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  1. In any case, data can be manipulated for a desired outcome. Either way, there is a huge economic loss globally with the cruise sector shutdown. (Trickle up and trickle down) I only hope that CLIA along with the cruise companies are working with the CDC to incorporate procedures that can be agreed to in order to get the cruise industry on the way to sailing. All be it at a reduced capacity, among many other changes.
  2. We sailed Seaside in December, went to OC. Will be interesting to see in 5 to 10 years when trees, etc are mature. It was overcast, cool (for us Floridians), rained. But we had a good time. Hopefully the next few days will be uneventful. Good to hear from you!!
  3. We are boarding Divina on Tuesday, if for some reason we are not allowed on, I will let you know what MSC tells me. Currently have no listed symptoms, so expect no issue.
  4. We are on Divina for the 3 nighter, March 10, and have no hesitations about going. I will continue to practice good hygiene and wash my hands often.
  5. We were on Seaside in December. Starboard side faced the island. There is a narrow channel the ship took and then turned 180 degrees before docking. Also, I can see that if there are high winds the ship might not be able to maintain the channel.
  6. December 14th on Seaside, did not have it.
  7. Yes, I've sailed Seaside twice. Both times we boarded before the time on the boarding documents.
  8. We had a YC cabana December 13th. It is rather small, one sofa lounger and two chairs. Came with snorkel gear and floats pads for 2, plus champagne and water. I felt it is over priced at $450, ideal for 4 people, 6 is too many. Had to be out by 5pm. It was cool and windy, rain came as we were leaving. We are doing Divine in March and will get umbrellas instead of cabana.
  9. Tiny, I have been on 3 MSC cruises... So here goes, ( based on Seaside) very international passenger base, so prepare for some rudeness. announcements are in 5 languages, but at a minimum except during lifeboat drill and beginning of shows. MDR - food is good, nothing spectacular. Some complain of small portions but I never left hungry. I actually like the buffet, even though some complain about variety.(most nights are same items though) Pasta and pizza- great!! Nightly shows- go to early show, others are packed. Service- never had an issue on the ship, but some of the CS on phone could improve. Pricing - spend as little or as much as you want, based on the " experience " you choose. Try MSC, you may be surprised!!
  10. We have done 3 MSC cruises, one in YC. We had a fabulous time on all 3 cruises. Not sure what ship you are sailing, but we did 2 on Seaside. We had Bella balcony on one and YC on the other. Seaside has enough public spaces that it did not seem crowded except on seaday at the pool. The buffet can get crowded, but we ate dinner twice at buffet when we were in YC (nothing appealed to me in YC those nights). Unfortunately, a lot of MSC posts are YC related. You will have a great time on MSC.
  11. YC staff told us 15 minutes, which there was one near the buffet that was 15 minutes away. There was one (if heading back to ship) turn right where the YC entry was located. Just over the the slight rise on the left.
  12. Just a short 5 minute walk from YC area is a large multi stall restroom. How dare the common folk have better than YC guests!! It even has a shower...
  13. GE was not available on our Dec 14 disembark. The line at 7:15am was LONG!!!
  14. We had YC cabana #5, beachfront. A lot of loungers between us and the water. Cabanas are ideal for max 4 people, 6 is a stretch. There was a very big restroom about 5 minute walk from our cabana, in the non YC area.
  15. We've done Bella balcony and YC on Seaside. On both we have had a fantastic time. To your post, mention the anniversary to the maitre d on the first night...you never know what may occur.
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