by the gonads. They set the bar so high with their mandates, even the CDC can't offer guidelines. You can ride a bus, subway, airliner, train, etc. without restrictions other than a mask.
  3. No surprise, with the unattainable CDC guidelines for cruise ships. Even the big 3 are struggling with the mandates.
  4. Had many good times on the old girl, spent many evenings in the Commodore Lounge!!
  5. On the way to India, sold for scrap. I actually enjoyed sailing on the old girl!!!
  6. If you book online prior to trip, most pricing is reduced vs. on ship pricing. Their pricing is usually more reasonable than US cruise lines.
  7. The yacht Club is worth it, only thing is you will only want to cruise YC. We are actually looking at an inside YC for next year. Pricing for YC balcony has increased since our last cruise. As for drink packages, you can upgrade from the Easy Package to better package if not in YC.
  8. Do you really think the CDC cares about the cruise industry starting up?? CDC reported a couple of months back that they invested 38,000 man hours on cruise related matters. Seems they added several zeros to that hourly number.
  9. Petra, Thank you for the pictures and the reviews. Awesome. Now if the CDC in the US would just wake up and let the cruise l;ines here begin operations with similar protocols as MSC. Enjoy your trip!! Rick
  10. We've sailed MSC 4 times, very international passenger base. We have had a great time on all 4 cruises, you won't be disappointed.
  11. In any case, data can be manipulated for a desired outcome. Either way, there is a huge economic loss globally with the cruise sector shutdown. (Trickle up and trickle down) I only hope that CLIA along with the cruise companies are working with the CDC to incorporate procedures that can be agreed to in order to get the cruise industry on the way to sailing. All be it at a reduced capacity, among many other changes.
  12. We sailed Seaside in December, went to OC. Will be interesting to see in 5 to 10 years when trees, etc are mature. It was overcast, cool (for us Floridians), rained. But we had a good time. Hopefully the next few days will be uneventful. Good to hear from you!!
  13. We are boarding Divina on Tuesday, if for some reason we are not allowed on, I will let you know what MSC tells me. Currently have no listed symptoms, so expect no issue.
  14. We are on Divina for the 3 nighter, March 10, and have no hesitations about going. I will continue to practice good hygiene and wash my hands often.
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