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  1. rikitikitavii

    Wine tastings, mixology classes and/or martini classes?

    When we were on Seaside in August, Master Chef at Sea was more of a game show, not a cooking class. Not sure if they offer actual cooking class.
  2. rikitikitavii

    Seaside, Ocean Cay, YC Cabana Question

    They had no glitch taking my money for a December cruise cabana. Although it is more than a glitch, there were 2 types of YC cabanas. One for ocean front and one for ocean view, both designated YC.
  3. rikitikitavii

    Pictures from Jan 12 cruise

    Yes, old Carnival Celebration.
  4. rikitikitavii

    Seaside, Ocean Cay, YC Cabana Question

    We are sailing Seaside December 7, booked YC oceanfront cabana several weeks ago, just checked. No listings for our cruise for any YC cabanas.
  5. rikitikitavii

    Review of Recent Experience

    beshears, There is also a post with the daily schedule for Classica, this closely resembles Celebration, with different location names. Each ship follows pretty much the same schedule, menus, etc. I can understand wanting to get to a warmer environment, although today it feels like summer is already here. High of 83 today.
  6. rikitikitavii

    Review of Recent Experience

    From our experience, MDR - Preboard you choose dining time and get a card with the time for both nights. Que up at DR and host will take you to your table. Now that they have 2 ships, they are not at capacity and we sat by ourselves. Prior we would sit with others. We are content with selection in MDR and have had no issues getting two entrees. Usually not at same table. breakfast and lunch: MDR is open for breakfast, not lunch. First morning I would recommend the champagne brunch, about $15. Only if you drink champagne, mimosa, bellini, etc. Activity on board: There are not a lot of activities until the afternoon. They also have a BBQ about 2:30 or 3:00 on the 2nd day. Hope this helps, enjoy!!
  7. rikitikitavii

    Groupon for Bahama Paradise cruise

    Mart, There are two ships out of WPB, so not sure which one you are thinking about (Celebration or Classica)? Celebration is an old Carnival ship, and Classica is an old Costa. We have sailed both several times and prefer the Celebration over the Classica. Just our preference, but have had good times on both vessels. Classica seems a little more upscale as far as the ship itself goes, more marble, teak floor in bathrooms, larger cabins. We have never done the Groupon pricing, seems the dates are mostly weekday, we have only sailed Friday- Sunday cruises. If you drink wine, I would recommend the wine tasting (about $15 for 4 wine stations), and the brunch with endless champagne based drinks (mimosa, bellini) for about the same price as the wine tasting. Check other posts for reviews ( keep in mind there is a time share company that uses these ships for a sales promotion, so some reviews are reflective of this. I agree with FLA Mike, coming to WPB just for a 2 night cruise may not be worth the cost, driving or flying, as we use it as a quick weekend getaway.
  8. rikitikitavii


    The cruise ship has options, or check out Shore Excursioneer.
  9. rikitikitavii

    Free Beverages on board

    I only remember seeing these machines at the buffet area.
  10. You should not have a problem. Take the same precautions you would at any other port. The ship docks in what I would describe as an industrial area. There are buses / vans that are available to take you to Freeport / Lucaya, about a 10 - 15 minute drive.
  11. rikitikitavii

    Ice Cream-my daughter needs to know

    Yes, there are two soft serve machines. One is in the buffet area, near the coffee bar, which is just before exiting to go to the Ocean Breeze pool and bar (Deck 10 aft). There is also one at the Plunge Grill. I do not think they are 24/7 though. I am going off memory from a bout a year ago, in case someone has been on recently.
  12. rikitikitavii

    Classica to Cuba Denied entrance

    We took the Royal Caribbean inaugural cruise to Cuba in 2017. I will return one of these days, had a wonderful time.
  13. rikitikitavii

    Review of Recent Experience

    They also have the adult scavenger hunt, can be fun to watch. I do not recall the MDR in either ship being cold. I have never eaten at the Rock Grill.
  14. rikitikitavii

    Review of Recent Experience

    Beshears, i have never done the all inclusive beach excursion, but have gone to the Lucaya resort as a beach day. We had a good time, but since we live near the ocean we usually stay on the ship. You may refer to the concierge package, prebook and you may get discount. To me, it is worth the cost, but does not include drinks. It does include the wine tasting and champagne breakfast. Depending on when booked, they have specials with drink tickets with cruise fare. Enjoy...Rick
  15. Beshears, The ships are more casual than most other lines. I wear slacks and nice shirt to dinner, whether in MDR or specialty, shorts and t-shirt most other times. My wife wears a nice outfit but nothing close to formal to dinner. There are no formal nights. I have never had an issue getting more than one entree in the MDR. There are activities during the day. The Classica daily schedule is in another post, both ships seem to follow same schedule. Enjoy, Rick