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  1. We did this same trip last November but we flew Atlanta to Toronto, then to Narita. Since our first flight was 6:30am we left Woodstock at 3am, made it to the airport in 42 minutes which is unheard of. Anyway, enjoy the adventure, a great trip. BTW, if you are at the Hilton Shinjuku there is a nice 24 hour grocery about one block away if you want some snacks, drinks for the room.
  2. Our experience at the Hilton (November 2023) was quite different. Our room was on the 26th floor, we never had an issue with crowded elevators. we typically went to breakfast at 7:30 and never encountered a line to get in, never had a problem getting a table.
  3. We were at the Hilton Shinjuku last November and it was a very good. A bit crowded at times because many flight crews stay there, but clean, modern, central location.
  4. It was also about an 1 hour 20 minutes ride to get to our Regent provided hotel in the Shinjuku district.
  5. Don’t know what FtF is, but the Regent Explorer only has 700 passengers so no deck by deck anything.
  6. We used a Regent provided shore excursion which entailed a short bus to a local auditorium for a traditional Korean music and dance presentation. Then they drove us to the local and large fish market.
  7. I should add, at first Japanese port after Busan everyone had to clear Japanese customs/immigration before leaving the ship.
  8. We were on a Regent cruise r/t Tokyo last November that included Busan as a port. Before getting off the ship Korean officials set up in the MDR and everyone had face to face passport check, stamp, then free to get off. Returning to ship another passport face to face check before boarding. we had no forms to fill out. Hope this helps.
  9. We were on Explorer in Japan November 23 and used the provided shuttle while in Kyoto. They ran on a 30 minute schedule which was available at excursion desk. It worked well.
  10. Regent is not as dressy as some make it out to be. Evenings inthe dining room you only need to wear a standard button shirt with collar and no jeans…..that’s it, I wouldn’t call it formal by any stretch.
  11. This past November we disembarked in Tokyo at 8:35 or so. If you get a cab instead of waiting for the provided bus you can make Haneda in 30 minutes. Your timing is close but if no snafus it’s doable.
  12. We got yen at home, bank just charged a flat $15 fee for however many yen you want. That said, not sure about best exchange rate, but Lawsons and 7-11s are everywhere. we we’re there a week ago.
  13. We just got home from our Tokyo to Tokyo cruise with the 3 day Tokyo pre cruise experience. Our impressions were exactly the same as yours. Well organized and an overall enjoyable experience. Really nothing more to add, I’m more than a little jet lagged right now.
  14. Day 2 on board. We are in Shizumi , ideal weather. we took the basic Regent MT. FUJI highlights. Well organized, about 24 on our bus. Very good but not great, took about 4 hours, wonderful scenery. Last night at Compass Rose had a ribeye steak, not as thick as I would like but a good cut of meat cooked correctly to medium rare. Tonight first specialty at Chartreuse. Bar service has been excellent, butler is nice to have, already used laundry give that an A. Someone asked which pre cruise package, it was Vibrant Tokyo. The physical attributes of the ship get an A from me.
  15. On board Explorer now after 3 day pre cruise . Breakfasts at hotel were fine, tours were well coordinated. No over crowded buses, on time, guides were good, spoke English well. Only bump in the road so far was embarkation after a morning of tours. Didn’t get to ship until 2 pm. Would have preferred ending tours earlier and getting to ship earlier. Not a big deal. In a penthouse suite, certainly not dated by any measure I can think of. Going to first dinner soon will report back. The ships public rooms, restaurants seem very nice, as do the menus. More later.
  16. Thanks for the recap. We will be arriving for the 3 day pre cruise Tokyo visit like you. Are there any areas within walking distance of the Hilton for eating?
  17. Thank you for the response. Started packing today, Luggage Forward picks up Tuesday. We haven’t been anywhere since 2019 and I forgot what a PITA packing was.
  18. I’ll be in Tokyo for a Regent 3 night pre cruise stay in a few weeks. They have us booked in the Hilton Shinjuku. Looks like a nice property in a good central location.
  19. That’s basically it. As for wanting to go “badly” now, I wouldn’t characterize as that. However, its 25 days until departure and I’m pretty much set in pre travel mode and want to conclude the journey. And I agree that if they offered a substantial suite upgrade I would be more inclined to accept the offer, but I’m already in penthouse B and I would need a named suite to get my attention. that’s not going to happen. Pretty much have decided to take our planned trip. thanks for the responses.
  20. It’s Japan and is waitlisted. What I don’t understand is why they would go to the additional expense of compensation when they would just fill the room with a similar passenger. I assume the new booking would be at a higher rate, but that higher revenue would be offset by additional compensation to me. what am I missing here?
  21. This is about 25 days until flyout. About a week ago received an email from Regent asking if we would give up our current reservation and in return we would get a cash back bonus and they would transfer our reservation to a similar, not identical itinerary for Feb 24. We didn’t take the offer. Today received an voicemail from a Regent rep saying the ship was overbooked and would we willing to cancel and receive full refund plus 10% of whatever we paid or, Similar itinerary 50% off next Oct with full refund now. Anyone care to guess what is driving this? Tempted
  22. Apparently you can lock luggage if it is a domestic destination. International they require unlocked. Customs other than US can not access TSA approved locks.
  23. Luggage coverage is provided by Luggage Forward and there is no additional cost.
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